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★★ Hillary, Bill, Loretta, James – All Lied according to DecepTech’s Voice Stress Analysis Lie Detection System ⭐⭐

July 17, 2016

😎 Michael Sylvestre, a Top Rated Lie-Detection Expert, recorded the live testimony from Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Attorney General, and FBI Director James Comey, regarding their recent involvement with the Clinton’s and their public Televised statements regarding Hillary’s mis-handling of Top Secret documents, and Loretta Lynch’s future with the DOJ.

😎 Michael Sylvestre also analyzed Loretta Lynch’s remarks about her private 39 minute meeting with Bill Clinton when they were “caught” together on a Phoenix Airport Tarmac in the DOJ’s private jet, [where Bill Clinton waited for over 30 minutes for the DOJ jet to land – no coincidence – totally planned] 6 days before FBI director’s decline to prosecute statement, plus FBI Director’s statements regarding “no outside influence was brought to bear…”

😎 What’s amazing, these statements were recorded by Michael Sylvestre, an expert in Lie Detection analysis, where the Voice Recordings, the important statement-segments were submitted through DecepTech’s Voice Stress Analysis Software System for real-time LIE DETECTION.

😎 You Too can Watch your Public Officials on Live TV Lie to You in Real-Time. What’s most Interesting, literally Anyone with $9,000 can buy the DecepTech Software System, install it onto your Windows v7 Laptop Computer, attend a One-Week training exercise, and viola, you’re Ready to Learn the Truth. As a matter of fact, once you learn how to interpret the results, you can go onto the History Channel, and listen to past televised Speeches or Interviews were Lies or Truths.

😎 Roughly 40 years ago yours truly was Director of Operations for a National Retailer, being charged with interpreting Polygraph results with our Polygraph expert [a former White House Polygrapher] reviewing thousands of pre-employment polygraph tests. Being the only individual in the Company to View & Discuss these results, with over 10,000 polygraphs given, this was an intensive “exercise.” Needless to say I learned most everything there was to know about Polygraphing, the then 1970’s version equipment, and interpreting the Polygraph results. In the 1970’s Voice Stress Analysis was being talked about. However, at that time portable PC Computer Technology was not readily available to individuals, where PC’s came to the masses years later, in the mid-1980’s with the IBM-PC.

😎 What is most interesting, many historic televised events were recorded by Michael Sylvestre, where the Voice Recordings were the important statements were submitted through DecepTech’s Voice Stress Analysis System in real-time – Sylvestre is highly experienced Lie Detection expert. Below are Sylvestre’s astounding results:

😎 Hillary is Guilty of Deception, and was close to “maxing out Stress” when she denied emailing any Classified materials to anyone, according to Sylvestre use of DecepTech’s Voice Stress Analysis system.

😎 Loretta Lynch’s remarks were deceptive about what went on with her meeting with Bill Clinton – were determined to be Lies, according to Sylvestre use of DecepTech’s Voice Stress Analysis system.

😎 Bill Clinton, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey, were deceptive – Sylvestre’s analysis is that all were deceptive with an apparent “Cover Up.”

😎 Sylvestre also focused on FBI Directors statements regarding “no outside influence was brought to bear” on the FBI investigation… Sylvestre determined that the FBI Director voice was under significant of stress in those words, Sylvestre commenting that “someone else had definitely influenced his decision” according to Sylvestre’s use of DecepTech’s Voice Stress Analysis system.

😎 Famed lie-detection expert Michael Sylvestre used DecepTech’s Voice Stress Analysis System, a forensic device [used by over 50 Law Enforcement Agencies] to analyze an interview; Of particular note Sylvestre examined Bill Cosby remarks, and has spoken with about his findings… that Cosby definitely Lied about his drug related rape charges.

😎 DecepTech’s Voice Stress Analysis System works in real-time, in person, using a standard microphone or by imputing recorded speech using small, inexpensive, off the shelf $100 digital recorders. DecepTech’s System works well with speech in the following venues: live interviews or recorded, statements given over a modern telephone-line, Statements recorded from, or imputed by Live-TV and Radio broadcasts. As the subject speaks, the DecepTech’s System computer displays one’s unique voice pattern, processes it, and displays the laryngeal low frequency warble waveforms on the Computer Display.

😎 Human Voce-Patterns are composed of a mixture of frequencies, amplitudes, and modulations. These complex audio wave-forms makes one’s voice unique to listeners. However, a band of the frequencies that are also mixed in one’s overall voice-patten, is a “low-frequency warble” generated by the laryngeal muscles as one speaks. These low frequencies are generally inaudible to the human ear, and not in direct control of the individual speaking.

😎 DecepTech Digital Voice Stress Analysis software system is capable of separating [and emphasizing] this low frequency warble from the voice-pattern. These laryngeal low frequency warbles maintains relatively consistent oscillations and amplitudes; however, this laryngeal low frequency warble becomes augmented when the Subject-Speaker becomes under stress, when not telling the truth. The rest of the Audio complex wave-form may be managed by the Speaker; however the laryngeal low frequency warbles [roughly 8 to 16 cycles/second] are not manageable by the Speaker.

😎 DecepTech Digital Voice Stress Analysis System – Requires a Windows Computer Laptop weighing a few pounds. The Software is the most technically advanced system yet produced to detect, process and display changes in the physiological “Lippoid Micro-Tremors of the laryngeal low frequency warble” in human speech.

😎 Micro-Tremors in the laryngeal muscles has been shown to directly reflect the level of stress being experienced by an individual, which is observable with the System’s visual-components of an individual’s speech. A micro-tremor itself is manifested in Low Frequency Oscillations of 8 to 16 cycles per second – the reflex mechanism that controls the length and tension of the stretched laryngeal muscular system.

😎 q The Lippold Microtremor itself is manifested in oscillations of eight to sixteen cycles/second, Hz. This low frequency micro-tremor warble is an autonomous reflex of the laryngeal muscles – a biological mechanism that controls the length and tension of these stretched laryngeal-muscles. Microtremors created by the laryngeal muscles has been shown to directly reflect the level of stress being experienced by an individual caused by Deception.

😎 Digital Voice Stress Analysis Systems generally, detects the small changes in the low frequency warble and amplitude, displaying this frequency-band on a Laptop Display. The steady-state, or low-stress condition is seen on the Display as a randomly modulated, low-amplitude low-frequency waveform. However, a stressed condition usually causes the Display of a more constant, less-chaotic waveform, with a typically higher amplitude. The graphical waveforms produced and displayed by the Software System can be interpreted by trained voice stress analysts [VSA] to reveal that the subject is being deceptive.

😎 The DecepTech system consists of Two interdependent elements or subsystems: the trained Voice Stress Analysis (VSA) examiner, the Digital Voice Stress Analysis Program. In an interview setting, a carefully-constructed set of proven interview techniques (protocols) and tests may be utilized, consistent with Polygraph examinations. All three elements are usually present in order to accurately discover Deception in a subject’s voice.

😎 DecepTech Voice Stress Analysis System eliminates the use of all annoying belts, wires, cords, or cuffs attached to the Subject, required traditional Polygraph, the. All unstructured, free flowing private conversations, and any Public Statements broadcasted on TV may be analyzed, not confined to a strictly structured ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ examination.

😎 DecepTech’s System provides conclusive answers in just minutes, without any delay between questions or statements – Polygraph exams may take hours to complete, and the results may be avoided or defeated. DecepTech’s system provides a verifiable determination of deception to 99% accuracy; while 66% of polygraph exams actually yield conclusive results, as the polygraph monitors several different physiological markers [which can be avoided or defeated].

😎 DecepTech analyzes Lippold micro-tremors, an automatic, involuntary physiological response phenomena, directly related to stress from which deception may be determined. The Lippold Micro-tremor cannot be avoided or defeated, unlike the Polygraph. Unlike the polygraph, there are no known counter-measures that will result in frequent “inconclusive” results, that are associated with lippold micro-tremor analysis.

😎 Typical Polygraph machines measures the subject’s
• heart rate
• blood pressure
• galvanic skin response
• breathing rate
• breathing intensity
• other parts of the body which may be subverted. With the Polygraph, drugs will affect the results of the exam.

😎 DecepTec works whenever a subject is being deceptive. DecepTech™ is effective in all types of interview situations, including, but not limited to, criminal investigations, violent crimes, robbery, white-collar crimes, and internal affairs investigations, pre-employment examinations, insurance fraud investications and anti-terrorism.

😎 The DecepTech Voice Stress Analysis software System installed in a typical Windows Laptop, weighing only a few pounds, is the most technically advanced Voice Stress Analysis system that has yet been produced to detect, process and display changes in the physiological “Micro-tremors of Lippold” in human speech.

😎 Graphical Waveforms produced and displayed by DecepTech’s Software System can be interpreted by trained analysts to reveal the relative level of voice stress present in the Subject. The System can print reports for the examiner’s review, and to allow cases to be documented and shared among other examiners and investigators. The DecepTech Voice Stress Analysis System Software is [early version 7] Windows compatible systems, installing easily on a desktop or laptop computer.

😎 Voice Stress Analysis (VSA) technology records Psycho-Physiological stress responses that are imbedded in the human voice when a person suffers psychological stress in response to a particular stimulus (prompted by a question), and where the consequences of the person’s answer may be dire. Scientist and Researchers believe that non-verbal content of the voice carries, among other things, information about the physiological and psychological state of the Subject.

😎 Voice Stress Analysis (VSA) technology can identify emotional stress better than traditional Polygraph examinations, according to a study published December 7, 2013, by the International Journal of Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering (IJEECE). In a three-year study conducted by the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory in Rome New York, on voice stress analysis, it was determined that the voice stress units tested were able to recognize stress in the spoken voice. Additionally, these units performed equally whether the voice was a live test or a recorded one.

😎 The International Journal of Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering study also provided the caveat that caution should be taken when using voice stress analysis in that it should only be used as an investigative tool and not solely relied on for a case conclusions. {Haddad, D., Walter, S., Ratley, R., & Smith, M. (2001). “Investigation and Evaluation of Voice Stress Analysis Technologies.” Rome Laboratory Report (AFRL-IF-RS-TM-2001-7), 18-19}

😎 Lie detection, also referred to as deception detection, uses questioning techniques along with technology that record physiological functions to ascertain truth and falsehood in response. It is commonly used by law enforcement and has historically been an inexact science. There are a wide variety of technologies available for this purpose. The most common and long used measure is the polygraph, which the U.S. National Academy of Sciences states, in populations untrained in countermeasures, can discriminate lying from truth telling at rates above chance, though below perfection.

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