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★ Loretta Lynch, US Attorney General meets Privately with Bill Clinton ★ Judicial Misconduct or Unethical Behavior – You Decide ★ ★

June 30, 2016

US Attorney General Loretta Lynch unethically meets with former President Bill Clinton, privately as they intentionally crossed paths on the Hot 100ºF Tarmac, at the Phoenix Airport Monday.

Judicial Misconduct – Unethical Behavior – Public Corruption – You Decide.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch doesn’t Regret having the Meeting with Bill Clinton, she Regrets getting Caught with Bill Clinton. When Public Officials say they “Regret” something, Regret is Code-Word for “Unhappy being Caught.” Their Meeting was Planned, the meeting was not by accident. Clinton and Lynch assumed that the Media nor the Public would notice their meeting in the fuselage of the DOJ Private Jet.

What Clinton and Lynch didn’t count on, was Phoenix News ABC Channel 15’s reporter Christopher Sign, listening to the airport’s VHF Aircraft frequencies, as the Justice Department Jet’s Pilots were coordinating with the Airport Tower, [while in the Air] where Bill Clinton’s Jet was situated “parked” on the private Jet-Way Tarmac.

Secretary Clinton submitted to a 3+ hour FBI, Justice Department interview [interrogation] this morning [Saturday July2nd] regarding her email arrangements, and her handling of Top Secret email documents, while she served as Secretary of State. Clinton agreed to meet with the FBI therefor the Justice Department attorneys did not have to subpoena her. This interview process is an adversarial process, questioning the Target of a serious criminal investigation. When this FBI meeting was arranged with Clinton’s attorneys last week, perhaps Bill Clinton “panicked” and set out to meet with Loretta Lynch, AG to augment or slow-down the legal process. [our conjecture]

Bill Clinton apparently arranged this meeting that took place at the Sky Harbor Airport, on the Tarmac, as the FBI continues its investigation into (likely Democratic presidential nominee) Hillary Clinton’s breaking US Laws. In addition, Bill Clinton may be called as a witness in a potential Hearing if Hillary is charged.

Any Junior US Attorney would not accept such an unethical invitation from the Husband of the Target of an ongoing FBI Investigation.

Bill Clinton delayed the takeoff of his private Jet, walked on the hot Tarmac over to the Attorney General’s private Jet, then boarded the Jet, the weather reaching 107ºF on Monday this week. Hillary is being investigated for using the Hillary & Bill Foundation as there “Personal Piggy Bank” (investigating possible Public Corruption charges) plus the investigation of Hillary’s private emails, and Hillary’s unsecured-Server during her term as Secretary of State, compromising, gross mishandling, and destroying National Security Secrets, Government Property, contained in thousands of Classified and Top Secret eMail documents.

Bill Clinton seated in his Private Jet, delayed his takeoff at the Phoenix Airport. This meeting was arranged while Loretta Lynch’s Jet was in the Air, preparing for landing, while Clinton’s pilots were preparing for take-off; Loretta Lynch was soon to LAND in her Private DOJ Government Jet, her Jet was directed to the “Private” Plane Tarmac near Clinton’s Jet. With over 100ºF Phoenix heat, Bill Clinton exits his private jet, walks across the hot Tarmac over to Loretta Lynch’s Private Jet that just landed – Clinton then Boards her Jet for a 30 minute private “closed door meeting.”

Just before Bill Clinton approached the Justice Department Jet, an FBI team was dispatched around the Tarmac at the AG’s Jet. The FBI was demanded that anyone near these two Private Jets, but particularly the Justice Department’s Jet (housing Loretta Lynch with Bill Clinton) is not to be photographed by any means whatsoever. It is apparent that this was intended to be a “Secret Meeting” that Clinton and US Attorney General Loretta Lynch, thought would be unnoticed. Other than the obvious, is this the Roll of the FBI to shelter a clandestine, unethical meeting from the Press and the Public?

While Clinton and Lynch were conducting their Clandestine Meeting aboard the Justice Department’s Private Jet, FBI Agents were disbursed around the Tarmac requiring everyone to put away their cellphones, no photography whatsoever. This is hardly the arrangement, so that Bill Clinton can bring Loretta Lynch up to date on his golf and grandchildren.

Clinton and Lynch got caught by the local TV Media. Do you really think Bill Clinton braved the 100ºF Arizona Heat, to speak with the US Attorney General Lynch about his golf outings and grandchildren… Really ?!? Do you think this “Meeting” was booked on their Calendars, Staff in attendance, Notes takes. NOT.

These two principles of potential Litigation did not coincidentally meet each other, at the Phoenix Airport, in a terminal building, exchanging brief pleasantries in passing. Bill Clinton, the husband of Hillary Clinton, who is the principal Target of an ongoing active investigation by the FBI – Dept of Justice… Clinton and AG Lynch go out of their way, to cause a private meeting in the Department of Justice’s private Jet, as Loretta Lynch’s pilots are readying the aircraft for take-off back to Washington DC.

If you believe the US Attorney General’s “story”… I have a Bridge for Sale… Lynch said “I did see President Clinton at the Phoenix Airport as I was leaving, and he spoke to myself and my husband on the plane,” as she spoke to reporters. “Our conversation was a great deal about his grandchildren. It was primarily social and about our travels. He mentioned the golf he played in Phoenix, and he mentioned travels he’d had in West Virginia.”

Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton must think the American People are Stupid. What a load of tripe… Just like Hillary Clinton saying several years ago, she only destroyed emails about her family birthday parties, emails to Bill, and yoga appointments, all 30,000 of them. Both not telling the truth.

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