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🚘 iCar is Apple’s Future Car 🚘 Apple’s Huge base of Engineers Working on Project Code Name “Titan” 🚘🚘🚘🚘🚘🚘🚘

August 5, 2015

🚘 Think of the possibilities. Apple may be building an Electric Vehicle prototype, Apple may call it “iCar“. An electric vehicle may be considered outside the company’s core products; However, the iCar is an adventure Apple Executives are very interested in Designing and Engineering.

πŸ“±πŸ“± Recall in January, 2007 Apple introduced its first iPhone. Critics Screaming…. “Apple was treading outside its core products.” These critics are hiding under their desks or have selective amnesia, as 750 Million iPhones have been Sold, with strong sales of 250 Million iPhones/year

πŸ“±πŸ“± iPhone is Now one of Apple’s Significant Core Products, after crushing a crowded field of smartphones. Think about it, by this time next year Apple would have sold over 1 Billion iPhones.

ο£ΏWatch has been available for 6 weeks, with Apple is struggling to keep up with the Strong Demand, which happens with all newly-released Apple products. Sales presently, first week of June are reported to be running at over 30,000 ο£ΏWatch/Day on-line sales, and growing. Note, ο£ΏWatch is not yet available in Apple retail stores, until the last week in June, 2015. Keeping up with Demand is an exciting problem to have. In perspective, the entire smartwatch industry sold about 4.5 million units for the entire year of 2014. ο£ΏWatch sold over 7 Million units in its first 30 Days. Initial sales total about 3 Million ο£ΏWatch units in the first week. ο£ΏWatch will surely become one of Apple’s Core Products in a year or two. What’s Next from Apple, creating another Apple Core Product, the iCar

🚘 Steve Jobs in 2010, and Apple’s key Executives presently, are enamored with the prospects of an iCar in Apple’s future, as is Tim Cook and coincidentally many shareholders. After all, Apple is a premier technology-company with lots of cash to explore this type of massive undertaking.

🚘 Marilyn and I visited the TESLA retail store at the Boca Raton Town Center Mall several weeks ago, directly across from the Apple Store. On the showroom floor there were several Model S cars, one in Red and one in Black, and the third Model S displayed was 1/3rd built showing the wheels, the suspension, the rear-motor and AC/DC Inverter, and the Battery cabinet covering the entire bottom floor-board of the body’s frame. Looking at the “craftsmanship” I mentioned that the attention to detail reminded me of how Apple would design and assemble a Car.

🚘 Test driving the Tesla Model S was a very startling experience. One of the most notable, was “starting” the Model S with total Ambient Silence. The radio played quiet classical background music, a few audibles from the automobile’s system-checks, but no “Engine-noise” or vibration. It was if the Car was Not On whatsoever. Once getting used to being enclosed in a relatively sound-proof Car, foot on the brake, looking around for other vehicles and traffic, placing the Car into Reverse, NO mechanical-sound whatsoever.

🚘 Pacing the Model S into Drive, moving from the parking lot onto Glades Road, one of the most traveled roads in Palm Beach County… a gentle depression of the Accelerator pedal, produced a totally silent acceleration forward, more pedal depression, the acceleration is impressive and instantaneous, startling, powerful and silent, while being immersed with violins softly surrounding the Car’s interior.

🚘 If TESLA can produce this vehicle affordably for the Lexus, BMW, and Mercedes crowd, the Model S will be a WINNER. Currently Tesla is producing about 4500 Cars/Month (all pre sold) on its way to delivering 9000 units/month, Tesla’s target for 2016 and 2017, similar to Apple products, Tesla can’t make them fast enough to service the demand.

🚘 Tesla Range Anxiety Concerns. Tesla Cars need to deliver a 400-Mile Range option IMHO. Range anxiety is a real issue. With my limited experience with the Tesla Model S, my concerns are with its limited RANGE, the number of miles one may Drive before needing a Charge. Tesla’s current 260 Mile Range is simply not enough driving distance, knowing that Tesla Charging Stations are in relatively short supply. In my humble opinion Tesla needs to increase the Model S maximum LiON battery capacity from 85kW to 125kW in order to deliver a true 400-Mile range.

🚘 Apple has hired hundreds of employees who previously worked at Tesla and other technology related companies, according to LinkedIn postings. Many of these hires were engineers who interned at Tesla and elsewhere. Most of the engineers Apple has hired from Tesla and the Green Industry, specialize in Battery Technologies, Mechanics, Manufacturing, and Robotics.

🚘 Apple is also working on new iPhone-to-Car experiences that will compete with what Tesla presently offers in its vehicles. Apple has an initiative called CarPlay that lets you control certain cars’ entertainment and other systems with your smartphone. CarPlay was supposed to come out in 2014 but has started to emerge in the 2015 Hyundai Sonata, Honda and many other traditional cars

🚘 The Apple employee, whose email was exposed, is talking about using your iPhone to unlock and drive CarPlay-partner Cars without needing a key. Tesla began offering this feature with its 6.0 system update recently. Or perhaps a much deeper set of integrated experiences with navigation, audio, and other systems in the works.

🚘 Whether or not Apple is working on the iCar, the company is competing with Tesla for top talent. Tesla has hired hundreds of people from Apple so far, according to Bloomberg, and Apple has reportedly is appealing to potential Tesla hires with $250,000 signing bonuses and significant salary hikes.

🚘 The “Juicy Gossip” for 2015 is Elon Musk’s remarks that Apple, believe it…, APPLE is recruiting senior TESLA folks with large “Signing” bonuses coupled with 60% Pay Increases… This is very interesting news, as it’s coming from Tesla’s CEO, and it sets up the next question…

🚘 Why would Apple be interested in Key Tesla employees, other than just attracting great talent; Companies recruit competitor’s talent all the time, offering senior level positions, pay increases, and yes attractive “signing bonuses”… Is Apple interested in developing a high-technology Green CAR, or simply fortifying particular talents.

🚘 According to a report from Business Insider, an unsolicited email from an employee at Apple read, β€œLatest project is too exciting to pass up,” and, β€œI think it will change the landscape and give TESLA a huge run for its money.”

🚘 Many TESLA employees are β€œjumping ship” and choosing to work at Apple with attractive pay-packages, to be a part of this unidentified [automobile] project, (code-named TITAN) according to an internal Apple email.

🚘 You can bet that Apple will Not be discussing this [automotive] project in public until its ready for production; if and when the project is ready for announcement, at the very best 6 to 9 months before its ready to deliver to the marketplace.

🚘 Recently there were pictures captured of “Apple Vans” that were rigged with imaging and GPS gear appearing similar to the Driverless-Vehicles created by Google Inc (GOOG) for mapping, equipped with multiple cameras on the vehicle’s roof-top.

🚘 There were speculations that the vehicle was running as a part of an unspecified mapping project from Apple, which has been making efforts in recent months to upgrade Maps to stand parallel to Google’s Street View.

🚘 Other rumors suggested the company is working on a self-driving car, which may seem to be pretty distant notion given the company’s tendency to work on only a few products at a time, says a report from MacRumors.

🚘 β€œWe have zero issue coming up with things we want to do, said Tim Cook last January. β€œWe must focus on the very few that deserve all our energy.”

🚘 Bloomberg also has an interesting twist on the story, that focuses not so much on the competitive inter-hiring between competing companies, but on their similarities, which includes drawing parallels between their mercurial or iconoclastic founders. It all makes for fascinating reading, giving insight into the games played between top employers in one of the country’s most competitive job markets.

🚘 While Elon Musk was complaining about “its employees being stolen by Apple,” Musk also says his company is hard at work on a new charger that will auto-emerge from the wall of your garage and hook-up to a Model S and commence charging. To make the technology a bit more impressive, Elon Musk claims the system works with all previous and current versions of the company’s electric car.

🚘 Folks complain about electric cars, the gripes generally focus on the car’s ugliness, or range anxiety or the hassle of waiting for the LiON batteries to charge. Plugging the vehicle into the charger is seldom that big of a deal. However, for the contingent of customers who find hooking-up their model to be too torturous, Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk appears to have a bizarre and interesting solution on the way.

🚘 Musk raised the idea of Auto-Charging a Model S, and all prior models, during the Tesla D unveiling by saying… “we will probably do something like that.” He didn’t explain much more at the time, though. There still aren’t many hard details on the scheme, but the idea of having a robotic snake living in the garage is both somewhat nightmarish and amazingly cool. We can’t wait to see this thing in action.

🚘 Tesla Model S an all Electric LiON Battery Powered Car, Ranks as the Best Overall Car for 2014 by Consumer Reports, among 260 automobiles tested, whether fueled by electric batteries, gas or diesel fuel, or a hybrid of two fuels. Not only did Tesla Rank #1, it scored the Highest Score ever recorded in CR’s 18 year history of testing Cars.

🚘 You Don’t know what TESLA means or stands for… In Physics Class we learned about the Tesla Coil, a high-voltage frequency generator. The Tesla Coil is one of Nikola Tesla’s most famous invention in 1891. See Tesla and his inventions below.

🚘 Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA:US) has earned the ardor of investors and the highest U.S. safety ratings. It can also add the honor of having the best-reviewed car of the year by automobile testers at Consumer Reports, earning the Highest score ever of 99 given in Consumer Reports 18 year history of reviewing Cars.

🚘 Consumer Report summarizes their study saying "Sure, you can talk about this electric luxury car’s blistering acceleration, razor-sharp handling, compliant ride, and versatile cabin, which can fit a third-row of seats. But that just scratches the surface of this technological tour de force."

🚘 Consumer Reports editors further say "The Tesla is brimming with innovation. Its massive, easy-to-use 17" touch-screen controls most of the car’s functions. Tesla is totally keyless in operation, locking, unlocking, starting, full Internet access, and ultra-quiet, zero-emission driving experience, the Tesla is a glimpse into a future where cars and computers coexist in seamless harmony. Its 275-mile driving range and 3-hour charges, using Tesla’s special connector, also make it the easiest, most practical, albeit pricey, electric car to live with."

🚘 β€œIt’s truly a groundbreaking car,” Jake Fisher, Consumer Reports’ director of auto testing who oversaw this year’s review of 260 vehicles, said an interview. β€œYou get into it, and it really stands out. It’s the very best car I’ve ever driven.”

🚘 Consumer Reports tests and evaluates cars for how well they drive, interior-finish quality, safety and reliability. The model rankings influence car buyers and are published in the Yonkers, New York-based magazine’s annual auto issue.

🚘 It was interesting researching how Consumer Reports tests each of the 260 vehicles this year. Each car is driven about 6000 miles while the evaluation teams assess every imaginable function and quality of the cars under examination.

🚘 Today’s TESLA is a very exciting Luxury Battery Powered automobile with a 275 mile range.

🚘 In appearance the Tesla does not just "gets on terms" with the two-plus-two Aston, it almost cinches it. The sweeping lines and a callipygous rear give the Tesla the look of a concept car. But this is no Concept car with limited delivery, as Tesla has ramped up production to over 25,000 units/year. The door handles motor-out to meet you (one of a number of motorized functions) and the doors swing wide.

🚘 Inside is Tesla’s cabin Very Unconventional, it’s almost the appearance of a Science Fiction Futuristic Auto. The seating are cantilever-mounted onto a flat-floor, with an uncluttered full-width floor space. A dramatic digital instrument panel in front of the driver central-displays show charge level, power usage, range, and speed.

🚘 The central facia has the appearance of a very large Touch-Screen iPad, (but its not) with simple and classy Apple-style graphics, that controls most of the Car’s functions, Mapping, Directions, tailored to go with Mercedes-Benz-styled switches and steering column stalks.

🚘 Tesla Model S electric car is β€œthe answer” I’ve personally been looking for. I have remained on the side-lines with all electric cars because of two reasons: (1) most of the offerings look like "soup-cans with wheels and windows" (not so with the Tesla, as its stunningly attractive inside and out) and (2) they have such a limited Range most under 100 miles, one "can not drive it out of town" (not so with the Tesla as it can deliver 300 miles in Range.

🚘 One wonders if the other Car-makers have been sleeping on the job. With Tesla’s share-price on fire after recently announcing plans for a new battery β€œgigafactory” (now, that’s a factory), confirming next year’s SUV, the Model-X, and a smaller, cheaper model (like $36k) for 2017. Today there’s barely a Silicon-Valley baron or Hollywood Star without a Model S in their Garage.

🚘 Tesla is Fueled by a huge, flat, Lithium Ion battery, a single unit that delivers 85,000 Watt-hours of power. The Battery lines almost the entire bottom of the floor-board; however, the Battery is very well protected. To put this Battery in perspective, a 85kWhr of battery power is equivalent to about 16,200 iPhone-LiON-Batteries all linked together into a single huge flat-battery-array.

🚘 The LiON battery in the Tesla Model-S contains a unique LiON battery-chemistry so that it delivers power and takes recharge cycles for at least 8 years, equivalent to the Tesla battery-warranty, with unlimited miles.

🚘 Surely, now that Tesla has proven to the marketplace that an attractive well designed Car with good range can be delivered in mass quantities. Also, since Tesla is expanding its assembly plants to grow production by 50% this year and next, Battery Technology will be the focus for these fine Cars. Surely, Tesla wants to increase its Model-S Range to 400 miles then to 500 miles, since Electric fueling stations are not as populated as Gasoline stations.

🚘 When viewing Tesla’s Model-S at the retail-store in our Boca Raton Town Center Mall, they have several fully assembled, ready to drive Cars, and two Cars that were apparently taken off the assembly-line, displaying the beautifully engineered frame, battery array, the steering points, the motor and inverter package at the car’s rear-end. Very Impressive displays making it clear to anyone, engineer or house-wife, that this Car is an engineering marvel, that gives the quality feeling that Apple delivers with their products, with an obvious display of an incredible level of attention to every minute element of detail.

🚘 Tesla SuperChargers recharges Model S quickly, Super quickly. Superchargers are for refueling quickly on road trips. A Supercharger can replenish 50% the 85 kWh battery in about 25 minutes. All Model S vehicles with the 85 kWh battery can use SuperChargers as can properly equipped 60 kWh battery vehicles. SuperCharger (Electric) Fuel Stations will be positioned at convenient locations along major interstates throughout the country.

🚘 Tesla SuperCharger stations the Cost for a "Full Tank of Electricity" is FREE, although it costs Tesla say $300,000 per station. Tesla considers this fueling feature as a Marketing Expense, to make it clear to Tesla Owners, and those interested in buying a Tesla Car, that they can get a "Fill-Up" when going out of town. In a Hurry, no problem, the Super-Charger Stations will have two "Fueling" modes, Plug in your Tesla Model S for 20 minutes for 100 miles of Range, 40 minutes for 200 miles of Range or 60 minutes to "Fill the Tank" in this case a fully recharged battery.

🚘 Tesla’s Free Fueling feature is considered a "Marketing Expense" where these costs are not "built into the price of their cars." Recall that a fill-up costs Tesla about $9, assuming an electric utility cost of 11Β’ per kilowatt, typical in the USA.

🚘 A major Free-Fueling costs facing Tesla is the development of the Fueling Station Network, the real estate and construction costs, estimated to be approximately $300,000 per station. This expense could be amortized over say 20 years, making this a $15,000/year per Station, expense to the financial statement.

🚘 SuperCharger Stations. If Tesla builds 500 SuperCharger Nation-Wide Network, the depreciation expense would be on the order of $7.5 million/year. If every SuperCharger Station with 3-fueling lanes were charging for 24 hours/day, this represents 26,000 fill-ups/year per Station; Assuming the electric-utility cost is $9/Fill-Up, then each staton would expense $234,000/year per station, which equates to about $115 million/year for the Nation-Wide network of 500 SuperCharger stations.

🚘 With 150,000 Tesla Cars on the Road planned, the Annual expense for SuperCharger Stations equates to about $800/Tesla, a Very imaginative use of marketing dollars. This represents a 1% marketing component per car, not a large figure indeed. By the end of 2015 Tesla will have enough SuperCharger Stations to cover 98% of the Population in the US and portions of Canada.

🚘 Tesla SuperCharger Stations have another Amazing feature, the capability of the Model-S receiving a 100% Full-Charge in 95 Seconds with a "Battery Replacement" performed at the station. Just pull-up over a designated area, and your Model-S’ Battery is dropped-down with automation, and a New Fully-Charged Battery is pushed-backup into your Model-S in about 1 minute 30 seconds. Tesla literally swaps your car’s battery for a new battery that has been already fully-charged.

🚘 I witnessed two Model-S cars in line at a Tesla SuperCharger Station, (a video-clip is provided below) that received Lion Battery swaps for two Tesla’s in line, requiring about 3 minutes total time for both Model-S cars, 90 seconds each. Filling your 23 Gallon Tank with Gasoline takes about 4 minutes. This service costs $80 for the 85 kWhr battery-swap or $60 for the 60 kWhr battery. When you return from your trip, go back to the same SuperCharger Station that swapped your battery, and the station then re-Swaps your Car’s original LiON battery fully-charged.

🚘 The $80 cost for the 90 second fill-up costs about 26Β’/mile if you’re in a hurry. Not in a hurry go for the SuperCharger and wait 30 to 45 minutes to "Top-Off your Tank" for Free. While you have a travel-break, at the Coffee shot near-by. Recall, if you have an iPhone, the App will keep you posted on the Battery Level as it Fills with electric-power. How Cool is that!

🚘 If you decide to retain the NEW LiON Battery, in other words, you don’t re-Swap batteries, Tesla will "Charge" you (pardon the pun) the price difference between your original LiON battery, and the price of a New LiON battery. This may be your plan, say in Year Two or Three, as aged LiON Batteries may only accept 90% to 95% charges. No figures are available on this option, as these swap-stations are scheduled for later in 2015.

🚘 The Cost of a new 85 kWhr LiON Battery is $12,000. If you decide to retain the New Battery Swap, the question is what is the "trade-in" value for your existing Model-S battery that’s 2 or 3 years old. The SuperCharger Battery Swap capability commences in 2015 nation-wide, so the financial models are not set as to the price for the battery swap, if you decide keep the new battery. Since the Model-S battery is warrantied for 8 years, if charging performance diminishes in Range, I’d be looking to the factory warranty to replace the battery.

🚘 Tesla is developing hundreds of SuperCharger Stations in the USA as an amazing marketing campaign as the "Fill-Ups" are Free. Think about it, travel to Grandma’s with no cost for Fuel, in Tesla’s case, electricity.

🚘 The Control Panel in each Tesla Model-S has a beautiful Google Maps styled GPS Map, showing in real-time, every location of a SuperCharger Station, and your location of the Model-S, giving detailed directions if necessary, and your Tesla’s Range to arrive the SuperCharger station. The GPS is also functional to input your destination. For the local folks in south Florida, there is a SuperCharger Station near MACY’s Front door in the parking garage of the Town Center Mall, and two others 25 miles south in Fort Lauderdale and 25 miles north of Boca Raton.

🚘 Tesla Superchargers allow Model S owners to travel for free between cities along well-traveled highways in North America and Europe. Superchargers provide a 50% charge in as few as 20 minutes and are strategically placed to allow owners to drive from station to station with minimal stops, or fear of running our of "Fuel." The Coverage for North America already provides for Coast-to-Coast driving. Here are Tesla’s Plans for SuperCharger station development:

βœ”οΈ Today, First Quarter, 2014 – 78 stations, Coast-to-coast travel now enabled
βœ”οΈ 2014 – 80% of the US population Covered plus portions of Canada
βœ”οΈ 2015 – 98% of the US population Covered plus parts of Canada

🚘 Superchargers are located near amenities like roadside diners, cafes, and shopping centers. Road Trippers can stop for a quick meal and have their Model S charged when they’re done.

🚘 Tesla Model S cost for a Fill-Up equates to about $0.0311/mile. For a 275 mile range assuming you use Airconditioning, 275x$0.0311 equates to a Fill-Up cost of $8.50, assuming the Electric utility charge of 11’/kWatt, that Tesla pays for, a typical rate in south Florida. To Fill-Up your typical gasoline 4-Door Sedan automobile with 12.5 Gallons of Gas priced at $3.85/gallon costs $48.00, assuming the MPG is about 22 mpg vehicle, delivering the same range.

🚘 To this point in this Article its been all about Good Looks and the Battery. Lets now turn our attention to the Motor. One of the Demands by Elan Musk to his engineering team, is to have this vehicle powered by a strong engine, so that the buyer of a Tesla Model-S will not feel like there has been compromise in power or performance. Let it be said that a 416hp electric Motor rotating at around 6500 RPM generates an amazing level of Acceleration. There is simply NO Compromise with this electric engine.

🚘 Model S is a rear wheel drive electric vehicle. The liquid-cooled powertrain includes the battery, motor, drive inverter, and gear box. 60 kWh or 85 kWh microprocessor controlled, lithium-ion battery, a rear mounted 3-phase, 4-pole AC induction-motor with a copper rotor, creating 416hp; That’s dramatic amount of Horse Power, a Power Drive Inverter with variable frequency drive, a regenerative braking system, and a single-speed-reduction, Fixed-Gear ratio of 9.73:1 reduction ratio.

🚘 Tesla Model-S Power Train and Motor. The Electric motor powering the Model-S is a 416hp alternating current, variable frequency design. The motor itself weighs approximately 250 pounds, with a Copper-Wound Rotor, the internal component that rotates with a Gear on its shaft. Interesting that the Motor is Super-Power A/C motor, and the Battery is a 85 kWhr LiON direct current. Directly right of the rear-mounted Motor is a Power-Inverter that transforms up to 1200 Amps of DC electricity to A/C power, powering the Motor.

🚘 The Motor has a Running Rate of 5,000 to 8,000 RPM. There is Single-Gear reduction of 9.73 to 1 (no gear-shifting as with typical automobile transmissions). Therefore with a Rotor that weighs about 50 pounds rotating at an average speed of say 6,500RPM causes the drive shaft to rotate at about 500 RPM to 800RPM, this represents an incredible amount of power on the Wheels.

🚘 The Tesla motor’s Rotor weighing in at about 50 pounds, that is spinning at an average of 6500RPM, generates a huge level of power on the rear wheels. The velocity of Tesla’s motor, the RPM is controlled by changing the Frequency of the Alternating Current combined with the amount of Amperes of electric current, up to 1,200 amps when desiring fast acceleration from a dead-stop or changing lanes on a highway. This combination of factors controls the power, the driver desires by pressing one’s foot on the accelerator-pedal. Lots of very unique electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and design, to accomplish this seamlessly to the Driver, and totally Quietly. The lack of any Engine and Transmission Noise is very strange at first.

🚘 Recall that a typical gasoline motor runs from 800 RPM to 3,500 RPM, that runs very hot, in combination with a 5-speed transmission and a Transaxle, that also becomes very hot as it consumes energy, a very inefficient method of changing the rotation of the drive-shaft, wasting about 40% of the gasoline engine’s power. What a waist of power and fuel.

🚘 Think about it, with a 400hp gasoline engine, 160hp is lost because of the inefficiencies of the transmission and the transaxle. Which means that only 240hp of power, of the 400ph gasoline engine, gets to the wheels. With Tesla’s electric engine 90% of the power gets directly to the rear wheels.

🚘 Tesla’s precocious car maker has Big ambitions. He originated PayPal 11-years ago making hundreds of $Millions. In top-spec $124,000 as-tested form, this 16ft 4in long, five-door battery-electric coupΓ© will not only out drag a $250,000 loaded Aston Martin, but Tesla carries two more passengers or twice as much stuff and, at 4,200 pounds, weighs not much more.

🚘 Stand on it, and the Aston will drain its 20 gallon tank of unleaded in about 250 miles, well within the realistic driving range of the 85kWh Tesla S range of 275 mile. What’s not to like about battery motoring? Not to mention that the Tesla Model-S, a luxury-sedan, goes from Zero to 60 MPH in 4.7 seconds.

🚘 The Tesla Model S electric sedan is Number One in Consumer Reports, in this year’s automotive rankings. Not only Tesla being in first place, but received the highest score ever recorded in its 18 year history of evaluating 260 vehicles.

🚘 The magazine cited the Model S’s sporty performance and technological innovations, including its 275 mile range. Consumer Reports acknowledged that the car is expensive and paid $89,650 for the Model S that the Magazine tested.

🚘 For less than a third of that price, the Toyota Prius hybrid got the nod as Consumer Reports’ top green car. The magazine also cited strong fuel economy in naming the Honda Accord as the top midsize car and the BMW328i as the best sports sedan.

🚘 The rankings, now in their 18th year, pick Consumer Reports’ favorites among the 260 vehicles its team has recently tested. The rankings are closely watched in the auto industry, since shoppers consistently cite Consumer Reports as a main source of car-buying advice.

🚘 Consumer Reports actually buys the test-vehicles anonymously, and performs more than 50 tests on each, including evaluations of braking, handling and comfort, among en elaborate array of tests and examinations. Consumer Reports’ testing team literally drives each vehicle for roughly 6,000 miles, in assessing the vehicle’s performance on the road in a wide variety of environments and road conditions.

🚘 Tesla Model S Ranks Best Overall Car for 2014 by Consumer Reports among 260 autos tested. Not only did Tesla Rank #1, Tesla scored a value of 99 the Highest Score ever Achieved in the Magazine’s 18 years of testing Cars.

🚘 Plus What’s Not to Like about Driving a Tesla Model-S Electric Car for 3Β’/mile when Gasoline Cars cost over 16Β’/mile, that’s over 500% more expensive.

🚘 Did I mention that Tesla has an iPhone App that will permit you to find the car with GPS that remains active even when the Car is parked and shut-down. The Tesla App will permit you to TURN-ON Tesla’s Air Conditioning system when the Car is parked and Locked.

🚘 With your Tesla, if you’re at a lunch meeting with car parked outdoors in the direct Sun in the summer time, you can use your iPhone Tesla App, Power-Up Tesla’s A/C System say 10 minutes before the end of your Luncheon, so that the Car is Cooled-down when you retrieve your Tesla from the parking lot. The App also permits you to Honk the Horn or Flash the Lights, to either scare away possible intruders, or as a visual or audio Tool so you can find your Car in Large Parking Lots2.

🚘 Steven Spielberg was recently spotted in Brentwood California driving the his Tesla Model S, an all electric automobile, while heading to a high powered Hollywood luncheon. Apparently, more and more celebrities find the Tesla an attractive vehicle and more importantly they love the fact that it is environmentally friendly.

🚘 It seems the famous 67 year-old screenwriter, producer, and business magnate left all the Porches and Maybachs and went for a Tesla model S. The Tesla is actually fits the famed director quite well as if we were to discuss the vehicle’s interior, we’ll come across a very science-fiction like cabin. The seats are cantilevered mounted onto a flat-floor, an uncluttered full-width floor space, making the Tesla S model’s interior quite unconventional.

🚘 Don’t know what TESLA is… In Physics Class we learned about the Tesla, but it wasn’t an unbelievable Electric Automobile. The video clip directly below is a demonstration of the Model-S getting a "battery-swap" at Service Centers to have this capability in 2015.

🚘 Don’t know what TESLA is… In Physics Class we learned about the Tesla Coil, a high-voltage frequency generator. The Tesla Coil is one of Nikola Tesla’s most famous invention in 1891.

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