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Have You had Your Isagenix Shake Today ~ Lets Get Back to the Business of Taking Care of Yourself TODAY ★★★★★★★

July 27, 2015

Have You had Your Isagenix Shake Today. Holidays are Over… Lets get back to the Business of taking Care of Yourself TODAY. Try the Natural Vanilla and Chocolate IsaLean Pro shake flavors. Both flavors of IsaLean Pro are better than ever. Packaged in a Box of 14 convenient single-serving packets. You can now enjoy a megadose of the highest quality of unDenatured whey protein in Natural Chocolate, French Vanilla, Natural Vanilla, and a Dairy-Free shake formulation, Natural Berry Harvest.

What’s the difference: Only the flavor. Enjoy the cinnamon-tinged flavor of French Vanilla or savor the sweetness of Natural Vanilla; either way, you’re enjoying the best, power-packed shake on the planet.

Suggestion, to add some variety to your “Shake Regimen” add a few Grapes, or Blueberries, or Strawberries, or Raspberries, an 1″ of banana, or an Apple slice… into the blender along with the Isagenix shake powder. The fruit will add about 15 calories to the shake-meal, not a significant factor, as its more important to take the shakes every day by adding some variety, than to get bored with only several flavors.

According to your taste using the Vanilla flavor shake may be best for blending with fruits. To assure the fruit is blended fully I combine the fruit pieces, and a few ice cubes with 8oz of water and blend this briefly for 10 seconds, then open the blender, add the Isagenix Shake powder, and Blend again for another 20 to 25 seconds. This produces a wonderful flavorful variety while taking your every-morning meal replacement.

From the beginning, Isagenix has pioneered the safest, most effective natural products on the market—and we have the results to prove it. Our whole-body approach to health and wellness is revolutionizing the industry and Isagenix is a 12 year old multi-billion dollar company.

Creating exceptional nutritional products that make a positive difference in millions of people’s lives is a very complex process. Master Formulator John W. Anderson and our Research and Development Team actively nurture collaborative relationships with experts from diverse disciplines to stay abreast of ever-evolving nutritional science. They are constantly consulting academic experts and medical professionals to create no-compromise products with the utmost of efficacy.

Each Pack of Isagenix IsaLean Pro shake, which gives you a delicious high-protein Meal. A complete Ultra-High protein Meal, perfectly balanced formula, containing
✔️ 36 grams of unDenatured Protein
✔️ 6 grams of Dietary Fiber
✔️ 23 Vitamins and Minerals to assure maximum absorption
✔️ 21gm Carbohydrates and
✔️ 6gm total Fats
✔️ 460mg Potassium
✔️ Active enzymes to aid digestion
✔️ Gluten Free
✔️ Soy Free
✔️ Low Glycemic formulation.

The Isagenix Magic for weight-loss, is to take two IsaLean Shakes, replacing two of your three meals. Drink lots of water, like eight 8oz glasses of water/day. Have the pleasure of eating One normally balanced 640 Calorie meal of your choice, at home or at your favorite restaurant. Each IsaLean Pro shakes has 280 Calories. Therefore your three-meals per day regimen, with two shakes:

Calorie Count for 3-meals: 280+280+640=1200 Calories/Day

Quinoa Salad with Black Beans and Veggies as pictured is one of our favorites, which contains 230 Calories per 1 Cup serving. I ordered Quinoa for lunch today at my favorite Café, Saquella. Later in the Day I will have my 2nd IsaLean shake, leaving 310 Calories for a Glass or two of Prosecco Sparkling Wine (100 Calories/glass) and a light Snack, for example an Isagenix’s Fiber Bar, 150 Calories.

Remember to “exercise.” Many folks do not have time to join a Gym, but walking is a great exercise to maintain one’s Metabolism. There is a terrific App called MOVES, which counts your Steps while walking during the day, and has the ability to suspend counting when riding in a Car, Bus or Train. Pressing the Green Circle translates the 7,684 steps to Calories burned, Miles walked, and Hours walked. Maintains Weekly and Monthly totals to keep you motivated to WALK…

If you’d like to go to my Isagenix site, and learn all about Isagenix products, order products directly from this site, or to make Isagenix a source for your health needs, or to join Isagenix as an independent business for you, this is the Link:

Interested in the world famous Isagenix Shakes, but need a Dairy-Free formula, Isagenix has the answer with their Natural Berry Harvest Shake. If you have religious food requirements there is a KOSHER formulation also.

Where can you possibly buy a Completely Balanced High Protein Meal for only $3.57/Meal. For example there are
(A) 36 grams of protein in one Isagenix IsaLean Pro shake: $3.57/each
(B) 4.39 grams of protein in one whole farm fresh egg: $2.00/each
(C) 29 grams of protein in a 12 oz steak: $18.00
(D) Each Isagenix IsaLean Pro shake gives you the equivalent of 8 eggs ($16) or a 14.4 oz Steak ($22), and the cooked-protein is denatured, meaning the protein has been cooked; When protein is cooked, a meaningful portion of the cooked protein cannot be digested.

As to cost IsaLean Pro is $49.95 for a 14 meal Box for Associates, Members, which is inexpensive to join. If you don’t want to join our team the retail price is $65.95 for the 14 packet Box.

Notice the graphic which shows the various current products and their 2014 pricing. If you’d like to download the informative 2014 Isagenix Product brochure, below is a link to my DropBox for you to conveniently obtain this beautifully produced Brochure. At the back of the booklet are detail product ingredients and the 2014 price list:

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An early adopter of digital photography and with 3 decades of imaging experience, and very interested in the application of digital imaging technologies for the law enforcement community, including crime scene and evidence documentation, enhancement to support criminal investigation, and court room testimony.

My new writing project is titled, “Principles of Forensic Digital Photography and Post Image Processing, Encryption and Authentication,” a comprehensive digital imaging reference for law enforcement, agency officials, crime lab directors, crime scene processors, officers of the court, and students of criminal justice. Development of this book requires careful examination of the technologies, optics, hardware, software, coupled with discipline-specific and environmental nuances in order to serve the target-markets.

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As many of my friends, family and students know, I am an avid iPad adopter since its release April, 2010. With Apple’s release of the Retina-Display iPad Mini, (I sold my iPad 4 to applied the proceeds to purchase the “mini” with 128GB of Storage, AT&T connectivity, plus added Logitech’s UltraThin Keyboard Cover, and an ACME MADE San Francisco rubberized thin slip-over protective case. This thin package actually fits into my trousers pocket.

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    Great job!!! I did get the iphone 6 and am enjoying it. Thanks for your advice!!!

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