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Believe it – APPLE is Recruiting Senior TESLA folks with $250k Signing Bonuses and 60% Pay Raises – There’s a REASON ★★★★★

February 10, 2015

Folks complain about electric cars, the gripes generally focus on the car’s ugly, or range anxiety or the hassle of waiting for the battery to charge. Plugging the vehicle into the charger is seldom that big of a deal. However, for the contingent of customers who find hooking-up their model to be too torturous, Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk appears to have a bizarre solution on the way…. although an interesting tease, This is Not The BIG Story…

The “Juicy Gossip” for 2015 is Elon Musk’s remarks that Apple, believe it…, APPLE is recruiting senior TESLA folks with $250k Signing Bonuses coupled with 60% Pay Increases… This is very interesting news, as it’s coming from Tesla’s CEO, and it sets up the next question…

Would Apple be interested in Key Tesla employees, other than just attracting great talent, Companies recruit talent all the time, offering senior level positions, pay increases, and yes attractive “signing bonuses” … Is Apple interested in developing a high-technology Green CAR, or simply wants particular talents.

★★ According to a report from Business Insider, an unsolicited email from an employee at Apple read, “Latest project is too exciting to pass up,” and, “I think it will change the landscape and give TESLA a huge run for its money.”

★★ Many TESLA employees are “jumping ship” and choosing to work at Apple with attractive pay-packages, to be a part of this unidentified [automobile] project, according to an internal Apple email, .

★★ You can bet that Apple will Not be discussing this [automotive] project in public until its ready for production; if and when the project is ready for announcement, at the very best 6 to 9 months before its ready to deliver to the marketplace.

★★ Last week there were pictures captured of a “Apple Van” that was rigged with that looks similar to the vehicles created by Google Inc (GOOG) for mapping and have multiple cameras on top of the roof.

★★ There were speculations that the vehicle was running as a part of an unspecified mapping project from Apple, which has been making efforts in recent months to upgrade Maps to stand parallel to Google’s Street View.

★★ Other rumors suggested the company is working on a self-driving car, which seems to be pretty distant given the company’s tendency to work on only a few products at a time, says a report from MacRumors.

★★ “We have zero issue coming up with things we want to do, said Tim Cook last January. “We must focus on the very few that deserve all our energy.”

★★ Bloomberg also has an interesting twist on the story, that focuses not so much on the competitive inter-hiring between the two companies, but on their similarities, which includes drawing parallels between their mercurial or iconoclastic founders. It all makes for fascinating reading, giving insight into the games played between top employers in one of the country’s most competitive job markets.

★★ While Elon Musk was complaining about “its employees being stolen by Apple,” Musk also says his company is hard at work on a new charger that will auto-emerge from the wall of your garage and hook-up to a Model S and commence charging. To make the technology a bit more impressive, Elon Musk claims the system works with all previous and current versions of the company’s electric car.

★ Musk raised the idea of Auto-Charging a Model S, and all prior models, during the Tesla D unveiling by saying… “we will probably do something like that.” He didn’t explain much more at the time, though. There still aren’t many hard details on the scheme, but the idea of having a robotic snake living in the garage is both somewhat nightmarish and amazingly cool. We can’t wait to see this thing in action.

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