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🍎🍎🍎 Apple iPad-Pro 12.9″ iPad is READY for Prime Time Challenging 13″ and 14″ PC & LapTop Replacement for Business & Education Market πŸŽπŸŽπŸŽπŸŽ

May 6, 2015

🍎 Apple’s iPad-Pro is their new 12.9″ iPad. It is Ready for Prime Time. iPad Pro will challenge 13″ & 14″ PCs, LapTops, Business, and Education Markets. A 12.9″ Touch-Screen Retina-Display, built as an iPad, will be an outstanding alternative to traditional PCs and Laptops. iPad Pro may very well serve as a PC Replacement.

🍎 Apple iPad-Pro is reported to be designed as a 12.9″ iPad “Retina” high resolution display using the iOS9 system. Recall currently, the traditional iPad Air 2 has a 9.7″ retina-display, and iPad-mini-3 retina display has a 7.9″ display. Apple iPad-Pro, is a the larger iPad sized at 12.9″ directly targeting 13″ and 14″ PC LapTops, Desk PCs, and Education and Business markets.

🍎 Apple iPad-Pro, with its larger 12.9″ display is perfect for academic Text Books used in Schools and Universities, ideal for Business purposes, and as a replacement for the traditional Laptop PC. The iPad Pro is a product rumor, and many in Cyber-Space are touting this New Apple Product, lets call it the iPad Pro, no confirmation from Apple of course.

🍎 Apple has not {and will not} confirm that a larger iPad is in the works. However, we’ve seen many leaked Photos showing the existence of a larger iPad aluminum-shell and display and several iPad Pro cases and covers. Interesting note, the leaked case and cover photos all have the exact same dimensions.

🍎 Admittedly, as part of the rumor-chain, yours truly wrote about this topic two years ago. My writing then was not a product rumor, as the article was written about a “new Apple product” created for my WISH LIST, for my personal work-flow. Folks that follow me are aware that over 95% of everything I do, is done on my iPad Air 2. IF Apple actually delivers a super-charged 12.9″ iPad with a retina display, I’d be in great shape to write my Stores and Edit the images published on my site with its 80,000 readership, combined with my 450,000 Images published on our Image Repository site, with over 26 million visitors

🍎 iPad Pro Specifications. How Apple actually configures the iPad Pro is unknown, as only Apple knows for sure. However, lets assemble some key specifications. To be sure second-guessing Apple is a fool’s game, but Apple has perfected the art of seeding minuscule bits of information to get folks thinking and talking, in anticipation of a new product. The iPad Pro appears to be the next big-thing off Apple’s production line.

🍎 Clearly, a larger iPad would be intended to be focused as a Productivity Machine than as a Content Consumption device, as with the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3 do wonderfully. Not to say that the present day iPads are not productivity devices. But, the added display area combined with added power and speed, will attract another market-segment. The iPad Pro may be the answer to the challenge of Window System mobile PCs that offer productivity and portability. Apple has its comprehensive Eco-Sphere that magically retains a Loyal installed base of a Billion iOS users, coupled with millions of iOS Apps.

🍎 Lets Talk Cannibalization. Apple is keenly aware of competitive pressures and internal product-line cannibalization. In the most recent 6 months, Apple’s iPad mini has lost “market share” to other Apple products… the new iPhone 6 Plus with its 5.5″ display may have taken potential iPad mini sales with its 7.9″ display. iPad mini sales may have also taken some sales from the standard sized iPad Air 2 with its 9.7″ display.

🍎 Taking Internal Cannibalization a bit further, Apple’s new 12″ Macbook computers with its ultra-thin portable design, may experience some pressure when {and if} Apple releases the iPad Pro, with its 12.9″ touch-screen retina display.

🍎 The “balance of iPhone 6 Plus and iPad mini users will eventually Stabilize” due to the display sizes and portability desires. Likewise, the unit sales balance, between the iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, and Macbook buyers, will stabilize to suit the growing demand for portable Communications, Content Consumption, Productivity solutions, and Portability. If it really is the sales of larger phablet-sized iPhone which are hurting iPad sales (and this isn’t the first time we’ve heard this), hopefully the larger 12.9″ iPad Pro released mid-2015, may reverse the iPad decline, by further differentiating the iPad and iPhone product lines.

🍎 In Tim Cook’s own words “…its better better to cannibalize your own products, that to be cannibalized by your Competition…”

🍎 The iPad Pro with more robust Specifications, coupled with a high resolution touch-screen retina display, may very well give the iPad product-line the Boost it needs to build upon a relevant and growing iDevice. We have no doubt that the iPad is here to stay for the foreseeable future. Personally, I will be on-line early for the iPad Pro, as soon as it becomes available.

🍎 The iPad Pro may be a “Game Changer” for the iPad line-up, matching the OSX MacBook lines. However, in common with the biggest iPhone yet, the iPhone 6 Plus, the iPad Pro may take the name iPad Plus rather than iPad Pro. This news comes from Weibo, via GizmoChina, which also leaked some new spec details and images.

🍎 iPad Pro Specifications. The iPad Pro will likely contain the best technology Apple can currently offer. Expect 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, perhaps 256GB storage capabilities, multi-core processor and 2GB of onboard RAM. Typically Apple delivers the Capabilities in a new iPad parallel to the components of Apple’s most recent iPhone release. As the iPhone 6 uses its A8 Chip, the iPad Pro may incorporate an A8X chip containing extra power for added productivity and speed, perhaps 2GH processor speed for image and video editing, a 2K Quad-HD Retina Display, featuring an 11,000mAh battery to power the larger display, processing speed, RAM, and Storage.

🍎 Apple delivering larger 12.9″ display is a perfect size to compete with 13″ and 14″ laptops and many desktop computers, yet maintain the minimalistic footprint, plus if one couples their iPad to a LOGITECH UltraThin bluetooth Keyboard. The result, an ultra-thin, touch-screen “Laptop” whose battery lasts 12-14 hours. Many reviewers fail to mention the utility of the Touch-Screen, whether writing and editing drafts, or internet browsing, the touch display makes these tasks very efficient.

🍎 Think about it, a large display iPad with an amazingly fast full featured new iOS9, relatively inexpensive touch-screen design, coupled with a voluminous inventory of over 1 Million Applications, (the Apps) all optimized for Apple’s dynamic Touch-Screen display. Apple’s history has been to deliver Laptops in various sizes to meet the “Portability” requirements for their users, like 11″, 13″, 15″ and 17″ MacBooks. So it makes common sense that iPads could come in three flavors: 7.9″, 9.7″ and 12.9″ iPads. Perhaps at the WWDC 2015 conference, Apple may Announce the iPad Pro, to spread this new product releases in an earlier calendar Quarter, rather than stacking all the products Announcements and Releases in September and October.

🍎 More Industry sources close to the production supply-line and those familiar with Apple’s product roadmap say that a 12.9″ iPad is in the works for a product that we are calling iPad Pro. Apple is reportedly already talking to potential supply-line manufacturers to create this humungous display which is set to be announced-released perhaps June-July, 2015, probably wishful thinking on my part.

🍎 The New iPad Pro may sport double the resolution of iPad Air 2. Reliable sources say Apple may launch the larger-screen iPad Pro mid-2015. An iPad Pro may launch with a 4K resolution 12.9″ display to hit the market, as the Cupertino-based company updates its product cycle. The current iPad Air 2 with 9.7″ display has 2,048-by-1,536 pixel, or 264 dpi resolution. This display resolution already falls in the 2K category. By definition the Long-Side horizontal resolution of 2000 pixels is referred to 2K, for 2 thousand.

🍎 Chinese Sources said that the iPad Pro may be built with a 4K resolution would likely have a resolution of 4096 x 3072, exactly double the horizontal resolution of iPad Air which is 2,048 pixels. In order to maintain the same “aspect-ratio” of the iPad Air, then the Vertical dimension would also have to be doubled to 3072 pixels. If this occurred, then the new iPad Pro would have 400% more pixels spread within the 12.9″ display. The new iPad Pro is also rumored to sport 397dpi pixel density, compared to the iPad Air’s 264dpi.

🍎 Lets Talk Internal Apple Product Cannibalization. Lets look at iPad Sales and iPhone Sales, and combine them. Notice in the graphic the combined iPad and iPhone units sales. If its true that some folks are buying the iPhone 6 Plus, rather than the iPad mini, at least Apple is consummating a $653 sale at greater margins, rather than a $444 iPad mini sale at a lower ASP and profit margin.

▢️ Lets Compare Apple iPhone and iPad Product sales results for the combined 6 months results, and examine the Y-O-Y results. By combining the iPhone and iPad sales figures, this will tend to eliminate the potential statistical cannibalization effect for the iPad mini and iPhone 6 Plus sales, if this is occurring. We will update these figures for the future quarterly periods as Apple publishes their quarterly reports. Apple does not publish a breakdown for the three iPad models, nor does it breakdown the iPhone model sales figures.

▢️ iPhone and iPad Sales for Q1+Q2 for 2015 = 173,680,000 units sold
▢️ iPhone+iPad Sales for Q1+Q2 for 2014 = 137,129,000 units sold
▢️ iPhone+iPad Sales for Q1+Q2 for Y-O-Y = +36,551,000 increased units sold
▢️ iPhone+iPad Sales increased Y-O-Y basis +26.67% for this period.

🍎 APPLE Please take Note: The one thing that I miss from OSX world, in the iOS8 environment, there is the absence of a real-file system, where one can find, locate, search, and retrieve particular FILE or Image. Presently I have to recall which APP I used to create or edit a file, then I have to return to that particular APP {for example scanning, or PDF file creation} to find the File or Image

🍎 Apple is reportedly is planning to launch a much larger iPad with a higher resolution screen this year, 2015. Sources familiar with the matter told Chinese website “Pad News” that Apple and its Chinese partner Foxconn Technology Co., Ltd are testing 5 different prototypes of 12.9″ iPads. These larger sized iPads may feature 2K and 4K resolutions.

🍎 Apple will likely actively target 13” PC ultrabooks and notebooks, with the iPad Pro, or whatever Apple chooses to name it, by providing the device with better portability, better battery life, and comparable screen real estate for productivity applications.

🍎 Another target for the 12.9” iPad, is the educational market, enabling a beautifully display of digital-textbooks. This bigger display is better suited to replace traditional textbooks, just from a size stand point, and Apple with its supply-line partners, are also developing a new display technologies with less weight and less glare, more suited for use in classrooms.

🍎 Many are now speaking of a 12.9″ iPad, without an Apple ClamShell. Being full of suggestions, so whats next in the pipeline… Lets create a iPad-Pro which would have the appearance similar to the new MAC Book, but that is where the similarly ends.

🍎 This new iPad Pro, is a portable or desktop computing “game changer” as it employs the Apple iOS amazingly efficient operating system; that’s right… NOT an OSX laptop, but an iOS9 operating system platform, housed in a “super-charged” iPad-Pro with a huge, brilliant, high resolution 12.9″.

🍎 Using an exterior similar to the iPad Air 2’s geometric foot-print but larger, the iPad Pro would be a”supercharged iPad” with:

🍎 Touch-Screen Retina-Display, designed to challenge the Post PC traditional 13″ to 14″ LapTop computers

🍎 Apple will leave the ClamShell feature to the After-Marketeers like LOGITECH, CLAMCASE and others.

🍎 The iPad Pro may be thought of as a Cross-Over device, bridging the gap between the traditional Laptop, just as the Apple’s iPad redefined the Tablet in April, 2010. A Cross-Over device is defined as “…the Path one takes on their Journey to Apple…”

🍎 In my humble opinion, Apple gets the message that Computing these days is more to do with Communications than Calculations, knowing the present day PC laptop sales are eroding with the iPad. Folks love the iPad’s Communications, Visuals, Web Browsing, Pictures & Video Viewing capabilities, combined with a very compact, light weight, all day battery design.

🍎 As the transition from the PC to the iPad becomes more profound, the iPad Pro as a super-charged robust iPad, as many more Windows PC’ers may migrate to Apple; Conversly, If you want a more compact device the iPad Air 2’s footprint is perfect, as I presently have with Logitech’s $90 UltraThin Keyboard Cover, discussed in another Article. If you want more horsepower, then the iPad-Pro as described would satisfy this need; want even more power, then the the new 12″ Macbook… Want even more Power, then the MAC Book Pro answers this need…

🍎 Apple’s MAC laptops are designed with 4 Display sizes: 11″, 13″, 15″ and 17″. It is surely reasonable to have the iPad in 3 Display sizes, to serve eveyone’s needs. Apple in April, 2010 Apple released the initial iPad with what Apple believed to be the “Optimal 9.7” Display; Within 24 months the iPad grew to sales of about 50 million iPads/year.

🍎 November, 2012 Apple met the demand for a more-compact iPad Display, when it released the iPad mini; The iPad-mini’s is having incredible success; The iPad Air 2 and the iPad-mini 3 combined sales are about 60 million iPads/year.

🍎 Apple midd-year 2015 may be considering the opportunity of a One-Size-Up to a 12.9″ Display from the original iPad’s 9.7″ Display. After all, once the design of the iPad’s “Internal Electronic Package” is a complete package, however, an evolving package, configuring 3-iPad footprints is a “relatively easy task”… 3-Enclosures, 3-Displays, 3-LiON Batteries, all housing a relatively consistent “Internal Electronic Package.” Leave it to the “After-Market” enterprises to fill in the balance for Covers, Cases, Keyboard Cases…

🍎 Not sure which size iPad or alternative to get for yourself, here is a simple decision-tree to help you along the way.

Lets have a “Super-Charged” iPad…. the iPad-Pro
πŸ”· Hardware Connectivity, Lightning plus a Standard SD Picture Card slot
πŸ”· More Memory say 2 to 4GB
πŸ”· More Storage say 64GB base the storage, 128GB add $100, 256GB add another $100. Memory is inexpensive, so give options
πŸ”· More Connectivity: LTEx, LTE, 4G, 3G, WiFi a/b/g/n/ac bands
πŸ”· More Processing Speed say 2GHz to 3GHz
πŸ”· More Display Real Estate: 12.9″ Touch-Screen Retina Display
πŸ”· More Mathematics & Calculating capacity
πŸ”· More VIDEO processing capacity to the traditional iPad
πŸ”· More Value, Base model priced at $650 which includes 64GB storage, 2GB RAM, A8 Processor at 3GHz, and priced up to $980 for the fully loaded 256GB including LTE/Cellular connectivity
πŸ”· My Plan #1, will be saving for the $980 iPad Pro
πŸ”· My plan #2, may be selling my iPad Air 2, Retina, 128GH, LTE to Gazelle, to help defray the cost of the iPad Pro. OR I may retain the ioPad Air 2 to have a more portable iPad retina, and the much larger iPad Pro for more intense Image and Video Editing, Spreadsheets, simply a portable table-top iPad Pro, adding a bluetooth keyboard.



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