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Apple Facial Recognition – Unlock your iPhone with a Selfie Photo

April 3, 2015

🍎 Apple received a Facal Recognition US Patent Award on March 31, 2015. The patent was originally “Applied For” on March 16, 2011, over 4 years ago. Apple continues to Innovate. Taking a SELFIE is quite an amazing technique for identifying the iPhone user, that method being backed up with the present-day Finger-Print sensor technology, and both these methods being backed up with password protection.

🍎 Apple was awarded US Patent No. 8,994,499 titled “Locking and Unlocking a Mobile Device using Facial Recognition,” and would let users unlock their devices by taking a photo of the user’s face to prove and verify that the User is Authorized Owner. It’s a brilliant biometric alternative to Apple’s Finger-Print Touch ID, Apple’s fingerprint scanner. If these two Authentication Systems fail to recognize the Authorized User, the fail-safe is the traditional PassWord.

🍎 Apple’s Facial Recognition Technology when implemented would be the iPhone’s Primary authentication-method for UnLocking one’s smartphone. Not only will the facial recognition algorithm unlock the iPhone, the biometric security system will continue to use the iPhone’s cameras to “monitor the users ambient surroundings” in attempt to “Visualize the User’s Face” thereby maintaining an “unlocked status” for the iPhone. In the event the Facial Recognition System fails to “Visualize the User” within a predetermined time interval, the system will Auto-Lock in attempt to protect the user’s confidential data and personal information.

🍎 Apple’s Facial Recognition Patent, an interesting characteristic, the facial recognition system directs the iPhone to continue to secure your device even after it has been unlocked. One’s iPhone for example with this Facial Recognition technology Enabled, the iPhone would continue to periodically Capture “Selfie” images of the authorized user. If the authorized User dies not appear in the subsequent imaging, the iPhone will automatically re-Lock, blocking unauthorized intruders from accessing the device’s contents.

🍎 As with all Patents, there’s no “guarantee” Apple will implement this technology. Apple has receive thousands Patent Awards in recent years whose unique Technology and Intellectual Property, worthy of a Patent, have not been utilized in current devices. Occasionally Apple files for Patents for technology and designs as a precautionary tool, intended to block competitors from using these unique inventions. Its well known that the smartphone and portable computing industries are increasingly looking to replace the traditional passwords, as we are all inundated with annoying passwords and routine changing of passwords. Apples notion of selfie-secured iPhones seems like a surprisingly plausible idea.

🍎 The Result, iPhone Passwords and Fingerprint Scans may soon be obsolete. Apple has been granted a patent that lets users unlock and secure their phones with a simple biometric Selfie.

▢️Official US Patent Office web-site URL
▢️ Apple’s Facial Recognition Technology – Unlock your iPhone with a Selfie Photo

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