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★⭐★ National Enquirer Reports ★ HILLARY may be in LEGAL Jeopardy ⭐★⭐

October 23, 2015

According to those close to the Hillary “eMail” investigation, although email is not the real issue, the issue is the NSA, CIA and FBI are troubled with, is the Classified and Top Secret information that was transmitted through Hillary’s personal email accounts, through Non-Secure, open-access private Servers.

Imagine the Impact, Every Grocery Store, every Check-Out Line has Hillary’s face behind bars graphically speaking. Ouch. The National Enquirer better have many qualified sources (leakers), with signed affidavits, with recorded interviews of these leakers’ remarks, regarding the state of these Justice Department’s investigation.

The Associated Press reported recently that the FBI has been able to recover files from Hillary’s Server albeit some 30,000 emails were “erased” by her operatives. It was also reported that the Russians and Chinese have made numerous hacking attempts on Hillary’s Server; however, the sources did not say that the Server was actually Hacked. [As an editorial comment, its hard to imagine that Hillary’s unsecure server was not hacked.]

Two independent Government Inspectors General reported that at an early sampling of several thousand of Hillary’s emails, over 400 emails (roughly 5% of the sample) contained Top Secret or Classified information. The NSA, CIA and FBI become troubled when an US Official with “Top Security Clearance” mishandles Classified and Top Secret information, potentially exposing “Sources, Methods and Exposing Covert Agent Identities” among other sensitive information.

FBI raided the US State Department offices on October 7th, 2015 to physically seize four State Department Server Towers. The FBI seized four servers from the State Department building a few weeks ago as part of the FBI’s investigation into classified material improperly stored and transmitted through Hillary Clinton’s [secret] email server, particularly the Top Secret and Classified Documents that have been discovered in her personal unsecure email Server. Recall the FBI also seized Hillary’s Server on her residential property weeks before.

Hillary Clinton struggles to explain her email practices while in government, along with questions about the Clinton Foundation and Republican criticism of her openness, wealth and trustworthiness seem to have struck a nerve in the public’s perception of the dominant Democratic figure in the 2016 campaign. In a recent survey, 61% say HILLARY is “Dishonest” or HILLARY is a “Liar” are the prominent responses to describes Hillary, when asked for a single-word descriptor.

Hillary having “Trust” issues has been a popular topic of many national polls. According to the (AP) Americans appear to be suspicious of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s honesty, and even many Democrats are only lukewarm about her presidential candidacy, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll. Is she strong and decisive? Yes, say a majority of people. But inspiring and likable? Only a minority think so.

The Public is split over whether HILLARY’s email investigations are manifesting significant “trust” issue for her presidential aspirations: Less than a third, some 32% said TRUST was a Major Problem for Hillary, 36% rated TRUST as Problem for Hillary, the remaining 31% said Trust is not a problem for Hillary presently. However, only 20% of the respondents said they were paying very-close attention to Hillary’s “email” story.

Interested in this Headline, go to the NATIONAL ENQUIRER web-site to read the entire story and subscribe.

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