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😎 Apple iPhone Encryption and the FBI UnLock Order ο£ΏπŸ˜Žο£ΏπŸ˜Žο£Ώ

March 18, 2016

😎 Introduction. Apple and many other technology enterprises seek to protect their client’s information, Files and Data using increasingly sophisticated “encryption” algorithms. In cryptography, Data Encryption is the process of encoding messages, files, communication, information, and files (let’s refer to all of this as Data) such that “only” an authorized person possesses the Password that unlocks the device and decrypts the Data and enables read its contents.

😎 Encryption does not prevent the interception of the Encrypted Data, however, Denies the Reading of the Data by any Interceptor. An encryption scheme, the intended Data, also referred to as plaintext, is encrypted using an encryption algorithm, generating Ciphertext that may only be read if the Data is Decrypted. For better security, an encryption scheme usually uses a pseudo-random Encryption-Key generated by a software algorithm. For Apple’s iPhones, the Operating System itself applies sophisticated Encryption and the user selects an Encryption-Key (your Password).

😎 In principle it may be possible to decrypt Data without possessing the Encryption-Key, however, for extremely sophisticated encryption schemes, powerful computer resources and skills are required to break the Code. Authorized recipients can easily decrypt Data with the Encryption-Key (entering the Password) provided by the Data Originator to authorized recipient access; However, the Data is not “readable” by unauthorized interceptors.

😎 In sum, the purpose of encryption is to ensure that only an Authorized Person has access one’s Data (text, messages, files, data, bank accounts, medical information, contact lists, calendars, the iPhone’s Microphone, and the iPhone’s Cameras), will be able to read the Data, using the assigned Decryption Key, commonly known as one’s Password. Someone who is not authorized can be excluded, because others do not have the required Password (the Encryption-Key).

😎 Suggestion, use an 8 to 10 alpha/numeric character password, to eliminate easy guessing of your Password, knowing that after the 10th guess by the “Bad Guy” your iPhone or iPad is totally Erased, if you enable this feature. According to a new analysis, 1 out of 5 Web users still decide to leave the digital equivalent of a Key Under the Doormat: they choose a simple, easily guessed password like β€œabc123,” β€œiLoveYou” or even β€œPassWord” to protect their data.

😎 Almost all encrypted Data is Decrypt-able (breakable Code) if one has enough DMTT. What is DMTT, it’s one’s Desire, Money, Time, and Talent. In principle without one’s Password it is relatively “impossible” to read iPhone with iOS8 or iOS9 operating system encrypted information, assuming you are Not using a simple 4-digit password. However, recall that the US Government’s 22 million Personnel files were “Hacked” (decrypted) by Asian operatives. The Director of the DOD, Department of Defense’s email accounts were also recently hacked.

😎 Many major Retail Stores’ Customers Credit Card information has been hacked in recent years. These facts motivated Apple and other in the industry to strengthen their Data Encryption for the safety of their device-users, account holders, and customers.

😎 Apple Encryption and the FBI UnLock Order – Apple Cooperated with Law enforcement for iPhone’s with iOS 7 and earlier versions several years ago. Presently, Apple Cannot open Locked iPhones loaded with iOS 8 and iOS 9. For iPhones that are using iOS7 operating system or earlier versions, for example iOS6, iOS5, etc., (representing currently 7% of all iPhones and iPads in circulation) Apple is capable of “unlocking” only iPhones using iOS7, iOS6, iOS5 operating systems, with court ordered documentation.

😎 Roughly 75 iPhones were “unlocked” by Apple when Law Enforcement properly ordered Apple to do it. In time, Apple became uncomfortable with its relatively weak Encryption. Apple also became troubled yielding to law enforcement’s demands and potentially compromising the other iPhone users’ Liberty globally.

😎 Apple Enhanced its Encryption Scheme with iOS8 Operating System, initiated the End of Apple or Anyone else Unlocking any iPhone or iPad. iOS 8 was the eighth major release of the iOS mobile operating system designed by Apple as the successor to iOS 7. Apple’s iOS 8 was announced and released on September 17, 2014. Apple highlighted this release as “The biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the App Store.”

😎 iOS 8 was built on the major redesign that iOS 7 introduced, while including many enhancements, interface improvements, Data Encryption with sophisticated Security improvements. iOS 8 was installed on 87% of compatible Apple devices as of September 14, 2015. Apple’s iOS 9 operating system was release September 16, 2015. Currently, as of January, 2016 iOS 8 and iOS 9 are installed on 94% of all iPhones and iPads, literally hundreds of millions of iDevices globally.

😎 Apple iPhone Adoption Rate: Presently, roughly 94% of all iPhone users (over 600,000,000 iPhones and iPads) have updated to either iOS 8 or iOS 9.

😎 Apple’s iOS 8 and iOS 9 delivers Enhanced iPhone and iPad Password enabled Data Encryption. With the Installation of iOS 8 or iOS 9 operating systems, Apple literally “Closed the Door” to Apple being able to unlock iPhones voluntarily or by court order. Apple deliberated with its Executive Teams and its Board of Directors to enhance its Data Encryption algorithms so that virtually no one, nor Apple engineers would be able to “unlock” any iPhone loaded with iOS 8 and iOS 9, without entering the user’s correct Password.

😎 Apple’s Enhanced Operating System (iOS 8 and later) contains a user selected option, to cause the system to Erase the entire Contents of iPhone, upon the 11th Failed attempt enter the correct Password. Meaning the user (or Law Enforcement, or someone who finds your lost iPhone) can attempt or guess the password 10 times, but on the 11th incorrect password entry, the iPhone completely “Resets the iPhone” to its original factory condition, where all settings, data, and information are erased, and unrecoverable.

😎 You forgot your password for an iPhone with iOS 8 or iOS 9 operating systems, for example, then you visited Apple’s Genius Bar, you would have to identify yourself, then Apple would confirm that you are the rightful owner, then Apple’s technician would warn you that the only remedy is to Reset your iPhone, which would erase all the Data from your iPhone, returning your iPhone to the condition when you first acquire the iPhone. You could then retrieve your Encrypted Data and Settings from the iCloud assuming you recalled your iCloud Password. Otherwise you’re starting from scratch, with your clean iPhone.

😎 Apple vs. FBI and Law Enforcement Community. Knowing that Apple nor anyone is capable of Hacking an iPhone with iOS 8 or later installed, it cannot assist Law Enforcement, as it had with 70 other cases when iOS 7 or earlier was the operating system several years ago. Therefore with the FBI’s court order, in essence the FBI is forcing Apple to re-engineer it’s Operating System back to iOS 7 standards, making all iPhones vulnerable to Hacking lawfully or unlawfully.

😎 Apple and the Technology Industry. Almost everyone in the Cyber Community is siding with Apple in the current FBI matter, as most of these enterprises including Apple, are attempting to make their devices and their software, as Safe and as “Un-Hackable” as possible.

😎 The FBI is asking for, in effect, a Global Unlimited Pass-Key for everyone’s Home, Business, Bank Account… Health Records, Contact Lists, Calendars, Files, and to mention the iPhone’s Microphone and Cameras. With such an iPhone HACK, they would be able to turn on your iPhone’s or iPad’s Microphone and Cameras without your knowledge or consent.

😎 Apple Encryption and the FBI UnLock Order. Since 94% of all iPhones Globally are using iOS 8 and iOS9, its is not a matter of unlocking ONE iPhone, as such an Operating System Master-KEY would Un-Lock all 750,000,000 existing iPhones all over the globe. The scheduled California Court Hearing Date is March 22, 2016 at 1:00pm.

😎 FBI’s Court Order is Law Enforcement’s mechanism to Force Apple to create a unique Software Tool that Apple presently has not created and therefore does not have. Knowing that currently 6% of iPhones and iPads (according to Apple) as their owners have not yet updated their devices to iOS8 or iOS9, therefore approximately 50 Million iPhones remain capable of being HACKed, as they are operating under iOS7, the 2013 version of the Operating System.

😎 The Court Order in effect is demanding that Apple “re-write its Operating System to iOS 7 encryption standards, rendering all iPhones “Hackable.” News Sources state that according to the US Constitution, and current US Laws, the Government cannot Force any Person, Citizen, or private enterprise to work for it, in effect causing a private person or company to make a Product or a Tool for the FBI or any Government Agency to use in prosecuting their cases.

😎 Washington Opinions, Apple-vp-the-fbi-wants-to-roll-back-safeguards-that-keep-us-a-step-ahead-of-criminals Link Below:

😎 Apple is likely in a Race to Publish its new iOS 10 Operating System for all of its iPhones and iPads as soon as possible. The new iOS 10 may make its portable iPhone and iPad devices totally un-Hackable. Perhaps the interim system-software update, iOS 9.3 may contain Apple’s rigorous No-Hack Encryption, since Apple engineers are in its 6th Beta software testing of iOS9.3; Apple traditionally updates its iOS to the next whole digit simultaneously with its Release of a New iPhone (iPhone 5S with iOS7-Sept, 2013, iPhone 6 with iOS8-Sept, 2014, iPhone 6S with iOS9-Sept, 2015, planned iPhone 7 with iOS10-Sept, 2016), for the next iteration, iOS10 is planned for the release of iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 7 Pro.

😎 iPhones loaded with iOS 8 or iOS 9 system software have the ability to Self-Erase all files and data if someone enters incorrect passwords with the 11th Attempt; You get 10 attempts without danger of Deleting all of the contents of the iPhone. This feature is user-selectable. All contents of iPhones with iOS8 or 9, are rigorously Encrypted and in-Hackable. With iOS10, no one including Apple Engineers will be able to HACK iPhones with the new Operating System 10.

Protect your iPhone and iPad with a Strong Password

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