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★★★ Virus Alert: an epidemic of Android Malware is spreading worldwide ⭐⭐⭐

July 6, 2016

Virus Alert: an epidemic of Android Malware is spreading worldwide, including HummingBad, BrainTest, PushGhost, and Xinyinhe.

Versions of Malware installs a RootKit onto Android Operating Systems, which literally “takes control” of one’s Android smartphone or tablet, without the user knowing anything is happening in the “background.”

Android Malware, Spyware, Virus Vulnerabilities are the Internet Connectivity equivalent of Someone Lifting your Mobile-Phone from your Pocket. These Malware Viruses enter Android devices autonomously and attach to a smartphone’s or tablet’s Operating System, operate so subtly and in plain sight, you cannot See, Feel, or Notice the Theft is going on.

Virus Malware enables a remote “attacker” [who could be anywhere, any country] to cause severe damage, if the Bad-Guy decides to change his objectives. Malware Objectives can easily be changes once the Rootkit is installed; for example the “objective” can be changed to record one’s keystrokes, “targeted keystrokes” where once an Android user begins to log-in to their Bank Account, keystrokes can be recorded and transmitted to the “attacker” for their use at a later time, taking or transferring the users Funds.

iPhone and iPad Malware Vulnerability – Apple’s iOS8 and iOS9 Operating Systems are relatively “closed” as to user-tinkering. However, Android OS is an “Open Architecture” making it vulnerable to virus attacks.

Apple iOS is a Closed Architecture, where the software engineers limit user’s ability to tinker with the operating system code, thereby greatly reducing its vulnerability to virus attacks. Additionally, when users update to a new iOS version [currently 9.3.2] with over 1 Billion iOS devices in circulation, it contains operating enhancements and advanced anti-malware algorithms to best protect its users. Currently over 95% of the 1Billion iOS iPhone and iPad users are operating on iOS8 and iOS9, the most current operating system versions.

The Android user-base is very Fragmented, meaning that 35% are on the current OS release, 30% are on an OS release that’s several years old, and the remaining 35% of Android users are still using an OS that is 3 or more years old. This makes for a huge Android user-base (over 65% of several Billion Android users) who are vulnerable to Malware, Spyware and other Viruses.

Android smartphones infected by Malware, the objectives can include installing a “key-logger” which records every keystroke, or targeted keystrokes, such as access-passwords and Bank account information. Malicious Malware may also capture Credentials and bypassing encrypted email containers used by many larger enterprises, such as Commercial Banks and Insurance Companies.

Over 10 Million Android smartphones and tablets devices have been infected with a new Malware “virus” called HummingBad, according to security sources.

HummingBad malware is capable of taking over smartphones and tablets, stealing and selling-on user information, from the Android user’s email accounts, contacts, banking information, everything needed for identify theft, as well as downloading unauthorized Apps.

Looking at HummingBad, this malware establishes a persistent rootkit with the objective to generate fraudulent Ad revenue for its perpetrator, similar to the Brain Test app discovered by Check Point earlier this year. In addition, HummingBad installs fraudulent apps to increase the revenue stream for the Bad-Guys.

HummingBad malware with its multiple fraudulent groups, continue to evolve their Methods and Objectives, including assuring the persistency of the malware once the infection is successful with its Rootkit installed. This campaign is the latest in series initiated by various fraudster-groups in the recent 4 months.

New Stagefright Malware Bugs Causes All 1.4 Billion Android Users Vulnerable to Attack. This is very serious business. These vulnerabilities may be a contributing factor for the sustained massive migration from Android to Apple’s iPhone.

The Security Researcher warned recently that two new Stagefright bugs can allow hackers to break into your phone by tricking you into visiting a website containing a malicious multimedia file, either mp3 or mp4. These two new Bugs were also found in the Android media playback engine called Stagefright, just like the first series of bugs disclosed in late July.

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