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★ American Idol Season XIV ★ Who Wins ★ We’ve Calculated Who WINS ★ American Season Finale at 8pm ★

May 14, 2015

★ IMHO, this year 2015 Season XIV had the Best Top 10 of all the other 13 seasons. We’ve Applied some Science and Math to Calculate the Winner.

★ When American Idol contestants got down to their Top 5, every one of the contestants are Winners. ★ American Idol Season XIV ★ Who’s The Winner ★ We’ve Calculated Who WINS ★ American Season Finale at 8pm ★

★ American Idol Finale should have been Jax and Clark, but that’s my opinion; however its the opinion of many Recording Artists too. I’ll bet that JAX may be one of the leading Post Idol Record Seller even though she was “only” the 3rd place winner.

★ American Idol has the unique ability to attract young talent, screen through hundreds of thousands of contestants, over 1,500,000 for 14 Seasons of the Show. Each year about 110,000 American hopefuls are auditioned across the USA. This process for the 2016 American Idol Season XV Broadcasts begins Thursday, May 14, 2015 in LA, California at 9am, and continues in 8 major cities until mid-January 2016 when American Idol airs its first Show for the Final 15th Season.

★ American Idol talent-sreening crews audition over 100,000 young (15-29 year olds) in effort to screen the talent down to 250 of those Auditioned, about 30 from each of the Audition City Locations. This unique group of 250 selected by the AI-Auditioners, from all over America are again screened by the Three Idol Judges. Thereafter these 250 Contestants travel to and are housed in Los Angles, over the following 16 weeks, until eliminated, then “Bussed home.”

★ Contestants are singing every day, selected weekly, and trained by the best Musical Talent and Production crews in the Music Industry. Each week the talent-group is selected and screened to a group of 250 that “Goes to Hollywood.” During the following 6 weeks the Top-24 is selected from the top 250. For the next 8 weeks the Top-24 eliminations occur weekly until only TWO remain, for the Finale Show, held in mid-May 2016.

★ AMERICAN IDOL is produced by FremantleMedia North America and 19 Entertainment, a division of Core Media Group. The series was created by Simon Fuller and is executive produced by Simon Fuller, Cecile Frot-Coutaz, Trish Kinane, Per Blankens, Jesse Ignjatovic and Evan Prager.

★ It has been reported that the American Idol results last night, Tuesday’s Show, was in order: CLARK, Nick, JAX, where Nick and JAX were within 0.25% of each other, and CLARK was clearly #1.

★ American Voting is based on the Internet, Text Messaging, and Dial-In Telephone voting, where likely some 75 million votes have been cast last evening commencing 2 hours after the broadcast.

★ As a “Math Guy” my thinking, the Nick followers are voting for Nick no matter what happened last evening; Likewise the CLARK followers are voting for CLARK no matter what.

★ The Big Question: Is not necessarily how these two performed, (really ?) as their followers are very loyal, but it’s HOW (or WHO) the JAX followers will Vote, since their Contestant JAX, that they have been voting for is OUT. Which of the two remaining Contestants has a similar singing style to JAX. Think about it.

★ Last Week, Rayvon was Voted off. The question then was, How will Rayvon’s followers Vote? Who will Rayvon’s loyalists flip to. Which of the remaining then Three Contestants, has a similar Singing Style to Rayvon. My conclusion then, are Rayvon and CLARK more closely aligned in signing styles. Recall I’m more of a scientist than a stylist…

★ As we now know, CLARK likely received more votes from Rayvon’s followers than the other two contestants, as JAX and Nick were very close in results, with CLARK a clear 1st place Winner.

★ Projecting this line of thinking to Last Evening’s Voting, How will JAX’s followers Vote? Is JAX’s singing style more aligned with CLARK or Nick. In my humble opinion, JAX and CLARK would sing beautifully together, while Nick is more of a Screaming-Rocker thru and thru. And since Nick “edged out” JAX, the JAX loyalists will be motivated with revenge in mind, Voting for CLARK. How’s that for a Story-line.

★ American Idol handicapping. If You were predicting Tonight’s broadcast, CLARK may win or loose for THREE Reasons. (A) the CLARK and Nick followers are loyal and have been voting for each for many weeks and, (B) the JAX’s followers: if the JAX followers Vote, those that Vote, are they more likely to vote for CLARK than for Nick? because of their similar singing style. (C) Voting is another variable, if you too were disgusted that JAX was not in the top 2, actually voting is paramount, particularly for the JAX followers.

★ BUT, its all about the Performance. Emotions in Music are stimulated by Crowds Rocking and Swerving with the Music, and NICK can get the Crowd Roaring.

★ In any event, MANY of the TOP 5 American Idol Contestants will likely have great careers if they take advantage of all the training and exposure they received over the past 5 months.

★ American Idol with its 5 months of singing, screening, training, coaching, and choreography, literally “Creates Celebrity” even though many contestants do not actually became Top Place Winners.

★ With Fourteen American Idol Seasons completed as of Today, if we track the Top-5 place-holders, there are 70 top five finalists, many of which will create and continued to enjoy terrific careers. Here are a few of the “Winners” that did not Win the American Idol trophy:

★ Remember Katherine McPhee, she’s already made $5 million post IDOL, singing, movies, TV shows like SMASH, who was the 2nd placer in Season 5; Cannot even remember who won that year… Oh yes, it was Taylor Hicks, the harmonica guy, who is occasionally performing in the Lobby-Bars at Marriott Inns.

★ Adam Lambert, clearly the top singer-performere, also was a 2nd placer in Season 8, however, earning over $5 million, a true star performer-singer.

★ Kellie Pickler earned 6th place in Season 5, earning post-Idol over $6 million thus far with a glorious performing career, now with TV.

★ Jennifer Hudson earned $18 million so far, and was an American Idol 7th place winner in season 3. Jennifer is one of the highest earners of the American Idol contestants, definitely the highest for a 7th place winner.

★ Carrie Underwood Idol’s Season 4 Winner is reported to have earned over $80 million and has won multiple Grammys, a truly stunning career, auditioned by driving hundreds of miles from her parent’s family farm in Checotah, Oklahoma.

★ Kellie Clarkson was American Idol’s First Year’s Broadcast, 1st Place Winner. Kellie has earned over $24 million post-Idol and won a number of Grammys.

★ American Idol “Voting” has not necessarily picked the best Winners nor necessarily garnered Post-Idol careers; however, American Idol has found amazing talent from the smallest communities in the far reaches of rural areas of the USA and from metropolitan areas too.

★ Personally I prefer CLARK who in my opinion has more “range utility” however, NICK gets the Audience Jumping and Swaying which sells music.

★ American Idol Bottom Line. This Entire Idol Production enterprise is all about (A) Finding Talent and (B) Music Sales. For the contestants and the millions in the viewing audience, its all about Voting, and the American Idol Finale Show celebrates the entire process, the Final Three, the Final Two, and the Winner.

★ American Idol Season XIV
★ Who Wins Season XIV Trophy
★ The Top-5 are All Winners
★ American Season Finale Wednesday May 13, 2015, 8:00pm

★ Who did you think should be American Idol’s Winner this year? FOX Broadcast attracted an Audience of over 50 million.

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