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June 27, 2015

Uber Partner App. This App was created by Uber Technologies, the Corporation of UBER. The App is downloadable only to Approved Uber Drivers’ iPhones or Android device. Once the Uber Driver downloads the App, Drivers open the App, the UBER Driver-Partner system, for your first time use, directs you to Verify your Account, by providing the Driver’s ID and Password, the first time only, thereafter the Login is automated, when the App is launched.

Uber Partner App is specially designed only for UBER DRIVERS, not Uber Riders. The Uber Partner App is available by “Invitation Only” from the UBER’s Corporate site upon “approval.” This App is not available on Apple’s App store. This article is written from the perspective of the UBER Partner Driver.

UBER Driver Applicant passed: Screening, Background Checks, Auto Insurance verification, Clear Driving Record, Review of the Auto Registration, Uber’s approval of the Driver’s Vehicle ASE certification… When Uber verifies and approves the documentation, UBER issues a TEXT message directly to the Uber Driver’s iPhone, providing a Link to download the UBER PATNER App directly from UBER’s Corporate offices in California.

Uber Partner App. Once the UBER PARTNER Driver opens the App, UBER’s system requests the Driver to GO ONLINE. By a simple TAP on the blue GO ONLINE bar, the UBER System locates the Uber Driver, and the Uber Driver is displayed as an Available Car that UBER Riders will be able to visualize on their UBER App, within a several mile circle around the Uber Rider looking for a Ride. If the Uber Driver is within several minutes of arrival to the Requesting Rider, the Closest Uber Driver is Notified of the rider’s hail.

Uber Driver App and Uber Rider App. The Uber Driver is hailed on his Driver App, the system makes a Request for the Driver to Accept the Rider’s request. If the Driver does not accept the rider’s hail in 60 seconds, the system looks for the next closest Uber Driver. Once a Driver accepts the rider’s request, the Rider can Visually see the Uber Driver’s map location, and tracks the driver’s route to the Rider using the iPhone’s GPS capability. As the Uber Driver arrives at the Rider’s location, the Uber Driver Taps the ARRIVED button on his App.

A notification is sent to the Rider, stating that the Driver has Arrived. Once the Uber Rider is identified by name and confirmed, the Uber Driver Taps a Button “Commence Ride to Destination.” Typically the Rider initially inputs the destination for the Ride. The Uber Driver’s App gives the Driver turn-by-turn directions to locate the Rider; Once the Ride begins, the Driver App gives turn-by-turn directions to the Driver, to the Rider’s Destination.

UberX Driver’s Gross Compensation Average $1.55/mile, however, net about $1.25/mile, as Uber’s share is 20% of the Driver’s gross. On average for short Rides of 4 to 10 miles the Rider is charged about $2/mile for the Ride. The Uber Driver receives 80% of $2/mile or $1.60/mile driven. For longer destinations of 25 to 50 miles the Rider pays roughly $1.20/mile. UberXL Drivers earn roughly twice that of UberX. See Fee Charts for details.

UberX Driver’s Net-Net $1.00/mile including Fuel Cost, but no maintenance costs are accounted for. Detailing my particular scenario, my Honda Crosstour consumes roughly 15Β’/mile for Fuel only. Since we already own the Car in Warranty, Insurance, Licenses, and giving no deductions for Tires, Wear and Tear, if I net from Uber $1.25/mile and my fuel cost is 15Β’/mile, then we’re receiving about $1.10/mile net of Fuel cost; lets round down another 10Β’/mile for down-time, to $1.00/mile. Simple, Drive 125 miles/Day (assume 5-hour Driving Day) and earn supplemental income of $125/Day, not accounting for Auto Maintenance or Tires.

Personal Opinion. If you already own a late model UberX qualified car, and want to earn some supplemental income, using your spare time to be a Uber Driver to earn some extra Cash, UBER may be something to consider. However, to buy or lease a vehicle, obtain insurance, maintenance, license tags, etc, Earning $1.00/mile makes no sense whatsoever, IMHO.

UBER Partner App. If you want to GO ONLINE as a Uber Driver AVAILABLE to be Hailed by a requesting Rider, DRIVERS simply open the App, TAP onto the blue GO ONLINE Bar, then the System confirms your Location, and the Driver is Live and OnLine for all potential Uber App Riders to “see.” The beautiful part of the Uber System is the requesting Rider waits only several minutes for an available Uber Driver.

Uber Busy times are from 7am to 11am, and 4pm to 7pm in the evening, plus 9pm to 11:30pm on weekends.

UberX is an inexpensive Ride. The cost of the Ride is automated by the UBER System, and is determined by the type of CAR, the Miles Driven, and the Time of the Trip, and Tolls if any. Everything about the RIDE transaction is Automated, including your Payment when you Arrive at your destination. No Cash needed, except if you want to TIP the Driver, which is not necessary, however appreciated.

Uber, upon arrival at your destination your UBER Private Driver, with his iPhone Uber Partner App, slides the ARRIVAL button to the Right, indicating the trip is complete, the FARE is Computed and displayed the RIDER’s iPhone. The Uber Rider confirms the Charge, selects Five Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ {hopefully} and the Rider, is Good to exit the Car, collecting their possessions, luggage, etc. The Driver should make sure all the Rider’s possessions are collected before departing.

Uber Experiences. The Uber Ride is really surprisingly nice. The Uber Partner’s Cars are super clean, odor free, late-model fully inspected vehicles, plus the Uber Drivers are motivated to give great service, as there is a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️, 5-Star rating offered by the Passengers when they Pay; and similarly a 5-Star rating by the Uber-Driver is awarded to the Passenger.

Personally, I was surprised with the quality of the Uber Passengers, FAU students, Private School Students, Folks traveling to Italy needing a Ride to the Airport, Apartment dwellers in the City of Boca Raton, riding to Publix to grocery shop, a Housewife whose Car is at Service needing a Ride home because of a 2-Day repair, a Restaurant manager Riding home for a mid-day nap between shifts, a disabled businessman needing a ride to a Client’s office…

Uber Rides are roughly 25% to 30% less expensive than a typical TAXI Commercial services, plus the Uber RIDE arrives for the pickup within 2 to 5 minutes, where a TAXI may arrive in 20 to 25 minutes, or not arrive at all. These estimates were offered by my Uber Riders when I “interviewed” each for this article.

UBER’s system is a very efficient and provides an easy method to connect to Your own Personal Driver, hailing a Ride, and payment in a CASH-less environment with your Credit Card. Tipping is not required, however, Uber Drivers may accept cash tips.

UBER cities. There are hundreds of Uber Cities that provides this service. If you’re looking for, and need a private driver, you can find one with the UBER App. The Uber App will locate and request a Uber Driver as well as let the Uber Driver know exactly where you are located to pick you up.

Uber Riders. You’re able to pinpoint a location of the Uber Driver, so there is no wasted time for the Driver looking to find you. Upon arrival at your destination, you finish the ride by “charging” the fare right to your credit card that you “registered” into your Personal Uber Account, linked to your iPhone. That means you don’t need the physical plastic card with you.

Uber Riders will be emailed a detailed receipts, plus Riders and Drivers will each be able to view their history in their respective Apps.

Uber Riders. When it comes to requesting a Uber RIDE you may choose from three Cars: uberX (standard 4-door sedan), uberXL (6-seat SUV), and uber SELECT (high value Cars such as Mercedes, BMW or LEXUS). You’ll be able to view a Fare-Estimate, and if you received a “Promotion” Code, you may enter it. Uber Drivers register their Car[s], and based on the Vehicle ID Number, UBER determines whether your is uberX, uberXL or uberSELECT.

Uber App. We’ve found UBER system to be very simple and easy-to-navigate App. The App gives you all the details you need about hailing for the Ride, actually seeing your Uber Driver as he/she travels to your Location, and walks you through the entire process keeping you in the loop until you Arrive and 5-Star your Driver.

UBER Driver Background Checks. Every UBER Driver in the USA is thoroughly screened and background investigated with a multi-step process that includes County, State, Federal, and multi-State Criminal Background checks, that reach back in date, as far as the Driver’s State Law allows, plus ongoing review of the Uber Drivers’ motor vehicle records throughout the UBER Driver’s time driving as a “Uber Partner.” In south Florida, Palm Beach County for example, requires that UBER Driver’s automobiles are Checked annually with a comprehensive 33-point inspection performed by an ASE Certified Technician.

UBER Driver. In effort to verify the facts in this article, I became a Uber Driver, submitted my personal information for UBER’s thorough background investigations that required about three weeks to complete. I also submitted my HONDA automobile inspected by a Certified ASE automotive mechanic, required annually, evidence of Automobile Insurance, a copy of the Vehicle’s Registration.

Riders should be impressed and comforted with the thoroughness of UBER’s investigative process for their Drivers. Uber Driver candidates may check a BOX that on the Investigative Reporting forms, such that the candidate receives all the investigative reporting results, that is discovered in the Public Records and the Criminal Background Checks. Roughly weekly for three weeks, I received email updates on UBER’s investigative process.

As a UBER Driver, giving a number of rides in south Florida, I had many conversations with the Riders, asking them if they liked the UBER experience, the time required for the Uber Driver to arrive, did they like the Drivers, did they like the Cars, the Price of the Ride, etc. In sum, all those that I’ve “interviewed” were thoroughly pleased with the entire UBER Experience, and were impressed with the Clean Cars, and the excellent Uber Drivers. BTW, the Washington Post conducted an extensive survey recently and determined that nearly 50% of the UBER Drivers have College Degrees.

UBER. Make good money driving as a Uber Partner, you may love it like the other 200,000 Uber Drivers world-wide. Get details with this link: When you click onto this link, the image below is a copy of the Uber Form to begin your Enrollment process.

UBER Riders should be comforted with the extensive effort UBER employs to screen all their UBER Driver Partners initially and on an ongoing basis.

UBER has 162,037 Active Drivers in the US. The Washington Post completed an analysis that revealed in January, 2015 that the size of Uber’s Driver pool in the United States and the rapid rate at which it’s expanding, accounted for 162,037 Active Drivers that completed at least four or more trips for the service as of December, 2014. The number of new Uber drivers signing up has doubled every six months for the past two years.

Uber has grown into a tech giant valued by investors at more than $40 billion, and has become something of an economic Rorschach test. Some see in it the hopeful future of work in a digital age, where almost anyone with a car with a clear-background check, (or a home, or a service to offer) can be his own boss, choosing hours and determining income with a flexibility that makes other pursuits β€” like raising children or going back to school β€” more feasible.

Make great money driving with Uber, you may love it too. Get details with this link:

UBER App is compatible: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPod touch (3rd generation and above), all iPads using iOS 5.0 through iOS 8.4

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