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iWatch ♣️ Apple Watch ♦️ Apple’s Entry ♥️ Electronic ♠️ Wearables 🕛🕐🕑🕒🕓🕔🕕🕖🕗🕘🕙🕚

December 29, 2014

☎️📞📡🍎 iWatch, Apple Watch is the most personal device yet. Apple’s goal has always been to make powerful technology more accessible, more relevant and ultimately more personal.

☎️📞📡🍎 Apple Watch represents a new chapter in the relationship people have with technology. It’s the most personal product Apple has ever made, because it’s the first Apple product designed to be worn.

iWatch ♣️ Apple Watch ♦️ Apple’s Entry ♥️ Electronic ♠️ Wearables.

☎️📞📡🍎 Apple is the Master of re-Inventing things that have been around for a while. Example, cellular mobile phones have been around since 1985, remember the Motorola Star TAC. I bought the Dyna TAC 8500XL for just under $4000, a 28oz beast, 3.2″x1.7″x7.6″, that made and received cellular telephone calls at a cost of 25¢/minute.

☎️📞📡🍎 Mobile Phones. 22 years later, Apple reinvented the mobile phone with their first iPhone in 2007, which was much more than a mobile phone, literally a “smartphone” weighing in at 6oz and about 1/4″ thin, 2.5″x0.26″x4.0″ that continues to be enhanced with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

☎️📞📡🍎 Apple’s critics reported that Apple has no business getting into the mature field of experienced mobile phone makers.

☎️📞📡🍎 In 7 years Apple has delivered over 400,000,000 premium priced iPhones, and are now selling iPhone 6 at a pace over 200,000,000 yearly. This is not a typo, Apple is selling premium iPhones at a pace of over 60 million per calendar quarter with a profit margin around 30%. Marilyn and I each own iPhone 6 Plus and love it.

☎️📞📡🍎 Tablets. Similarly, tablets were on stage years before Apple reinvented it with the iPad in 2010. Apple carefully examined how Apple could develop such a device that folks would really want and use. Apple’s critics again reported that Apple was waisting their energies on tablets into a mature tablet-marketplace, where Apple would be lucky of it could 5 million in a good year.

☎️📞📡🍎The market place “voted” with their Wallets as iPads are selling at a clip 60 million units yearly with over 250 million in use today. Marilyn has the iPad mini, fits perfectly in here handbag, and I have the iPad Air 2, fits perfectly into my nifty DECODED black leather case.

☎️📞📡🍎 Watch. Some Watch history. The watch which was developed in the 16th century (circa 1530) was a mechanical device, powered by winding a mainspring which turned gears which moved the hands, and kept time with a rotating balance wheel. Most of the subsequent 500 year history of watches was devoted to refining the mechanical watch.

☎️📞📡🍎 The Quartz Watch in the 1960s, which ran on electricity and kept time with a vibrating quartz crystal, proved a radical departure for the industry. During the 1980s quartz watches took over the market from mechanical watches, an event referred to as the “quartz crisis”. Although mechanical watches still sell at the high end of the market, the vast majority of watches now have quartz movements.

☎️📞📡🍎 The origin of the word “Watch” is that it came from the Old English word woecce which meant “watchman”, because it was used by town watchmen to keep track of their shifts. Another says that the term came from 17th century sailors, who used the new mechanisms to time the length of their shipboard watches (duty shifts).

☎️📞📡🍎 First watches were strictly mechanical, driven by spring-powered clockwork. As technology progressed, mechanical devices, used to control the speed of the watch, were largely superseded by vibrating quartz crystals, producing accurately timed electronic pulses. Some watches use radio-clock-technology to regularly correct the time. The first digital electronic watch was developed in 1970, the Pulsar LED.

☎️📞📡🍎 Apple Watch. Apple again, is reinventing the Watch, certainly entering a very mature field, dating back to the 16th century, 500 years ago and the “electronic” watch of 1970, over 50 years in the making. Apple’s entry into the “Watch” arena may be similar to its entry into Mobile Phones, when it made cell phones literally “Smart.” With the iWatch, Apple will making the timekeeping wearable “Smart” too.

☎️📞📡🍎 Apple Watch. Apple has created three venues for their Wearable: Apple Watch, Sports, and the Edition, each containing many designs, metals, and bands, generating thousands of possibilities to reach a huge audience, with no compromise with its core capability. Presently I am wearing a RADO for the past 10 years, loving it. However, with the release of the Apple Watch, I’m highly motivated towards the Apple Watch.

iWatch ☎️📞📡🍎 iPhone Connect. A significant capability of the iWatch is its connectivity with the iPhone. Think about it, all of the iPhone’s computing power, sensors, GPS, connectivity, Internet, WiFi, 3G, 4G, LTE, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, bluetooth, its Processor, its Memory, its Apps, are Available to and from the iWatch. The thousands of developers will have a “field-day” imagining all the capability and connectivity between the iPhone, the iWatch, and everyone else.

iWatch ☎️📞📡🍎 iPhone A simple example. Imaging the ladies that have an iPhone in their purse, or the guy with his iPhone in a briefcase, its ringer is off, to not disturb their surroundings. The iPhone receives an important telephone call. With the iPhone’s connectivity to the iWatch, the iWatch’s underside, sends a tympanic (“tap”) onto your wrist, notifying you of an incoming call, text, upcoming calendar event…

☎️📞📡🍎 Rotate your wrist a bit to see who is calling you… then answer the call on the iWatch… you may actually speak and hear through the iWatch’s internal miniature speaker and microphone… you may then transfer the call to your iPhone, now that you know its worth the effort of getting the iPhone from your purse or briefcase. If you didn’t want to receive this call, you could have alternatively sent a text message to that call, stating that you’ll call later once “out of the meeting.”

iWatch ☎️📞📡🍎 iPhone Another example. You are at Walgreens and want to pay for your personal supplies and Meds, instead of finding your Wallet and extracting a Plastic Credit Card, or instead of finding your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus with its new ApplePay capability, just place your iWatch close to the Walgreens cash-register, and your iWatch will communicate with your iPhone, so you can select the CC you desire and authorize payment, only using your iWatch…

Apple Watch. This wearable is Today’s Technology making it possible to pack lots of microchips, sensors, battery, graphics, WiFi, Bluetooth, firmware, software, Apps, you name it, into one highly styled shock and water resistant wearable.

Looking at Apple’s site ( and you’ll get the message that Apple is deeply committed to having the masses shed their existing wearable, and encouraging others that don’t don a wearable, to now do so.

Take a moment and watch several of Apple’s excellently produced videos on this site.


Three reasons to take a hard look at Apple Watch priced from $400 and up depending on metal.

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