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SodaStream – Re-Fill the SodaStream CO2 Cylinders Yourself – This Kit Does the Trick – Reduces Carbonating Cost to $3/refill from $30/refill – the entire Fill-Station Kit Pays for itself in about 7 months πŸ’§πŸ’¦πŸ’§πŸ’¦πŸ’§πŸ’¦πŸ’§πŸ’¦

July 26, 2015

🌐 SodaStream Revolution is the first push-button, automatic SodaStream, home soda maker, that offers breakthroughs in both function, design, and simplicity. SodaStream Revolution model features a one-touch activation providing a Four-Button panel for choosing several carbonation levels (low, medium, high, turbo), a lighted LED display, indicating carbonation progress and a CO2 Cylinder status-gauge showing how much CO2 is remaining in the cylinder.

🌐 Given, the SodaStream Revolution is an outstanding household and office appliance. However, the cost of refilling the SodaStream CO2 is $15/refill for the 14oz/60L Cylinder or $30/refill for the 33oz/130L Cylinder. Typically the consumer returns to the authorized retailer such as Bed Bath and Beyond (BB&B), to exchange ones empty SodaStream CO2 cylinder for a Full Cylinder. In Boca Raton BB&B has an inventory of both sizes of pre Re-Filled Cylinders used to exchange with customers needing refills.

🌐 SodaStream. You can re-Fill the CO2 Cylinders Yourself. This Kit Does the Trick and reduces the Carbonating Cost to 2’/Liter from 23’/Liter. This system pays for itself in about 7 months

🌐 SodaStream Fill Station uses a standard 20 pound commercial cylinder with syphon tube, as the supply donor tank ($105) fitted with FillStation-II valve assembly ($100) connected through a flexible 3000psi coiled hose, which is attached to the Filling connector $35. Total kit $240. Sounds like a lot of money to refill SodaStream CO2 cylinders. However, since SodaStream dealers charge $30 to refill SodaStream 33oz cylinders this too is expensive. In sum I can refill 9 SodaStream 33oz cylinders ($2.75/refill) for the cost of $25 which is the refill cost for my 20 pound commercial soda-fountain cylinder.

🌐 SodaStream Fill Station costs $240 and the cost savings of the SodaStream cylinder is $30 less $2.75 equals $27.25/refill. Dividing the Fill Station cost of $240 by $27.25 equals 8.8, say 9 refills to fully reimburse the Fill Station Kit cost. Then in Month 10, the refilling cost of the SodaStream cylinder is $2.75/refill rather than $30/refill, with the convenience of refilling in our home rather than having to drive to a SodaStream dealer (for us 5 miles away) for refills. Since we consume the 33oz CO2 cylinder each month, every 9 months I have to treck to our local CO2 distributor (HydroStat) to refill our 20 pound Donor Cylinder, refills for 20 pounds of liquid CO2 cost $25/20 pound refill. Recall SodaStream charges $30/2 pound refill.

🌐 SodaStream Fill Station can be assembled for a lower cost: SodaStream Fill Station may also use standard 10 pound commercial cylinder with syphon tube, as the supply donor tank ($65) fitted with FillStation-II valve assembly ($100) connected through a flexible 3000psi coiled hose, which is attached to the supplied Filling connector. Total kit $165. Sounds like a lot of money to refill SodaStream CO2 cylinders; however, after 6 months this kit pays for itself, then refilling costs/cylinder is $2.75 instead of $30 for the large 33oz cylinder or $1.40/refill instead of $15/refill at the local SodaStream cylinder.

View this demonstration of the Fill Station kit reFilling a standard SodaStream 33oz Cylinder:

🌐 SodaStream Revolution is a wonderful, often used kitchen Appliance that we use many time each day creating a variety of “sparkling beverages.” Since the SodaStream Revolution houses the larger 33oz/130L Cylinder, the re-fill cost is $30. I found myself traveling several miles every 25 days to BB&B for CO2 refills of for the recyclable 33oz Cylinder exchange program.

🌐 BTW the meaning of this 33oz/130L Cylinder designation is: the Cylinder holds when full 33 ounces of liquid CO2 by weight, and the Cylinder will typically carbonate 130L (Liters by volume) of water on average. Recall One Liter (1.0L) of water equates to 33.81 fluid ounces of water.

🌐 So What’s the SodaStream Carbonation Facts. Given that SodaStream is a wonderful, often used kitchen Appliance, including the CO2 re-fill cost, IMHO. The carbonizing cost, the cost to refill at BB&B to make your water become sparkling with CO2, is calculated as follows:

🎯 Each 33oz/130L Cylinder will carbonate 130 liters or 4,395oz water, or 366 standard 12oz Soda Cans
🎯 Each 33oz/130L Cylinder will carbonate the equivalent of 366 cans of soda containing 12oz
🎯 Carbonation refill for the 130L CO2 cylinder costs $30 at BB&B
🎯 SodaStream’s cost to carbonate each 12oz serving of home-made, unflavored Soda Water equals 8.2Β’ per 12oz serving
🎯 Cost to purchase 12oz Cans of Soda Water average 60’/can

🌐 So What’s the True Comparative Costs associated with SodaStream Carbonation Let’s take a moment to investigate the Soda Water Carbonation Industry and compare it to the cost of CO2 available in the Soda-Fountain industry to the SodaStream re-Fill cost. In south Florida most of the restaurants use 10 pound or 20 pound CO2 Cylinders that are re-Filled utilizing a local CO2 delivery service.

🌐 Weekly or so the CO2 Delivery Service will check the CO2 levels of the restaurant’s Cylinders, replacing all empty Cylinders with pre-Filled Cylinders. The restaurant’s Service Bar will have one or more soda-service-guns that dispense carbonated Coke, Diet Coke, Tonic, Soda Water, where the Carbonated Water is mixed with these Syrups as they pass through the Soda-Guns. The Restaurants and Bars pay the CO2 Gasses delivery service $25 to refill each 20 pound Cylinder of liquid CO2.

Compare the CO2 cost buying refills at BB&B and the CO2 refills bought through the Restaurant CO2 Gasses supplier. Apologies for all the math in setting up the viability for a solution.

🎯 $30 cost through SodaStream authorized resellers for their 33oz Cylinders or
🎯 $15 for SodaStream 14.5oz Cylinders
🎯 Convert the SodaStream CO2 cost to Cost/Pound of CO2
🎯 33oz Cylinder equates to 2.063 pounds of CO2
🎯 Cost per Pound for CO2 at BB&B equates to roughly $14.50/pound CO2
🎯 CO2 Gasses delivery service charges $25 to refill each 20 pound Cylinder of CO2
🎯 Cost per Pound of CO2 for a 20 pound Cylinder is $25/20# equates to
🎯 $1.25/pound CO2
🎯 SodaStream re-Fill at $14.50/pound
🎯 SodaStream is charging $12.75/pound more than market CO2 price
🎯 SodaStream is 11.6 times More Expensive than the CO2 market
🎯 SodaStream CO2 cost to Carbonate each 12oz serving is $30/366 servings = 8.2’/12oz serving
🎯 Market CO2 cost to Carbonate each 12oz serving is $25/3548 servings = 0.7’/12oz serving
🎯 SodaStream usage is 13 SodaStream 33oz/130L Cylinders
🎯 $390 SodaStream cost for CO2 annually equals 13x$30 = $390/Year
🎯 $33 Retail Market cost for CO2 annually equals 13x33x0.0781’ = $33/Year
🎯 $357 Cost Saving using Retail CO2 vs SodaStream CO2 = $390-$33 = 357

Comparing the CO2 cost buying refills at BB&B and the CO2 refills bought through the Restaurant CO2 Gasses supplier there will be $357 saved buying CO2 through traditional Retail/Restaurant suppliers rather than through authorized SodaStream reFillers.

Solution, Can we build a simple personal CO2 reFilling rig to replace CO2 monthly into our SodaStream Cylinder, now that we know there is an incentive of $357 in annual savings. Here is the Plan and the Components.

🎯 CO2 is an enterprise in located in Denison, Texas which cures the SodaStream CO2 refill blues! Its products has been saving SodaStream Soda Machine owners lots of cash since 2007 with their innovative products. You can Stop your dependency on Sodastreamβ„’ for CO2 Refills and stop paying top dollar, about $14.50/pound for CO2 that should cost $1.25/pound. Math is above.

🎯 The Goal is to save you lots of money by eliminating your dependency on SodaStream’s CO2 Refill Monopoly. With the CO2Doctor’s products you can refill your 60L or 130L Carbonator CO2 cylinders for one-tenth the cost, the $15 or $30 that SodaStream presently charges, June, 2014.

🎯 With the FreedomValve, a Cylinder replacement valve for the 60L and 130L Carbonator Tanks, rendering the SodaStream cylinders commercially refillable.

🎯 First Step. The plan requires that you have some handy-man skills in fixing things around your dwelling or office. That said, the plan is to firstly remove the existing brass valve from an Empty SodaStreamβ„’ CO2 cylinder (notice the Flattened Valve Pin) and replace it with the FreedomValve (whose Valve Pin is shaped like a rod-like-pin). This Valve new pin-assembly is necessary as SodaStream has installed a proprietary flattened-valve assembly that makes it very difficult for commercial refill of SodaStream cylinders. Installing the FreedomValve virtually eliminates this obstruction to commercial refilling.

🎯 Second Step. Obtain a 10 pound, 15 pound or 20 pound Aluminum CO2 Cylinder that has a Syphon-Tube pre-installed within the cylinder. The price of these Cylinders are about $65, $85, $105 respectively. I choose the larger 20 pound cylinder as this would hold sufficient CO2 for 9 to 10 months of SodaStream CO2 usage. The 20 pound cylinder measures 30″ tall and 8″ in diameter and weighs 25 pounds empty, and 45 pounds when filled with CO2. The 15 pound cylinder measures 27″ tall and is 7″ in diameter. The 10 pound cylinder measures 20″ tall and 7″ in diameter. Either of these three cylinder alternatives fits into a typical utility room or garage.

🎯 Third Step. Acquire one of the Filling Station solutions that the CO2 Doctor offers on its internet site. This is the site address and page for ordering the FillStationPro-II which is a $99 Kit that includes the three components to reFill your SodaStream cylinder, recalling that you have already replace the SodaStream cylinder flat-pin valve with the $29 Freedom Valve.

🎯 In sum the Components and Costs are as follows
🎯 FreedomValve installed on your SodaStream cylinder $29
🎯 CO2 Master Cylinder, the Donor Tank, lets pick the 10 pound cylinder, $65
🎯 FillStationPro-II filling kit from CO2 Doctor priced at $99
🎯 Total Filling station package, Tank, Valve, FillStation kit = $193

🎯 Therefore, if you have the appetite and talent to take on this CO2 filling station project, the savings in the CO2 reFilling will repay this entire assembly in 6 months to 8 months depending on the size of the CO2 tank that is purchased. After this initial investment is repaid with the savings, your CO2 reFill cost reduces to one-tenth (1/10) of what one pays to SodaStream retailers, simply $2.57 is a lot cheeper than $30 CO2 refill at at BB&B.

🎯 The CO2 Doctor has taken the time and effort to produce a set of operating instructions for using their FillStationPro-II kit. The link for these directions is presented here, followed by an abstract shown here.

🎯 By following these simple instructions you will start to benefit from the cost savings of filling your own Soda-Club ALCO2JET Carbonator Tanks. Following these instructions will result in a safe and effective product installation and use, so please follow each step as carefully detailed in these photos. FillStationPro-IIβ„’ comes with a CGA-320 Tank Seal Washer.

🎯 CO2 is very harsh on all seals and o-rings. Please maintain these by applying a thin film of oil on all seal and o-ring surfaces. You can use regular cooking oil or the we offer on our Ordering Page. O-Ring or Seal wear and tear or drying is NOT covered as a warranty item since they are considered normal wear items.

🎯 This is a list of what you will need for the installation and filling of your CO2 Bottles. A full 10 pound, 15 pound, or 20 pound “Siphon Type” CO2 Carbon Dioxide Tank (Donor Tank) with a standard CGA-320 Valve and Threaded Outlet. FillStationPro-IIβ„’. Flat CO2 Supply Tank Washer included with the kit (attached to brass CO2 tank fitting). Adjustable Wrench. Safety Goggles. Hanging Scale suitable for accurate Weight Measurement (included in kit). Chilled Empty Soda-Club SodaStream 60L or 130L Carbonator Cylinder.

🌐 Although this project may be challenging for many, with a readership of over 55,000 there may be folks that are interested in SodaStream home carbonation, and optimizing the cost of the CO2.

Below is the SodaStream Revolution Article published June 23, 2014

🌐 SodaStream “Revolution” has a Snap-Lock mechanism for easy bottle insertion and removal. SodaStream converts cold water into sparkling water. Its best to use bottled purified water for best flavor (rather than tap-water).

🌐 Want to Save Money, reFill SodaStream Cylinders Yourself. This article describes the assembly of a $225 Kit that does the Trick. Carbonate your own Bottled Water for Homemade Beverages – Reduces Carbonating Cost to 2Β’/Liter from 23Β’/Liter. This system Pays for itself in about 8 months. However, you need to be a bit mechanically oriented, household handyman.

🌐 Once the water is “carbonated” (“sparkling”) you may then add one of 50 soda-syrups available in the USA, and over 100 soda-syrups available in the globally, making your favorite soda in seconds, with the SodaStream Revolution home soda maker. You can also squeeze 1/8th of a fresh lemon, lime, or orange slice, added into the carbonated water for a refreshing anytime beverage.

🌐 Carbonate only Purified Water. Do Not add any syrups or flavorings to the purified-water, before carbonating. Otherwise it will create a huge overflowing fizzy mess on your countertop.

🌐 Here are several video-clips, links below, that will give you a glimpse of the Revolution model by SodaStream, and how home-carbonation may be useful in your home or office.

🌐 SodaStream will make your Soda at your Counter Top. Carbonate your own Bottled Water for Amazing Homemade Beverages. Carbonating Cost equates to about 8’ 12oz Serving or 23’/Liter, then Add a Squeeze of Lemon or Lime, or your favorite syrups.

🌐 We selected the Revolution Model as it is one of the few models by SodaStream that permits use of the either the 14.5 oz 60L CO2 Cylinder (supplied with the kit) or the $50 optional 33 oz / 130L CO2 Cylinder carbonator. We use the 33 oz / 130L CO2 Cylinder exclusively and with our daily usage requires refilling about every 30 days. The image below shows the two cylinder sizes that are available for the SocaStream Revolution.

Below is a summary of the features of the SodaStream Revolution:

🌐 Provides a choice of carbonation levels (low, medium, high, turbo)
🌐 LED display indicates carbonation progress and CO2 usage status
🌐 Snap-lock mechanism for easy bottle insertion and removal
🌐 Does away with lugging, storing and disposing of sparkling water and soda bottles and cans
🌐 Easily fits on any counter and makes a suitable addition for even the smallest kitchens
🌐 Starter kit includes home soda maker, one re-Filable 14.5 oz / 60L CO2 carbonator, one reusable 1-liter BPA free carbonating bottle plus a Sodamix Taste Sampler (6 flavors)
🌐 Compatible with either the 14.5 oz./60L and 33 oz./130L carbonator cylinders
🌐 Wipe clean exterior
🌐 Measures 5.5″L x 10.5″W x 17″H
🌐 Limited Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
🌐 Revolution Model# 1019111015
🌐 Revolution Model is priced around US$150
🌐 SodaStream 14.5 oz 60L CO2 Cylinder Refill Cost $15
🌐 SodaStream 33.0 oz 130L CO2 Cylinder Refill Cost $30

🌐 SodaStream is the maker of a consumer home carbonation product. The device, like a soda syphon, carbonates water by adding carbon dioxide from a pressurized cylinder to create soda water (or carbonated water) for drinking. The company also sells more than 100 types of concentrated syrups and flavorings to make carbonated drinks.

🌐 SodaStream each year provides 1.5 billion liters of home-made soda to millions of homes worldwide, making SodaStream one of the largest beverage companies in the world. SodaStream began introducing innovative solutions to the beverage market in 1903 with a system that enabled consumers to carbonate water at home.

🌐 SodaStream over the past century, has continued to grow and innovate with an intellectual property portfolio that includes 65 patents and 198 trademark registrations worldwide. Leading the market in technological advancements and quality products, the SodaStream system enables you to carbonate water, add flavor, and enjoy quality, better-for-you soda at home, just the way you like it.

🌐 SodaStream is the world’s largest manufacturer, distributor, and marketer of home carbonation systems with SodaStream machines being sold in over 60,000 retail stores, in 45 countries worldwide.

🌐 Today, SodaStream is leading a revolution against bottled and canned beverages, providing consumers with a “better-for-you” and “better-for-the-planet” alternatives to store-bought soda.

🌐 SodaStream History. The company merged with Soda-Club in 1998, it was relaunched with an emphasis on healthier drinks. It went public on the Nasdaq stock exchange in November 2010. SodaStream is currently headquartered in Lod, Israel, and has 13 production plants; its principal manufacturing facility is located in the West Bank settlement of Ma’ale Adumim.

🌐 The SodaStream drinksmaker is a device that forces carbon dioxide (CO2) gas (stored under pressure of 800 psi, in a reusable cylinder) into water, making it fizzy. The product includes a machine, a carbon dioxide cylinder, and one or more reusable beverage bottles. The bottle, filled with water, is attached onto the machine, and with a button push or two, compressed CO2 from the cylinder is injected, creating carbonated water. About 100 Varieties of concentrated syrups are available globally, to create regular or diet soft drinks by adding a small amount of concentrate, about an ounce or so, into the bottle after carbonation, not before.

🌐 Originally the company operated as a subsidiary of W & A Gilbey, Ltd. In 1985, after various changes of ownership, SodaStream became a wholly owned subsidiary of Cadbury Schweppes, although it operated as an autonomous business within the group. In 1998 SodaStream was bought by Soda-Club, an Israeli company founded in 1991 by Peter Wiseburgh, who from 1978 to 1991 had been Israel’s exclusive distributor for SodaStream, creating the world’s largest home carbonation systems supplier.

🌐 In 2003 Soda-Club closed the SodaStream factory in Peterborough, moving the company’s gas cylinder refilling and refurbishment department to Germany. Under the ownership of Soda-Club, and with CEO Daniel Birnbaum at the helm since 2007, the brand has been relaunched in many markets, with new machines and new flavors available in 41 countries around the world.

🌐 In 2012 SodaStream teamed with Yves BΓ©har to introduce SodaStream Source, a line of soda machines designed with a special emphasis on sustainability. BΓ©har’s design earned SodaStream a Good Housekeeping Institute seal of approval in 2013.

🌐 SodaStream – Next Article – How to Save Money Refilling the CO2 Cylinders. Currently SodaStream users are faced with returning to their SodaStream authorized retailer (such as Bed Bath & Beyond) to trade-in the Cylinder that was packaged with the SodaStream Kit, for a CO2 Cylinder Refill. The Cost is currently $15 to refill the 60L Cylinder or $30 to refill the 130L Cylinder. We have a Long Term Solution to reduce the CO2 refill cost to $1 for small cylinder or $2 for the large cylinder.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this mechanism. It does seem preferable to the regular cost of the default kit. I think my family and I drink enough soda that we would indeed break even after a while. I’ll consider doing the same myself!

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