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★★★ Happy New Year ★ Bullet Points to Help Make 2016 a Great New Year for You ★★★

January 3, 2016

★ Want a Happy New Year, below is Your 2016 Every-Day Bullet Points.

Be Positive and Optimistic. The Choice is Yours
(a) Trust that Hard Work, Faith, and an Optimistic Attitude, all things are possible, or…
(b) Listen to the Cynics & Doubters, and think that success may be unlikely for you…

Invest all your Energy towards your Purpose and People, while building your Positive attitude. Don’t waste your precious energy on issues or events of the past, negative thoughts, or circumstances you cannot control.

Make your First meal of the Day the Best Meal of your Day, and your last meal in the evening the smallest. Eat Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince, and Dinner like a Pauper, for better health and weight maintenance. Whether you eat 3, 4, or more meals per Day, your Early-Day meal should robust and have the most number of Calories, and the Late-Day meal should be minimal and contain the least number of Calories.

Talk to yourself EveryDay about Positive Thoughts. Reject complaints, fears, and doubts. Feed your mind with words of truth and positive encouragement, both ingredients needed to keep you moving forward.

Decide to make a difference in whatever you do, Plus build meaningful relationships… then success will find you.

Get adequate Sleep. You can’t replace adequate sleep with RedBull or Latte Grandes.

Look for opportunities to Love, Serve, and Care. You must Serve to be Great.

Have Purpose and Live your Purpose. Remember WHY you do what you do. One does not become “burned-out” because of what you do. One becomes “burned out” because You forgot why you’re doing it.

All things Worthwhile takes Time and Effort to build. Overnight success is the myth for fools.

Good things to come out of Working Challenging Experiences. Trust that “things happen for a reason.”

Implement a No Complain Zone around yourself. If you’re complaining or with complainers, you’re not doing, nor leading.

Post a sign that says “No Energy Vampires Allowed. Think, “…I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet…”

Decide to live with Passion and Purpose, then Happiness will find You.

Smile and Laugh more, as they are natural anti-depressants.

We only have ONE shot at Today. So make the most of it and Enjoy it every Day.

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