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😎 Passwords are KEY to Apple’s Encryption Algorithm ο£Ώ Crafting an Effective Password is Your Responsibility πŸ˜Žο£ΏπŸ˜Žο£Ώ

March 26, 2016

😎 Apple is committed to protecting all of their 750 Million Customers’ iPhone Private Data. There are over a Billion iPhones and iPads in Circulation. The Passwords users create, is an important KEY component to Apple’s iPhone Encryption.

😎 A “Locked iPhone” supported with Strong KEY (an effective Password) results in the Safety of YOUR Private Data: namely your Calendars, Contacts, Photo Libraries, eMails, Text Messages, Medical information, Bank Account Access, Credit Card Access, Federal Tax Records, Location of your Family & Friends.

Many folks have said – My Entire Life is on my iPhone.” Well, do yourself a huge favor. Protect your iPhone by using an effective Password. Many folks we know, simply can not be bothered with using a Password. Big Mistake! Although we strongly encourage Everyone should create and use an effective password, The use of Any Password is better than No Password.

😎 BREAKING NEWS Reports indicate Apple is working “over-time” in transforming its next major Operating System update, to be “Hack-Proof” (likely an ingredient in version iOS10). This means all iPhones that are updated with iOS10, will render the iPhones “Hack Proof” by Thieves, Bad-Guys, and Apple iOS Software Engineers.

😎 FBI contracted Cellebrite USA CORP to break into San Bernardino iPhone (for $15,278.02 fee), the iPhone 5C used by Terrorist, Syed Farook. Cellebrite with offices in the USA, an Israeli based forensics solution company, specializes in mobile device forensics, including Data decryption in “Locked” iPhones.

An effective password is a KEY component to Apple’s encryption of Your Data. Crafting an effective password is Your Responsibility. Caution, NEVER use the words “Password” “iLoveYou” “123456” “Princess” “Nicole” “Daniel” “Jessica” “abc123” “LoveYou” as your password. Below is a list of the other Top 200 Most Commonly Used Passwords, which you Must NOT Use. These commonly used passwords are the first series of passwords that Hackers run in their Automated Systems, to Break into your iPhone.

😎 Apple and many other technology enterprises support Apple’s Clients’ Data Privacy from Government Intrusion, like , like Twitter, Airbnb, LinkedIn, eBay, AT&T, Intel, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Cisco, Microsoft, Mozilla, Snapchat, Box, Slack and Yahoo, filed briefs in support of Apple, urging the court to exercise caution in applying a legal decision from an era when cell phones and the Internet were unheard of. This group seeks to protect their client’s Information, Files and Data using increasingly sophisticated “encryption” algorithms.

😎In Cryptography, Data Encryption is the process of Encoding Data, for example, Messages, eMails, files, communications, calendars, photos, etc… (let’s refer to all of this as Data). Data Encryption commences the moment you
(A) Turn-Off your iPhone by holding the “Sleep” button for 5 seconds followed by “Sliding to the Right, the power-off slider, displayed on the LCD screen, or
(B) Automatically, when your iPhone is dormant for a few minutes, the time period you specified in iPhone’s “Settings” menu.

😎Your Locked iPhone, coupled with an effective password, assures that “only the authorized person” possessing the KEY, your password, may unlock the iPhone. Your Password immediately activates Apple iOS9’s Decryption Algorithm, restoring of all of the iPhone’s Data into a usable form. Once your Data is decrypted, the iPhone enables you to read all of the Data and Use of the iPhone.

😎Think about This. Let’s say your iPhone has 64 GB of storage capacity, that currently is filled with 50GB of your Data, files, messages, eMails, etc. The instant your iPhone is Turned-OFF, all 50GB of your stored Data is Auto-Encrypted… every phone number, every email, every text message and all your Photos, everything.

😎 Know this, it’s common knowledge in the Mobile Smartphone Industry and the Cryptography Industry, that Samsung’s offering and all other ANDROID smartphones, are the most Hackable handhelds in circulation. This vulnerability was reported in a 2012 Inter-agency joint-memorandum to all GOV employees.

😎 FBI and Homeland Security Agencies, cautioned all Federal, State and Local *.GOV employees that Android smartphones are over 100 Times More Susceptible to Virus Attacks and Hacks, as compared to Apple’s iPhones. Notice this report was for iOS7; However, with iOS8 and iOS9, security was greatly enhanced, and adopted by 94% of all iPhone users. An ongoing problem for Android devices is Fragmentation (11,000 different Android models). Only 30% of Android devices in circulation use its current OS. Conversely, 70% of Android devices do not update to current operating system versions, which contains important security patches. These users do not upgrade as their smartphone may “Freezing up” with the new more sophisticated operating system.

😎 Do yourself a Huge Favor use an effective password to secure your iPhone and Carefully Craft your Password. Apple is highly committed to protecting your private information. Apple has your back as to Data Security. An Effective Password is a KEY component to Apple’s Encryption algorithm. Crafting a Good Password is Your Responsibility. Therefore take advantage of Apple’s commitment to Data Security, in behalf of Your Privacy.

An Effective Password is a KEY to Apple’s Encryption scheme. Crafting an Effective Password is Your Responsibility. Also do not use the word “Password” as your password. The “password” examples below were chosen to demonstrate the ways one can make a relatively simple password, more effective. The 200 most commonly used passwords, which you must avoid using, is displayed below.

😎Examine the Password Graphic above. It shows in the first example, that if you choose an 8 Character all-lowercase-letters Password, an experienced Hacker may be able break into your iPhone in as little as 3.5 minutes, as the Hacker can continue “Guessing” continuously, with Computer Automation, to run through all the 208 Billion possible combinations, assuming you have NOT enabled iPhone’s “10 attempt iPhone Self-Erase” feature. (It is highly recommended that you Enable iPhone’s 10 Attempt Self-Erase mode, meaning that with the 10th failed attempt your iPhone automatically “Self-Erases”).

😎 If you changed an single Uppercase Letter of the 8 lowercase letters password, rendering an 8 character password containing one Capital P letter, it would take an experienced Hacker roughly 15 hours to break into your iPhone, with its 53 Trillion possible combinations. (password becomes Password)

😎 If you were to exchange the letter “a” in this 8 character all-letters password with a symbol, like the @ sign (or a # symbol or a $ sign) for example, then the Hack-time would Jump to about 70 Days to break into your iPhone, with its 2,724 Trillion possible combinations. (Password becomes P@ssword),

😎 Similarly, add to your 8 character password a single digit Number, an experienced Hack-time to crack your password would Jump to 18 Years to unlock your iPhone’s 9 character alpha-numeric-symbol Password. Sophisticated computer equipment reduces the Hack’s crack-time; however, these passwords are very difficult to “guess” even with sophisticated computer technologies. In Sum (password became P@ssword1), Another example P@$$Word7

😎 Important, use an 8 character password that you can remember, using 8 Upper and Lowercase letters, and include a special character like the @ sign or !, or # sign, or a $ sign, and perhaps add a single-digit Number. Most importantly, ENABLE the iPhone’s “Erase with the 10th Attempt” feature available in the Settings Menu/Passwords, built into Apple’s iOS9 operating system… Result, Hackers will be stifled with this example 8 or 9 character password.

😎 Examine the Combination Generator go to this web-site:

😎 Enable your iPhone’s feature to Self-Erase after 10 failed attempts, this is a “Must Do” (a feature Apple added to iOS9 operating system last year) your iPhone is virtually un-HACKABLE. Meaning how could any HACKER “guess” your complex Alpha-Numeric-Symbol password with only 10 failed attempts, your iPhone will be completely Self-Erased.

😎 The iPhone will immediately thereafter will auto Reset itself, resume the familiar display of the white Apple Logo as it reformats itself, and turns back on, with the Apple iOS9 clean operating system with only the 12 Apple App’s it provides… However, none of your data, files or settings remain, rendering the iPhone’s appearance exactly as it was on the day, when you first purchased the iPhone. Result, ALL of your Data, Files, Contacts, Messages, eMails, Photos and Calendars, etc., will have been permanently ERASED, and un-recoverable.

😎 Encryption does not prevent the interception of the Encrypted Data, however, Denies the Reading of the Data by any Interceptor. An encryption scheme, the intended Data, also referred to as plaintext, is encrypted using an encryption algorithm, generating Ciphertext that may only be read if the Data is Decrypted. For better security, an encryption scheme usually uses a pseudo-random Encryption-Key generated by a software algorithm. For Apple’s iPhones, the Operating System itself applies sophisticated Encryption and the user selects an Encryption-Key (your Password).

😎 In principle it may be possible to decrypt Data without possessing the Encryption-Key, however, for extremely sophisticated encryption schemes, powerful computer resources and skills are required to break the Code. Authorized recipients can easily decrypt Data with the Encryption-Key (entering the Password) provided by the Data Originator to authorized recipient access; However, the Data is not “readable” by unauthorized interceptors.

😎 In sum, the purpose of encryption is to ensure that only an Authorized Person has access one’s Data (text, messages, files, data, bank accounts, medical information, contact lists, calendars, the iPhone’s Microphone, and the iPhone’s Cameras), will be able to read the Data, using the assigned Decryption Key, commonly known as one’s Password. Someone who is not authorized can be excluded, because others do not have the required Password (the Encryption-Key).

😎 Suggestion, use an 8 to 10 alpha/numeric character password, to eliminate easy guessing of your Password, knowing that after the 10th guess by the “Bad Guy” your iPhone or iPad is totally Erased, if you enable this feature. According to a new analysis, 1 out of 5 Web users still decide to leave the digital equivalent of a Key Under the Doormat: they choose a simple, easily guessed password like β€œabc123,” β€œiLoveYou” or even β€œPassWord” to protect their data.

😎 Almost all encrypted Data is Decrypt-able (breakable Code) if one has enough DMTT. What is DMTT, it’s one’s Desire, Money, Time, and Talent. In principle without one’s Password it is relatively “impossible” to read iPhone with iOS8 or iOS9 operating system encrypted information, assuming you are Not using a simple 4-digit password. However, recall that the US Government’s 22 million Personnel files were “Hacked” (decrypted) by Asian operatives. The Director of the DOD, Department of Defense’s email accounts were also recently hacked.

😎 Many major Retail Stores’ Customers Credit Card information has been hacked in recent years. These facts motivated Apple and other in the industry to strengthen their Data Encryption for the safety of their device-users, account holders, and customers.

😎 Apple Encryption and the FBI UnLock Order – Apple Cooperated with Law enforcement for iPhone’s with iOS 7 and earlier versions several years ago. Presently, Apple Cannot open Locked iPhones loaded with iOS 8 and iOS 9. For iPhones that are using iOS7 operating system or earlier versions, for example iOS6, iOS5, etc., (representing currently 7% of all iPhones and iPads in circulation) Apple is capable of “unlocking” only iPhones using iOS7, iOS6, iOS5 operating systems, with court ordered documentation.

😎 Roughly 75 iPhones were “unlocked” by Apple when Law Enforcement properly ordered Apple to do it. In time, Apple became uncomfortable with its relatively weak Encryption. Apple also became troubled yielding to law enforcement’s demands and potentially compromising the other iPhone users’ Liberty globally.

😎 Apple Enhanced its Encryption Scheme with iOS8 Operating System, initiated the End of Apple or Anyone else Unlocking any iPhone or iPad. iOS 8 was the eighth major release of the iOS mobile operating system designed by Apple as the successor to iOS 7. Apple’s iOS 8 was announced and released on September 17, 2014. Apple highlighted this release as “The biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the App Store.”

😎 iOS 8 was built on the major redesign that iOS 7 introduced, while including many enhancements, interface improvements, Data Encryption with sophisticated Security improvements. iOS 8 was installed on 87% of compatible Apple devices as of September 14, 2015. Apple’s iOS 9 operating system was release September 16, 2015. Currently, as of January, 2016 iOS 8 and iOS 9 are installed on 94% of all iPhones and iPads, literally hundreds of millions of iDevices globally.

😎 Think about this: There are roughly 250 iPhones that are owned by Law-Breakers that Law Enforcement wants Apple to HACK, representing roughly 0.00003% of the total ownership, 750 Million iPhones & iPads in circulation. Apple’s Tim Cook considers, is APPLE really going to sacrifice the Security for the 99.99997% or 749,999,750 of our iOS iPhone and iPad owners, because of the 250 Law Breakers? Answer, a resounding No.

😎 Apple iPhone Adoption Rate: Presently, roughly 94% of all iPhone users (over 750,000,000 iPhones and iPads) have updated to either iOS 8 or iOS 9.

😎 Apple’s iOS 8 and iOS 9 delivers Enhanced iPhone and iPad Password enabled Data Encryption. With the Installation of iOS 8 or iOS 9 operating systems, Apple literally “Closed the Door” to Apple being able to unlock iPhones voluntarily or by court order. Apple deliberated with its Executive Teams and its Board of Directors to enhance its Data Encryption algorithms so that virtually no one, nor Apple engineers would be able to “unlock” any iPhone loaded with iOS 8 and iOS 9, without entering the user’s correct Password.

😎 Apple’s Enhanced Operating System (iOS 8 and later) contains a user selected option, to cause the system to Erase the entire Contents of iPhone, at the 10th Failed attempt enter the correct Password. Meaning the user (or Law Enforcement, or someone who finds your lost iPhone) can attempt or guess the password 10 times, but with that 10th incorrect password entry, the iPhone completely “Resets the iPhone” to its original factory condition, where all settings, data, and information are erased, and unrecoverable.

😎 You forgot your password for an iPhone with iOS 8 or iOS 9 operating systems, for example, then you visited Apple’s Genius Bar, you would have to identify yourself, then Apple would confirm that you are the rightful owner, then Apple’s technician would warn you that the only remedy is to Reset your iPhone, which would erase all the Data from your iPhone, returning your iPhone to the condition when you first acquire the iPhone. You could then retrieve your Encrypted Data and Settings from the iCloud assuming you recalled your iCloud Password. Otherwise you’re starting from scratch, with your clean iPhone.

😎 Apple vs. FBI and Law Enforcement Community. Knowing that Apple nor anyone is capable of Hacking an iPhone with iOS 8 or later installed, it cannot assist Law Enforcement, as it had with 70 other cases when iOS 7 or earlier was the operating system several years ago. Therefore with the FBI’s court order, in essence the FBI is forcing Apple to re-engineer it’s Operating System back to iOS 7 standards, making all iPhones vulnerable to Hacking lawfully or unlawfully.

😎 Apple and the Technology Industry. Almost everyone in the Cyber Community is siding with Apple in the current FBI matter, as most of these enterprises including Apple, are attempting to make their devices and their software, as Safe and as “Un-Hackable” as possible.

😎 The FBI is asking for, in effect, a Global Unlimited Pass-Key for everyone’s Home, Business, Bank Account… Health Records, Contact Lists, Calendars, Files, and to mention the iPhone’s Microphone and Cameras. With such an iPhone HACK, they would be able to turn on your iPhone’s or iPad’s Microphone and Cameras without your knowledge or consent.

😎 Apple Encryption and the FBI UnLock Order. Since 94% of all iPhones Globally are using iOS 8 and iOS9, its is not a matter of unlocking ONE iPhone, as such an Operating System Master-KEY would Un-Lock all 750,000,000 existing iPhones all over the globe. The scheduled California Court Hearing Date is March 22, 2016 at 1:00pm.

😎 FBI’s Court Order is Law Enforcement’s mechanism to Force Apple to create a unique Software Tool that Apple presently has not created and therefore does not have. Knowing that currently 6% of iPhones and iPads (according to Apple) as their owners have not yet updated their devices to iOS8 or iOS9, therefore approximately 50 Million iPhones remain capable of being HACKed, as they are operating under iOS7, the 2013 version of the Operating System.

😎 The Court Order in effect is demanding that Apple “re-write its Operating System to iOS 7 encryption standards, rendering all iPhones “Hackable.” News Sources state that according to the US Constitution, and current US Laws, the Government cannot Force any Person, Citizen, or private enterprise to work for it, in effect causing a private person or company to make a Product or a Tool for the FBI or any Government Agency to use in prosecuting their cases.

😎 Washington Opinions, Apple vs the FBI wants to roll back safeguards that keep us a step ahead of criminals Link Below:

😎 Apple is likely in a Race to Publish its new iOS 10 Operating System for all of its iPhones and iPads as soon as possible. The new iOS 10 may make its portable iPhone and iPad devices totally un-Hackable. Perhaps the interim system-software update, iOS 9.3 may contain Apple’s rigorous No-Hack Encryption, since Apple engineers are in its 6th Beta software testing of iOS9.3; Apple traditionally updates its iOS to the next whole digit simultaneously with its Release of a New iPhone (iPhone 5S with iOS7-Sept, 2013, iPhone 6 with iOS8-Sept, 2014, iPhone 6S with iOS9-Sept, 2015, planned iPhone 7 with iOS10-Sept, 2016), for the next iteration, iOS10 is planned for the release of iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 7 Pro.

😎 iPhones loaded with iOS 8 or iOS 9 system software have the ability to Self-Erase all files and data if someone enters incorrect passwords, with the 10th Attempt; You get 9 attempts without danger of Deleting all of the contents of the iPhone. This feature is user-selectable. All contents of iPhones with iOS8 or 9, are rigorously Encrypted and un-Hackable. It’s been reported, with the release and installation of iOS10, no one including Apple Engineers will be able to HACK iPhones with the new Operating System iOS10.

Protect your iPhone and iPad with a Strong Password, LOOK at Graphic ABOVE

😎 Apple iPhone Encryption plus 2 Encryption Apps rendering Hack-Proof Phone Calls & Text Messaging 😎😎

😎 NEWS ALERT – The FBI reported to the California Court that it is implementing an Alternate Plan to Hack into the Terrorist’s iPhone;

😎 Quickly the California’s Federal Magistrate Judge handling the Justice Department’s case against Apple, Cancelled its Hearing with the FBI and APPLE, that was scheduled for Tuesday at 1pm, March 22. The FBI, NSA, CIA were attacking Apple’s iPhone Policy, because the GOV was unable to Hack Apple’s iOS9 Operating System advanced Encryption Security, and Self-Destruct measures, apparently activated in the Terrorist’s iPhone.

😎 Cybersecurity legend John McAfee has hinted that he knows who is helping the FBI. McAfee also says that Apple will not like the HACK that they come up with, an “iPhone Universal Master Key.”

😎 Apparently the Israeli mobile software developer Cellebrite is helping the FBI in its attempt to unlock the iPhone at the center of the San Bernadino shooter investigation. This is based on a report in Wednesday’s copy of Israeli daily newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth. If the software company succeeds, then the FBI will no longer need the help of Apple, the report claimed, citing unnamed industry sources. According to its website, Cellebrite offersmobile forensics solutions” which “give access to and unlock the intelligence of mobile data sources to extend investigative capabilities, accelerate investigations, unify investigative teams and produce solid evidence”. (

😎 APPLE is well known for continuously “tightening up” it’s iOS operating system for years, as new vulnerabilities are discovered. It has been recently reported that with the release of iOS10 slated for September, 2016, simultaneously with its release of the new iPhone 7, as to Security no one will be able to HACK an iPhone, including Apple engineers.

😎 Other than Apple’s advanced Encryption capabilities of iOS9, there are 2 Encryption Apps available on its App Store that provide virtually Hack-Proof methods, namely TELEGRAM and SIGNAL. TELEGRAM provides for ultra-secure Text Messaging, and SIGNAL which provides ultra-secure Messaging and VoIP Voice Calling that by-passes Telephone Companies as it uses WiFi for the connection. Both these Apps use the highest level of Encryption that is said to be as HackProof as currently available, cited by the Black-Hat community.

😎 SIGNAL and TELEGRAM Encryption Apps are available for Android smartphones and Apple iOS iPhones and iPads. Therefore if even the iPhone and Android operating system are “hackable” and, if these user are communicating with SIGNAL or TELEGRAM, well trained Hackers will NOT be able to view these user’s encrypted text-messages nor listen to their encrypted telephone calls, even if these smartphone itself are Hacked.

😎 SIGNAL, is a free iPhone and Messaging App that renders fully encrypted VoIP (Voice over Internet-Provider) telephone calls to other Signal users on their iPhones (or RedPhone App users on Android). This open-source App from the SIGNAL Developers, challenges the notion that security has to be arcane and difficult; However, SIGNAL comes very close to succeeding with its utility, simplicity, intuitive user-interface, combined with “hack-proof” encryption security. Below is a summary of SIGNAL’s Key features for Secure voice Calling and Text Messaging.

Private Encrypted Calling with SIGNAL
😎 Speak Freely – Make crystal-clear phone calls to people who live across town, or across the ocean, with no long-distance charges.
😎 Stay Private – Signal cannot hear your conversations, and no one else can either. No exceptions.
😎 Pay Nothing – The development team is supported by community donations and grants. There are no advertisements, and it doesn’t cost anything to use.

Private Encrypted Messaging with SIGNAL
😎 Say Anything – Send high-quality group, text, picture, and video messages, all without SMS and MMS fees.
😎 Be Yourself – Use your existing phone number and address book. There are no separate logins, usernames, passwords, or PINs to manage or lose.
😎 Stay Private – Signal cannot read your messages, and no one else can either. Everything is always end-to-end encrypted and painstakingly engineered in order to keep your communication safe.
😎 Get Organized – Archive functionality makes it easy to keep track of the conversations that matter to you right now.
😎 Pay Nothing – The development team is supported by community donations and grants. There are no advertisements, and it doesn’t cost anything to use.

😎 SIGNAL permits the transmission of fully encrypted Text Messages and VoIP Calls on your iPhone. Signal’s App uses your smartphone’s phone number to automatically find other Signal users, with whom you can chat securely; Therefore you’ll both have to register your phone numbers, including the person you are calling. Just tap in your phone number’s 9-digits, and a 6-digit Verification Code is sent to your iPhone via SMS. Verifying your iPhone number may seem unusual for a security app, however, the SIGNAL system must verify that you are in control of the registered iPhone. SIGNAL is becoming very popular as thousands of simultaneous Verifications may be slowing their system. Therefore be patient as several attempts may be necessary.

😎. SIGNAL’s App has been highly recommended by the famous NSA/CIA Whistleblower, Hacker, and Privacy Advocate, Edward Snowden, who states that SIGNAL is the best messaging and telephonic encryption tool, and Snowden trusts and uses Signal routinely.

😎 SIGNAL is useful for anyone that is concerned about Confidentiality when using their iPhone. Medical Doctors and their staffs benefit by keeping sensitive medical records private. Corporate Executives would greatly benefit from this encryption tool in light of industrial espionage surrounding new product releases. FBI, NSA, CIA and Military officers will also benefit in communicating “Securely” with each other when discussing Court Cases, Witness Protection schemes, or International Covert activities to name a few.

😎 SIGNAL developers have taken steps to ensure that this exchange protects your privacy, they acknowledge that an absolutely “perfect” solution has yet to be found. To make end-to-end SIGNAL Encryption work, you and the person you’re calling need to be using Signal for iPhones (RedPhone for Androids). Signal makes finding other users easy by scanning your contacts and looking for other users who have already registered their smartphone numbers. You may have to do some convincing to get your friends to sign up…

😎 Making SIGNAL telephone calls is very easy. Signal’s App is as simple to use as is your default iOS9 iPhone Telephone App. Want to make a insecure Call, launch Apple’s PHONE App. However, if you want to make Secure-Encrypted phone call, Launch the SIGNAL App. Recall, you can only call other Signal users, and those folks are the only people that will show up in the Contacts section. If you dial the number of someone who isn’t using Signal, the Signal App will offer to send a text message encouraging the called-party to join. You can designate contacts as favorites for easy access, plus recent calls will appear in the call log panel. A search box appears over every panel in the App, so your contacts are not difficult to reach.

Image below a “ScreenShot” of TELEGRAM App displayed on an iPad

😎 TELEGRAM makes encrypted text-messaging a snap to use and it has an attractive design, available on multiple platforms. Cloud-based text-messaging makes secure messages available everywhere. Cloudless Message option provides extra security measures, plus powerful group tools of up to 5000 recipients. Telegram is a secure messaging App folks have been asking for; its very simple to use, with full Encryption Security from top-to-bottom.

😎 TELEGRAM Messenger is the latest in a string of instant messaging Apps that seek to combine the “ease of texting” with smart, extremely secure encryption. The difference between Telegram and other Apps, is Telegram puts the user experience first, making it one of the very Best iPhone secure encryption messaging Apps available today. It is a solid chat-client even if it were insecure; However, Telegram’s dedication to security takes this App to a High Encryption level, on par with SIGNAL.

😎 TELEGRAM – As you begin with Telegram, you have to enter your phone number. This is the main identifier that Telegram uses. After you enter your number, Telegram sends your iPhone a unique confirmation-code via SMS to verify your iPhone. If you choose to link your Telegram account to a Desktop or Web client, Telegram will confirm your identity by sending a special message to the Telegram App on your phone. It’s wonderfully seamless, however, you can only have one phone associated with a Telegram account. If you want to install Telegram on a second iPhone, you’ll have to create a separate account.

😎 TELEGRAM – Using an iPhone number also raises some legitimate privacy concerns, as Telegram’s requirement that it view your contacts to connect you with other users. Any Telegram user who has your phone number in their Contacts list will see you in their Telegram contacts. It’s easy, however I’d prefer adding contacts in the App the old-fashioned way, one-by-one.

😎 TELEGRAM users may add users without knowing a phone number thanks to Telegram’s option of designating Usernames, which you may create from the Settings panel. If your Telegram account has a Username, anyone can search and find you through their App with your user-name and not your phone number. Telegram also generates a public-link that users can click onto to send you messages. A drawback is, you may only add someone in your phone’s Contacts list to your Telegram contacts; Usernames aren’t enough.

😎 TELEGRAM – One thing you may notice when logging in to Telegram, is the App is beautifully designed. It’s extremely responsive, the functions makes common sense, and has all the high-design one would expect from a polished iPhone App. This is in stark contrast to most other high-security Encryption Apps, such as Cryptocat, which are usable but difficult at best. One can’t emphasize this enough, using Telegram does not feel like using a typical security app. It feels like using a popular chat client.

😎 TELEGRAM Secret and Super-Secret Modes – There are two types of messages in Telegram. By default, messages between two users are called Cloud Messages. These are encrypted while in transit, and are accessible to all of your devices running Telegram. This is possible because your Cloud Messages, as well as the cryptographic keys to read them, are stored and managed by Telegram. It is possible that a Hacker could steal, or by a Law enforcement subpoena, messages and keys from Telegram’s Cloud-servers. Depending on how that information is stored on Telegram’s end, it is also possible that these messages could be decrypted. Telegram makes these limitations clear in the Telegram App’s documentation.

😎 What good are Cloud Messages then? Consider that when the FBI or a HACKER wants to read an encrypted message, they use investigations of the physical device (see the FBI’s conflict with Apple below) and their subpoenas to obtain information from wireless carriers and companies like Telegram. The NSA, on the other hand, also “looks” at signals as they travel. However, if the NSA, FBI, or a Hacker took a peek at your Web traffic when you were chatting over Telegram, they’d see nothing but meaningless digital gibberish. Using a good VPN service is another way to keep your messaging traffic safe from prying eyes, one that can further protect you by hiding your IP address.

😎 TELEGRAM – The other type of messages are known as Secret Chats, and these trade the accessibility of Cloud Messages for much better security. When you start a Secret Chat, the encryption keys for the messages are managed only on the Sender’s and the Recipient’s iPhones, and are not Cloud based.

😎 TELEGRAM’s Secret Chat, you can view the KEY being used to send and read messages. If you and your messages’ recipients are in the same place, you can view each other’s KEYS to confirm identity. Confirming that the person at the other end of the messaging-line is who they say they are, which has been a problem for secure messaging from other App vendors. After all, if someone borrows or steals your phone, they can impersonate you. You can prevent this by enabling the option to require a password to open the Telegram App on any device (and, of course, setting a complex passcode on your iPhone’s lock screen). Signal addresses the identity problem with a scannable QR code to confirm identity, and also displays keywords that can be spoken aloud to prevent a man-in-the-middle attacks. Unfortunately, Telegram does not include Signal’s secure voice features.

😎 TELEGRAM – Not all features are available for all types of Telegram messages. Secret Chats can be set to have a TIMER enabled, that deletes the message from both your iPhone and the recipient’s iPhone after the set amount of time you establish. You will also see a Notice when the person you’re sharing a Secret Chat with, takes a “screenshot” within the App. These features aren’t available for Cloud Messages, but Cloud Messages (including Group messages, but more on those later) can be forwarded to other users while Secret Chats cannot be forwarded.

😎 Suggestion, If Hacking into iOS9 is a possibility, APPLE could discuss with one of its iOS system Engineers, offer this individual an “Incentive Exit Bonus” plus a Corporate Release, in effort to induce this Engineer to meet with FBI officials, offering “confidential services” (as a former APPLE engineer).

😎 The FBI could engage this individual (former Apple software engineer) to Hack into and unlock iPhones of criminal defendants, that have appropriate Court Orders to unlock these iPhones.

😎 This process removes Apple Inc from engaging in the business of violating its “Confidentiality Principles” which APPLE is dedicated to, for the safety of their 750 million iPhone users globally.

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If digital Imaging is of interest, I teach a course named "Principles of Digital Imaging and Post Image Processing" as an Adjunct Prof at FAU:


As a "Health Nut" for Health & Wellness;

As my friends, family and students know, I am an avid and early iPad adopter since its release April, 2010. When Apple releases their Retina-Display iPad PRO, (having sold my MacBook Pro to I applied the proceeds to purchase iPad PRO; with 128GB of Storage, AT&T connectivity, plus Apple Pencil and added Logitech’s Keyboard Case, with a DECODED natural leather slip-over protective folio.

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