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🍎 Calling All iPhones and iPads 🍎 Apple Released iOS 9.3.2 Today ο£ΏπŸŽο£ΏπŸŽο£Ώ

May 16, 2016

🍎 Calling All iPhones and iPads – Apple Released iOS 9.3.2 Today. If you own an iPhone or an iPad or two, Apple just released update 9.3.2 that you should install as soon as possible.

🍎 We’ve Downloaded and Installed this update (iOS 9.3.2) which was made available for download by Apple’s usual distribution method, by an over-the-air update (OTA Update), or through iTunes, for those of you that are not connected to the iCloud.

🍎 iTunes – If your iPhones and iPads remain connected to iTunes through your Computer with a Lightning cable, do yourself a BIG favor…. “Cut the Cord” Upload your entire device’s content to Apple iCloud. Start auto-syncing to the iCloud for an every Day [actually 2am] Backup.

🍎 Apple iCloud accounts are [256-bit] encrypted and password protected. Therefor only YOU can access your confidential information. Recent FBI attempts to “Hack” into a Locked iPhone failed for months. The FBI eventually paid a third party several $Million to “open” an iPhone as part of their Terrorist investigation.

🍎 Apple iCloud is the Safest way to Backup, Store, and Retrieve iPhone and iPad Data: Files, eMail, Calendars, Contacts, Apps, Photos, Videos, plus all of the device’s Settings & Configuration. If your Computer is stolen, damaged, or fails, you are totally “screwed” pardon the expression. In any event, this iOS 9.3.2 update brings important Security Updates plus a number of new features, bug fixes, and refinements.

🍎 Apple software engineers are providing a number of improvements across the board. We highly recommend that youall should download and install the latest iOS updates as soon as reasonably possible, to get all the Security Fixes, Apple have pushed out. One of the more obvious enhancements in iOS 9.3.2 includes the capability to enable Low Power Mode + Night Shift simultaneously, which is something many users have been asking for.

🍎iCloud Account page:

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