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🍎⌚️ iWATCH NEWS UPDATE 🍎⌚️ AppleWatch Release March 2015 🍎⌚️ Apple Reinvented the iPhone Exactly 8 Years Ago on January 9, 2007 πŸŽ

January 10, 2015

🍎⌚️ Apple Engineers Completing iWatch Software. Apple has ceded the 3rd beta of its iOS software, largely dealing with the iWatch interface and connectivity with iPhones. Apple is finishing up work on the Apple Watch’s complex iOS operating system software.

🍎⌚️ Sources familiar with iWatch development say the Apple Watch is currently ahead of schedule and on track to ship in the United States in March according to 9to5MAC, who has a very good track record and sources, in predicting product releases. Apple previously said that the wearable product will ship in β€œearly 2015” certainly not a very precise phrase.

🍎⌚️ Apple Watch engineers have been “polishing up” the iWatch iOS operating system and putting the device’s Battery through very extensive testing. Apple engineers have also been “working overtime to improve the inductive charging system necessary for “contact-less” charging-up the device’s internal Lithium Polymer, LiON battery each night.” Tim Cook stated during an October 2014 press event that: “We think you’re going to end up charging the Apple Watch daily. Overnight, that’s what we think.”

🍎⌚️ Your Wait for Apple Watch may be over… sooner than you may have thought. According to news reports, Apple Watch iOS version software has been finalized. Apple is preparing a massive training session for Apple Store employees. The Apple Watch wearable device is on track for a March 2015 release timeframe, although no specific date is available. These news reports trim the previous timeline quite a bit. Fairly soon you may see long lines forming outside at an Apple Store in your neighborhood. I witnessed the unruly lines at 2am outside Apple’s Boca Raton store for the iPhone 6 Friday morning release, September 19, 2014.

🍎⌚️ Apple Watch wearable device is on track for March, 2015 release, although no more detail on a specific release date is currently known. These news reports trim the timeline, and provide more precision on the iWatch release, then you’ll see the long lines forming at an Apple Store in your neighborhood. Prior to this News, Apple stated an imprecise phrase “Early 2015” as the iWatch release schedule. Another Senior Corporate spokesperson was even more vague stating a “Spring 2015” iWatch release schedule. Take a moment to view these beautifully produced Apple Watch videos.



🍎⌚️ Apple Watch Production will begin this month, January, 2015, whereas the iWatch was once scheduled to be rolling off Apple contracted lines in February.

🍎⌚️ Apple Watch Production Orders. Apple has reportedly ordered 24 million iWatches from their contracted supplier, Quanta. In response to this relatively strong initial production order, Quanta has increased its workforce five-fold, increasing it from 2,000 workers to 10,000 workers. It’s expected that Quanta will then double again its workforce to 20,000 as the Apple Watch develops its sales momentum as 2015 progresses.

🍎⌚️ Apple Watch 24 million unit Initial Production Order. One may consider a 24 million initial order seemingly aggressive; However, if recent polling is correct, 24 million iWatches may actually on the mark or somewhat conservative. Current polling indicates that about 10% of iPhone users are actually β€œVery Likely” to buy the Apple Watch; Combine this 10% in the “Very Likely” Group, with an even larger group of iWatch iFolks, that say they are “Somewhat Likely” may increase the total “Likely Buyers Group” by another 5%. If predictive of actual demand, this trend will stress the supply-line for the 24 million iWatch initial production order.

🍎⌚️ Apple Watch Time will Tell, this high level of predictive demand may give the impression of production constraints, although, having the effect of keeping iWatch stocks flowing out of Apple retail stores, as fast as inventory arrives. Our guess, for the initial 12 months that iWatch is available, there may be some 30 million to 38 million iWatches sold.

🍎⌚️ Think about it. IMHO, Apple “pre Announced” the Apple Watch in September last year for multiple purposes
(🍎) Apple Defines this new product’s concepts early, rather than the rumor-mills and leaks
(🍎🍎) Provides sufficient time for the market-place, the iPhone folks to digest this entirely new product concepts
(🍎🍎🍎) Six months of assimilation, the iWatch pre-announcement to its formal release, gives everyone time to imagine having this unique Wearable, a marketing marvel by Apple.

🍎⌚️ History of 2007 iPhone. Recall Eight years ago, on Jan. 9, 2007, Steve Jobs on stage during Apple’s annual Macworld conference, announced Apple’s very first iPhone. Starting off with the words “We’re gonna make some history today” Apple’s cofounder Steve Jobs tricked the audience by claiming he was going to introduce three new products: an iPod with touch controls, a mobile phone and an Internet communications device, knowing that all three components were built into Apple’s newly Announced iPhone.

🍎⌚️ First iPhone Announcement. Similarly, when the Original iPhone was Announced January 9, 2007, 6 months later its was Release on June 29, 2007. This 6 months duration gave the World, the Market, the Apple Analysts, and Clients an “assimilation” period to digest The New iPhone Concept.

🎬 The iWatch presentation given September, 2014 is presently being “assimilated” just as the iPhone was exactly 8 years Ago, January 9, 2007 at its announcement. Presently, Apple has sold more than 530,000,000 iPhones, and is expected to sell some 220,000,000 iPhones this year.

🎬 The First iPhone, 8 years ago (21m:15s into the Macworld Keynote speech delivered by Steve Jobs the iPhone is Reinvented).

🎬 The First iPad was Reinvented on April 3, 2010. In sum there are over 750,000,000 iPhones and iPads in circulation, by year-end 1,000,000,000 iDevices enhancing peoples lives.

🍎⌚️ Apple Watch 24 million Production Schedule. The News Reports do not specifically outline the reasons for Apple moving iWatch production up; However, there were vague references that β€œproduction yield issues” have been resolved. This could be referring to either the LiON Battery, Sapphire Crystal, the Touch Display, or a mix of the three. If the iWatch is as popular as we think it will be, Apple will need as much of a production head-start as they can.

🍎⌚️ Apple Watch Display. The centerpiece of the Apple Watch is an bright AMOLED display (newly designed for Apple) that is estimated to be more costly than traditional LCD screens Apple uses in its iPhones and iPads, which are not AMOLED displays. According to Taiwan’s Apple Daily, the alleged terms of the Quanta deal limit Quanta from partnering with any competing device makers building wearable electronics. This News Report aligns with earlier rumors suggesting that Quanta had secured “exclusive manufacturing rights” for the Apple Watch, although some reporters are suggesting that Foxconn and Inventec may “muscle their way” into the iWatches’ supply chain.

🍎⌚️ Apple Watch Associate Training. iWatch training courses will commence February 9th through February 16th. The core training will take place at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters and a satellite office in Austin, Texas. Direct training will be given to one or two representatives from each of the 263 USA Apple Stores. At the completion of the iWatch Training, the Store Associates are then tasked to return to their Apple store, to train the Store sales staff. Apple has currently 444 retail stores operating in 16 countries, including 263 in the USA, plus an online store available in 39 countries.

🍎⌚️ Apple Watch Training is said to commence in early February; however, the Apple Watch release date is set for March. According to news reports, those who completed Direct Corporate Headquarters training will thereafter be training their Home-Based Apple store staff. This follow-up training will occur in the days just before the Apple Watch release Event. Apparently since Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, told the pre-release iWatch story at the announcement of the iPhone 6 in September, 2014, Apple is not concerned with pre-release leaks from its 30,000 retail store associates.

🍎⌚️ iWatch, Apple Watch is the most personal iDevice ever. Apple’s goal has always been to make powerful technology more accessible, more relevant and ultimately more personal.

🍎⌚️ Apple Watch represents a new chapter in the relationship people have with technology. It’s the most personal product Apple has ever made, because it’s the first Apple product to be worn.

🍎⌚️ Apple Watch. Apple took a very unusual step in pre-announcing an entirely new Product Category BEFORE it was ready for release. Granted, Apple announces its iPhones, iPads, MacBooks before actual product release; however, for these MAC and iDevices, there was a 7 to 11 day period one waited for delivery of the New product released. In contrast Apple “Announced” the AppleWatch in late September, 2014 concurrently with its iPhone 6 announcement; however, Apple indicated then, that the iWatch would be Available in “early 2015.”

🍎⌚️ Apple will release iWatch in Early 2015. I can imagine Five vocabulary words for defining “when” in 2015 other than mentioning a chosen Calendar Quarter or a particular Month. Apple could have used these Four phrases: Beginning, Early, Middle, Late 2015. Late 2015 could mean November-December 2015, Middle could indicate May-June-July 2015.

🍎⌚️ What does “Early 2015” tell us? Since Apple chose not to use a particular Month like January 2015, January likely not what Apple had in mind. However, “Early, 2015” could mean either February, March, or April. Lets Add one more factor. Apple’s reports its financial results on a fiscal basis, where its 1st fiscal Quarter is defined as December 1st through February 28. Since the iPhone 6 is selling strongly, perhaps Apple desires the AppleWatch to make its Sales-Splash beginning in March of 2015 the start of Apple’s 2nd fiscal quarter.

🍎⌚️ Apple – One thing I have learned about Apple… “Apple does everything on purpose, with all aspects thoroughly thought out.”

🍎⌚️ Apple is Driven culturally to deliver. Apple is proud and patient with all product releases by “getting it right” technology-wise, market-wise, and timing-wise, getting most of the bugs out before the public see it, and before its critics see it. Apple may also desire to give its stable of independent developers, some time for iWatch Application (App) Development. Apple may desire the “kick off” the iWatch in its 2nd fiscal quarter of 2015.

🍎⌚️ Apple prefers to release new products on Friday for a Three-Day, Friday-Saturday-Sunday “weekend” sales splash. Looking at our Calendar, February 27, 28, March 1st, is the first weekend containing a March date; however, March 6, 7 and 8 is the first all March Weekend.

🍎⌚️ Apple Factoid to Consider. Apple is somewhat constrained in the fabrication of the Sapphire Crystals used on the WATCH and its WATCH EDITION product lines (the Sports models have hardened glass crystals not sapphire), Apple may be scheduling the Apple Watch in March giving sufficient time to build up a reasonable inventory of all the iWatch models. Its illogical for Apple to create huge anticipation, and not have a reasonable inventory of iWatch models to satisfy its Loyal Following.

🍎⌚️ Apple Watch Release Date: March 6, 7, 8, 2015, total conjecture though, as we have NO internal sources whatsoever.

🍎⌚️ Mobile Phones. The iPhone is mentioned in this article, as the adoption of the iWatch may follow the adoption-history of the iPhone. Apple reinvented the mobile phone with their first iPhone in 2007, 30 years after Motorola literally “invented” their very popular, however, expensive Starβ€’TAC 8500XL. I bought this Motorola “Brick” 30 years ago for $4200 in 1985, weighing in at 28oz. I retained it as a souvenir of the times, then the most portable cellular phone.

🍎⌚️ 30 Million to 38 Million iWatch customers may be “voting” with their Wallets in its first 12 months of availability. Lets see how we get to these numbers. Looking at Apple’s iPhone sales history, it showed an adoption rate of 11 million iPhones in its 1st fiscal year (21 million in the 2nd fiscal year, 39 million in year 3, 72 million in year 4, 125 million units sold in the 5th year of the iPhone). Our guess is the adoption rate of the AppleWatch may follow the growth rate history of the iPhone, as both devices (iPhone and iWatch) were totally new Apple products.

🍎⌚️ iPhones are currently selling at 72 million units per quarter, capturing 51.3% of all global smartphone activations, 3 Times that of Samsung’s. With about 469 million iPhones currently in circulation, if 6.5% iPhone users adopt the iWatch, this may yield about 30 million iWatch 1st year sales, then say 60 million 2nd year sales, 120 million 3rd year sales… this are our guesstimates.

🍎⌚️ AppleWatch Likely Buyers. A recent survey by Quartz ( shows that about 14% of iPhone Owners who indicated that they are either Very Likely, Likely and Somewhat Likely to buy the new iWatch this year; however, some 86% are not interested in adopting for the iWatch in 2015. The Quartz Survey chart is displayed for your review. Lets use this 14% extrapolation.

🍎⌚️ Apple’s recent Annual Report, iPhone Sales represents about $101.9 Billion in iPhone Sales, for 169.2 Million iPhone unit sales, amounts to an average iPhone sales price of $602.72/unit. If in fact for the first 12 months of iWatch sales, 14% of iPhone owners buy the AppleWatch, then about 23 million iWatches may be purchased.

🍎⌚️ 469,000 iPhones reportedly are in Circulation, remove the 169 million iPhones sold last year, lets consider the remaining 300 million iPhone owners that purchased iPhones in years before 2014. Lets assume just 5% of those remaining iPhone owners buy the iWatch, this would add 15 million of possible iWatch buyers. Combine these two assumptions 23 million + 15 million = 38 million iWatch sales may occur in the first 12 months of AppleWatch sales.

🍎⌚️ Apple’s creation of the iPhone seven years ago, Apple literally reinvented the mobile cellular phone, into a very crowded market; However Apple literally changed the Mobile Phone into a “SmartPhone” weighing in at 6oz and sized at 0.46″x2.4″x4.5″ that continues to be improved and enhanced, today with their iPhone 6 sized at 0.27″x2.6″x5.4″ and 6 Plus sized at 0.28″x3.1″x6.2″.

🍎 Today, January 9th is the 8th Anniversary for the First iPhone. This was a great Day for Apple and an incredible Proud Day for Steve Jobs!

🍎 See the First Look at the iPhone, 8 years ago: <u (21m:50s into the Keynote speech delivered by Steve Jobs as the very First iPhone is Announced).

🍎 iWatch 🍎 Apple Watch – Apple’s Entry into Electronic Wearables

🍎⌚️ Mobile Phones. 22 years after the Motorola 8500XL known as “the Brick”, Apple reinvented the mobile phone with their first iPhone in 2007, which was so much more than a mobile phone, literally a “smartphone” weighing in at 6oz and about 1/4″ thin, 2.5″x0.26″x4.0″ that Apple continues to enhanced with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

🍎⌚️ Apple’s critics reported that Apple has no business getting into the mature field of experienced mobile phone makers.

🍎⌚️ In 7 years Apple has delivered 500,000,000 premium priced iPhones, and are now selling iPhone 6 and 6+ at a pace well over 200,000,000 yearly. Not a typo, Apple is currently selling premium iPhones at a pace of 72 million units reportedly per calendar quarter with a profit margin over 30%. Its been also been reported that, based on actual cellular activations, iPhone 6 models were 51.3% of all global smartphone sales in December, 2014, outselling Samsung 3-to-1. Marilyn and I each own the iPhone 6 Plus and love them.

🍎⌚️ Tablets. Similarly, tablets were available several years before Apple reinvented it with the iPad in 2010. Apple carefully examined how Apple could develop such a device that folks would really want and use. Apple’s critics again reported that Apple was waisting their energies on tablets into such a mature tablet-marketplace, where Apple would be lucky of it could sell 5 million units in a good year.

🍎⌚️ The market place “voted” with their Wallets as iPads are selling at a clip 60 million units yearly with over 250 million in use today. Marilyn has the iPad mini, fits perfectly in here handbag, and I have the iPad Air 2, fits perfectly into my nifty DECODED black leather case.

🍎⌚️ 30,000,000 iWatch sales may “vote” their Wallets in 2015. Looking at Apple’s iPhone sales history, they show an adoption rate of 11 million units in its 1st fiscal year (21 million 2nd fiscal year, 39 million 3rd year, 72 million 4th year, 125 million 5th year) compared to current iPhone sales of 72 million units per quarter. With about 450 million iPhones currently in circulation, if 6.5% iPhone users adopt the iWatch, this may yield about 30 million iWatch 1st year sales, then 60 million 2nd year sales, 120 million 3rd year sales, your guess thereafter…

🍎⌚️ Watch. Some Watch history. The watch which was developed in the 16th century (circa 1530) was a mechanical device, powered by winding a mainspring which turned gears which moved the hands, and kept time with a rotating balance wheel. Most of the subsequent 500 year history of watches was devoted to refining the mechanical watch.

🍎⌚️ The Quartz Watch in the 1960s, which ran on electricity and kept time with a vibrating quartz crystal, proved a radical departure for the industry. During the 1980s quartz watches took over the market from mechanical watches, an event referred to as the “quartz crisis”. Although mechanical watches still sell at the high end of the market, the vast majority of watches now have quartz movements.

🍎⌚️ The origin of the word “Watch” is that it came from the Old English word woecce which meant “watchman”, because it was used by town watchmen to keep track of their shifts. Another says that the term came from 17th century sailors, who used the new mechanisms to time the length of their shipboard watches (duty shifts).

🍎⌚️ First watches were strictly mechanical, driven by spring-powered clockwork. As technology progressed, mechanical devices, used to control the speed of the watch, were largely superseded by vibrating quartz crystals, producing accurately timed electronic pulses. Some watches use radio-clock-technology to regularly correct the time. The first digital electronic watch was developed in 1970, the Pulsar LED.

🍎⌚️ Apple Watch. Apple again, is reinventing the Watch, certainly entering a very mature field, dating back to the 16th century, 500 years ago and the “electronic” watch of 1970’s, some 50 years in the making. Apple’s entry into the “Watch” arena may be similar to its entry into Mobile Phones, when it made cell phones literally “Smart.” With the iWatch, Apple will be making the timekeeping wearable very “Smart” too.

🍎⌚️ Apple Watch. Apple has created three venues for their Wearable: Apple Watch, Sports, and the Edition, each containing many designs, metals, and bands, generating thousands of possibilities to reach a huge audience, with no compromise with its core capability. Presently I am wearing a RADO for the past 10 years, loving it. However, with the release of the Apple Watch, I’m highly motivated towards the Apple Watch.

🍎⌚️ iWatch || iPhone Connection. A significant capability of the iWatch is its connectivity with the iPhone. Think about it, all of the iPhone’s: rote Computing power, SIRI, sensors, GPS, Internet, WiFi, 3G, 4G, LTE, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth, its Processor, Memory, its Apps are available to and from the iWatch. Literally thousands of developers are having a “field-day” imagining all the capability and connectivity between your iPhone, your iWatch, and everyone else’s iWatch and iPhone.

🍎⌚️ iWatch || iPhone A simple example. Imaging the ladies that have an iPhone in their purse, or the guy with his iPhone in a briefcase, its ringer is off, to not disturb their surroundings. The iPhone receives an important telephone call. With the iPhone’s connectivity to the iWatch, the iWatch’s underside, sends a tympanic (“tap” or two) onto your wrist, notifying you of an incoming voice call, text, or upcoming calendar event…

🍎⌚️ Rotate your wrist a bit to glance at who’s calling you… To ignore the Call or Text, (lets say you are sitting at a conference table taking notes and participating with 12 others), simply cover your wrist with your other hand, which signals iWatch to ignore the Connection… or, answer the Call on the iWatch…

🍎⌚️ iWatch you may answer the telephone call speak and listen through the iWatch’s internal miniature speaker and microphone… you may then transfer the call to your iPhone, as the call may be lengthly, knowing its worth the effort to retrieve the iPhone from your purse or briefcase. Alternatively, if you didn’t want to receive this call, you could send a text message to that caller from your AppleWatch, texting that: “I will return the call once you’re out of the meeting, I’m on my Way, I’ll call you in and hour….”

🍎⌚️ iWatch || iPhone An ApplePay example. You are at Walgreens and want to pay for your personal supplies and Meds, instead of finding your Wallet and extracting a traditional Plastic Credit Card, or instead of finding your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, with its new ApplePay capability… just reach-out to position your iWatch close to the Walgreens cash-register’s NCF transceiver terminal, and your iWatch will communicate with your iPhone, and Walgreens Store… you can select the CC you desire and authorize payment, using the touch-display of your iWatch…

🍎⌚️ iWatch || iPhone A Camera example. You have a terrific group shot to capture with your iPhone, you prop up the iPhone on the dining room table… to get in the shot you could let a stranger snap the shot for you, or you could, leave the iPhone on the dining room table, while you position yourself in the Shot, then LOOK at your APPLE WATCH, where you can actually see the image like looking into a “viewfinder” and then snap the shot or two, once everyone settles into a good pose. Once the image is captured you can see the result on the display of your AppleWatch. These examples do not even mention all the HEALTH capabilities.

🍎⌚️ Apple Watch. AppleWatch wearable is a Technology Marvel, making it possible to package microchips, sensors, graphics, WiFi, Bluetooth, Firmware, Software, Apps… into one highly styled shock and water resistant wearable, that will “Tell a lot more than Time.”

🍎⌚️ Apple is Heavily Invested with reInventing the Watch, which electronic watch industry has been tinkering with since the 1970’s.

🍎⌚️ Viewing Apple’s web-pages devoted to introducing the 2015 AppleWatch, you’ll get the message that Apple is deeply committed to having the masses add to their existing wearables, and encouraging others that don’t don wearables, may now do so.


β˜ŽοΈπŸ“žπŸ“‘πŸŽ Marilyn and I will likely select iWatch styles, and take advantage of what seems to be an amazing step forward in personal wearable devices.

β˜ŽοΈπŸ“žπŸ“‘πŸŽ Take a moment and watch several of Apple’s excellently produced videos at these locations.


β˜ŽοΈπŸ“žπŸ“‘πŸŽ Many Reasons for regular folks to take a hard look at the Apple Watch priced from $400 to thousands, depending on metal.

The Montblanc Heritage Spirit Orbis Terrarum comes in a 41mm case – available in 18k red gold and stainless steel – with polished bezel and horizontal satin finishing on the sides. The lugs, which curve quite steeply, have the same treatment. Case thickness is around 12mm, which is a little on the thick side, but entirely acceptable, since the movement was not developed from scratch. At $17,000 what a bargain. NOT.

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