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Global Warming ~ Global Cooling ~ Climate Change ~ Keystone PipeLine ~ Everything You Want to Know But were Afraid to Ask ~ the FACTS no Political Speak πŸŒπŸŒπŸŒπŸŒπŸŒπŸŒπŸŒ

January 25, 2015

🌐 The KEYSTONE PipeLine, Global Warming Global Cooling, Climate Change, I discuss everything you ever wanted to know, but were afraid to speak of it or ask questions. Do you want to know what’s going on, however have been intimidated by the partisans, the emotional responses from the politicalization of these issues.

🌐 Truth is, its all about the science. In the mid 1970’s the politicians boasted of Global Cooling, everything will freeze because of the emissions by Big Businesses and their Plants, Factories, and Fossil Fuels. Forty years later, the same groups were scaring the population in 2010 about Global Warming, the melting of the Polar Ice Cap, where we will all drown with the rising Oceans. This “Warming” mantra is being preached for 6 years;

🌐 However, all the deluded salesmen of the junk science known by the politically correct, the β€œclimate change’’ team, who see a near future in which our entire planet turns HOT. No… wait during the polar vortex that hit the country like a really hard cold slap in the face in April, 2014 all 50 of the United States, including Washington, DC, Florida and Hawaii recorded temperatures below freezing. Atlanta and elsewhere in early Spring, were experiencing dramatic blizzard conditions. The Global Warming folks were struggling to defend their “science” in light of what our lying eyes could easily see.

🌐 At one Al Gore’s European Tours, he states the β€œentire North Polar Ice cap will be gone in five years,’’ Gore, now 65, told a German TV audience in 2008. Wrong. In fact, receding Arctic Ice rebounded between 2010 and 2013, growing by more than 50% into an unbroken patch more than half the size of Europe, greater than what it was 30 years ago, according to the National Snow and Ice Data Center. Notice the satellite imagery at left.

🌐 Last month near the South Pole, a Russian ship carrying Global Warming Scientists and a few tourists traveled to the bottom of the Earth, the South Pole, so these passengers might document the effects of global warming and the shrinking ice caps. Oooops, the ship got stuck on the very Thick Ice; The Ice was thicker than at any time since such records began being kept.

🌐 The Global Warming folks were airlifted to safety by helicopter, leaving behind a heard of confused penguins. And β€” whoops! β€” The “climate scientists” (you know, those PhDs at liberal Universities on Government Grants, that want to have their Grant fundings renewed) finally conceded last year, 2013, that the Earth’s surface-temperature stopped rising in 1997. (Or did the temps take a temporary β€œpause,’’ as the Global Warmies say, trying to adhear to their absurd talking-points). In fact, the Earth’s climate-cycle will continue its cooling trends for years, globally cooling perhaps into the early 2030’s.

🌐 In looking at the Global Temperatures over the last 100 years, it was warmer in 1940, 41, 42 than in 1980, 81, 82… Do you think there were more Factories, SUV’s, and Fossil Fueled vehicles, 70 years ago than in the 1980’s? NOT!

🌐 President Obama recently (April, 2014) announced another delay with his approval for the construction of Keystone XL, a pipeline that (eventually) will safely transport crude-oil sourced in Canada to our US refineries, even though the US State Department and all the State Governments hosting the pipeline, have given their clearances for Keystone in numerous separate reports and surveys.

🌐 It’s no major insight to say that Obama’s decision was purely about politics. Specifically his desire to placate the “green-interests” still caught up in what liberals call a “global warming” delusion. Its been reported that several “green” WallStreet contributors have pledged $100 million to Democratic Senate Mid-term candidates in effort to help their re-election in November, 2014, in exchange for stopping the pipeline. Wow, if there ever was a reason to not re-elect a candidate, this is it.

🌐 Another case of “Forget what’s best for the Country.” Apparently politics IS More important than the 40,000 jobs that the Keystone Pipeline would create to install, fabricate the Pipes & Valves, plus the efficiency, safety, and speed of piping Oil rather than Trucking Oil and Railing Oil (both higher risk transporting methods) south to the refineries in Louisiana and Texas, regardless of the party who’s bowing to the wishes of the special-interests.

🌐 It may be said that the pipeline should be built. Private businesses should be able to reasonably act, without unnecessary Federal government interference, assuming reasonable measures for public safety are followed. That any presidential administration can block a private commercial project, approved by all the State Legislatures speaks to problems well beyond the delay of the Keystone XL pipeline. This should concern anyone who cares about growth and prosperity, generally the result of economic freedom.

🌐 Let’s mention that the US already contains over 185,000 miles of existing OIL Pipelines, where the Keystone pipeline of some 2000 (new) miles represents a 1.08% increase in the pipeline infrastructure. Let’s not forget that there are about 2,200,000 miles Natural Gas pipelines all over the US providing refined petroleum energy for heating, cooking, automotive, and other industrial uses.

🌐 Do the Math: How does 2000 miles of the new Keystone pipeline measures-up against the existing 2,385,000 miles of petroleum pipelines of crude and refined products: 2000 miles of new pipeline divided by 2.385 million miles of existing infrastructure, equates to an Increase of +0.0838% to the existing US pipelines infrastructure, (Yes, that’s 8 hundredths of One Percent).

🌐 All that said while the politicians and the partisans are arguing for or against the Keystone pipeline
(1) there have been more than 10,000 miles of other US Pipelines constructed, while this is being argued
(2) there’s a lot of mythology and misguided emotion infuriating the pro-Keystone and con-Keystone sides of the debate
(3) Just as the global warming crowd has hurt its credibility with its absurd claims about our developed-world that will soon be “under water” absent a substantial reduction of carbon emissions
(4) likewise the Keystone advocates weaken their case with overdone talk about the wonders of the pipeline.

🌐 Let’s speak of the notion that oil and its byproducts are bad for the earth. Let’s not forget, oil is of the earth, ancient, prehistoric plant and animal remains buried millions of years ago below its surface; so it’s silly to act as though it’s harmful to Earth, as it’s part of Earth.

🌐 As to carbon emissions and their environmental impact… the truth is, human-caused global warming and the supposed perils of it, remain a theory as opposed to fact. To make an environmental case for Keystone of this kind is to lend credence to unproven theories that spread falsehoods.

🌐 I learned years ago, being trained in petroleum-chemistry and fractional-distillation of hydrocarbons, an earthly Volcanic eruption, like Mount St Helens in 1980, Portland Oregon, spewed more toxins in Earth’s atmosphere, than 100 years worth of Human interventions, use of Oil, Gasoline, for industry, automobiles, SUV’s, trucks, aircraft and trains…

🌐 In the early 1970’s the anti-industry folks were screaming of “Global Cooling” where our planet will no longer be capable of growing crops and we’d all starve. Notice the Magazine Covers of that period (1976 and 1977). Sooner or Later the American Public will wakeup and smell the SB these Politicians are spewing.

🌐 Did you ever wonder why many University Doctorates opine to some of these theories of Global Warming in the face of years of very Cold, record setting cold temperatures… the answer rests in a Five letter word: GRANT, as in Government Grants.

🌐 If the government wants a PhD to testify or opine in a petition, confirming the existing talking-point of global warming, the University Faculty members are encouraged to do so, or risk loosing those Grants (like an $80 million government grant to study the life-cycle of a yellow spotted beetle…)

🌐 What’s the Alternative, Trains: Here is what can happen when Oil is transported by Rail: Platts confirmed CSX Corporation’s Train that exploded in Lynchburg, Virginia was carrying sweet crude obtained via hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) in North Dakota’s Bakken Shale basin. CSX CEO Michael Ward has also confirmed this to Bloomberg.

🌐 Sources said the train was carrying Bakken crude from North Dakota and was headed to Plains All American’s terminal in Yorktown,” Platts explained. “The Yorktown facility can unload 130,000 Drums (55 Gallon Drums) of crude and is located on the site of Plains oil product terminal.”

🌐 In January, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration issued a Safety Alert concluding that the Bakken crude is more flammable than heavier oils. Hence the term “bomb trains.” However, any train containing 50 to 100 Tanker-Cars each holding 34,500 gallons of unrefined flammable petrochemicals containing a variety of Toxins, representing 3,450,000 gallons.

🌐 Exxon Valdez oil spill occurred in Prince William Sound, Alaska, on March 24, 1989, when Exxon Valdez, an oil tanker bound for Long Beach, California, struck Prince William Sound’s Bligh Reef at 12:04am local time and spilled roughly 260,000 barrels of crude oil over several days. For reference 260,000 barrels of crude oil equates to 14.3 million gallons. It is considered to be one of the most devastating human-caused environmental disasters.

🌐 Captain Joseph Hazelwood, reported to have been drinking heavily that night, was not at the controls when the ship struck the reef. Investigative reporter Greg Palast stated in 2008, “Forget the drunken skipper fable. As to Captain Joe Hazelwood, he was below decks, sleeping off his bender. At the helm, the third mate never would have collided with Bligh Reef had he looked at his RAYCAS radar. However the RADAR was Not turned on. Sadly the tanker’s radar was broken and disabled for more than a year.

🌐 Think about it, millions of gallons of highly flammable, toxic unrefined petrochemicals running through thousands of miles of rural streets and through major US cities every day, at risk of accident, if one Fool parks a Car or Truck on the RxR track, causing tens of thousands or millions of gallons of Crude poisoning the Air and Aquifer.

🌐 At least 50,000 gallons, probably underestimated as each tank-car holds 34,500 gallons of fuel, of the oil headed to Yorktown are now spilled and burning, according to ABC 13 in Lynchburg. Some of it has spilled into the James River, as previously reported on DeSmogBlog. A maps available on CSX’s website (and in this article) displaying the routes for its crude-by-rail trains offers a clear indication of where the train was headed.

🌐 For the record, a typical US DOT-111 tank car, CTC-111A in Canada, is an unpressurized tank-car used in North America. Tanks built to this specification must be circular in cross section, with elliptical, formed heads set convex outward, requiring a metallic-plate thickness of 7⁄16 inch (11.1 mm) and a maximum capacity of 34,500 US gallons (131,000 liters). Tanks may be constructed of carbon steel, aluminum alloy, high alloy steel or nickel plated steel assembled by fusion welding.

🌐 The Bottom Line: OIL will continue to be imported from Canada, at levels representing about 42% of US total imports every day, Canada being the largest US import source. Presently, Canadian Crude Oil is transported by Truck and Rail through hundreds of rural and urban Cities every day, in route to the major refineries in Louisiana and Texas. The safest way to transport these flammable and toxic materials is by Pipeline.

🌐 Careful evaluation of the Risks of Transportation of Hazardous Materials have been summarized by ROAD, RAILWAY, and PIPELINE. The graphic below shows the Level of Incidents using a common mathematical unit of Billion of Ton-Mile Shipment, a unit standardized by the US Department of Transportation. In sum this study was conducted for a five year period from 2005 through 2009 shows that Toxic Fuels transported by

(A) ROAD Incident Value of 19.95
(B) RAILWAY Incident Value of 2.08
(C) PIPELINE Incident Value of 0.58

🌐 Risks of Transportation of Hazardous Materials have been summarized by ROAD, RAILWAY, and PIPELINE, interpreting the results of the 5 year study ending 2009. Let’s make the comparisons using ROAD highest incident method of transportation. Since transporting toxic, flammable hydrocarbons by Road has the highest incident rate, we will use 19.95 as the value in making comparisons

(A) ROAD Incident Value of 19.95 represents the value used in making comparisons

(B) RAILWAY Incident Value of 2.08 represents 10.4% of the number of ROAD incidents

(C) PIPELINE Incident Value of 0.58 represents 2.9% of the number ROAD incidents

🌐 Risks of Transportation of Hazardous Materials have been summarized by ROAD, RAILWAY, and PIPELINE, interpreting the results of the 5 year study ending 2009. Let’s invert the comparisons using PIPELINE, the lowest incident method of transportation. Since transporting toxic, flammable hydrocarbons by PIPELINE has the Lowest incident rate, lets use 0.58 as the baseline value in making these comparisons

(A) ROAD Incident Value of 19.95 represents 3440% more incidents than PIPELINE incidents

(B) RAILWAY Incident Value of 2.08 represents 359% greater incidents of PIPELINE incidents

(C) PIPELINE Incident Value of 0.58 represents the baseline value used in making comparisons above.

🌐 In sum, one would think that the Environmentalists would be carrying Signs promoting Keystone, by far the Safest method for transporting Crude Oil. Rather than forcing the continued use of substantially higher risk methods of transporting crude to Texas.

🌐 Knowing the Environmentalists would prefer No use of Oil and Gasoline, converting to Solar and Wind is not a realistic immediate alternative. Converting an industrialized civilization away from Oil and Gasoline will take many decades to accomplish. However, in the mean time, lets be as safe as possible in transporting Crude Oil within America.

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