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⚡️ Ozone O³ Removes Odors, Bacteria & Viruses Fast 💥⛈⚡️🌩⚡️

July 22, 2016

⚡️ Ozone, O³ Removes Odors, Germs and Bacteria quickly from Houses, Apartments, Automobiles, Garages, Trailers, Campers, Basements. an Oxygen molecule, interacts with odors, toxins, bacteria, and viruses, breaks down into plus the free radical, Oxygen Molecule attacks [oxidizes] the noxious Odors, Germs, Bacteria, Cigar & Cigarette Smoke, and residual Smoke from Fires.

🔘 Ozone-Power O³ Generator is extremely effective for treating Homes, Condos, Hotel Rooms, Rental Apartments… plus Game Rooms, Billiard Rooms, Bars, Taverns, Garages, Trailers, Campers, Basements, where noxious odors have been absorbed into Carpets, Draperies, Blinds, Furniture, Bedding, Clothes, Closets, Floors, Walls, Ceilings, and Insulation materials.

⚡️ Ozone-Power O³ Generator is extremely effective for treating Cars, Campers, and RV’s. Most have had the occasion that body-perspiration odors, strong food smells, and Cigarette Smoke have entered your Car. Because of the “closed quarters” in one’s Car, it’s very difficult to eliminate these odors absorbed into the upholstery, carpets, insulating materials, and the Car’s Air Conditioning system. Once odors get into the A/C System it seems impossible to cover it up with sprays and fragrances.

⚡️ Car Odors Solution an Generator is the magical solution. First step: Clean the Air Condition System. Use a 12vDC-to-120vAC Power Inverter to can power-up the Ozone Generator without the need for extension cords. [Living in a high-rise building in our Boca Raton City Center is wonderful, but it’s impossible to find a 120vAC outlet in our parking-garage].

⚡️ Place the Ozone Generator on the Car’s windshield, with the Generator’s out-flow [the front of the machine] pointing towards the A/C’s fresh-air input vent. Know this, when ozone’ating the A/C system, the ozone passing through the A/C evaporator-coils and the Air-Filters, both of which are odor magnets, the Ozone enters the automotive Cabin, where the attacks the continents absorbed in the carpets, upholstery, sound proof insulation, and the head-liners.

⚡️ HONDA’s fresh-air outside vent is on the driver’s side, under the windshield-wiper trough. Start-up the Car, Turn on the A/C, setting it to Cold, making sure the “recirculating” option is Off, so that Fresh-air is brought in from outside the Car. Power up the Ozone Generator for 10 minutes. With the Car in Park, and Parking-Braked, exit the car with all doors and windows closed. Remain outside of the Car.

⚡️ At the End of the Ozone Generator’s cycle, open all 4 doors of the Car, with the A/C running for 3 more minutes, to flush the remaining Ozone from the A/C system. Then Turn off the Car and unplug the Power Inverter. Remain outside the Car for another 10 minutes, then Lock it up for a few hours. That’s it. When you drive again, if there is any remaining Ozone odor, open up the Car Windows for a few minutes.

⚡️ Travel Tip with an Generator – Traveling out of town can be rewarding and stressful, particularly so, after the Check-In to your hotel room, and notice annoying odors, food smells, and latent cigarette smoke. The Generator is relatively compact [9″x9″x7″] and light weight [4.9 pounds]. Next time you travel with an over-night stay, pack an Generator into your suitcase.

⚡️ Hotel Check-In, Unpack your Bags – then get ready to leave your hotel-room for your next meeting, cocktails or dinner – place the generator on a Luggage bench near the room’s A/C unit, so that most of the Ozone enters the A/C unit, eliminating odors that may accumulate internally. Make sure the A/C unit is turned-on, as it will help to circulate the Ozone around the Room. Rotate the Timer, Clockwise of the Generator Timer for 5 minutes – only when you are ready to exit the Room. When ready to exit your hotel-room…

⚡️ Plug the O³ Generator into the power-outlet, and exit the Room for 90 minutes, two hours is best, while you have a meeting, cocktails, or dinner. When you return, your hotel room will be freshly cleaned of all Odors.

⚡️ Caution – Do not operate the Generator while you are in your Hotel Room. Ozone in concentration is not poisonous, however it may irritate your eyes and mucus membranes. In 90 minutes the Ozone will assimilate, creating normal Oxygen. FYI, major Hotel Flags such as Hyatt, Marriott and Resort Properties for example, use Generator treatments whenever Housekeeping staff notices unpleasant odors in the Hotel Room and Suites.

⚡️ Ozone, is a very powerful Oxidizer – Ozone also has a very short life-cycle. When contaminants such as odors, bacteria, and viruses make contact with ozone the contaminants are destroyed completely by oxidation. In so doing, that extra atom of oxygen is consumed and the remainder is pure Oxygen – No odors, no bacteria, no extra atoms, only pure Oxygen. Ozone assimilates to oxygen quickly, and when oxidizing containments.

⚡️ Generators available on eBay – At the bottom of this article are two picture-slides showing 2 current offerings from the eBay Seller “collector_johnf” that I purchase from. The first Graphic displays the 5,000mg/hr Ozone Generator plus a spare Hex Generator Plate for $109.95. The 2nd graphic displayed is for 3500mg/hr ozone Generator, a non-Hex-Plate generator, for $69.95. We highly recommend this eBay Seller. For clarity, the hex-plate-Ozone energizer is a new modern design generates 50% more as compared to the standard flat-plane design.

⚡️ The Ozone-Power 5000 Commercial Ozone Generator Air Purifier is simple to use and offers professional strength purification to those looking to control and eliminate odors from mold and mildew, smoke, and more in spaces up to 5,000 square feet. It produces (Ozone) which is a naturally occurring form of Oxygen, which is very effective at breaking down [oxidizing] odors and noxious pollutants. Ozone is that clean – fresh smell in the air, following thunderstorms.

⚡️ The Ozone, Generator deodorizes and destroys odors emanating from Cigarette & Cigar Smoke, Pets Odors, Water Damage Odors, Fire & Smoke Damage, Mold & Mildew, Cooking odors, Cleaning Chemicals odors, Petroleum Paint odors, Floor Sealant and Carpet cleaning-fluid fumes, Bacteria & Germs, Air Pollution, Skunk spray odors. It is extremely effective for treating Hotel Rooms, Game Rooms, Billiard Halls, Bowling Alleys, Bars, Taverns, Garages, Basements, Trailers, or Campers where odors are absorbed in Carpets, Draperies, Blinds, Furniture, Floor Coverings, Walls, Ceilings, and Insulation materials.

⚡️ The O¹ O² O³ of Oxygen and Ozone – An operating Ozone machine “excites” millions of Oxygen molecules using Very High Voltage static-electricity – similar to a Lightning strike, which is a high voltage static-electricity discharge. Physically speaking, for every three Oxygen molecules, such as + + entering the Ozone Generator, the Hex-Plate delivers Two + molecules, at the rate of 5 grams of ozone Gas per hour of operation.

⚡️ The O³ = O² + O¹ of Cleaning the Air – When high concentrations of gas molecules, the ozone gasses that are disbursed by the “generator” into a Billiard Game Room, a Bar, a Garage, Basement, Trailer, or Camper… containing smelly Cigar & Cigarette Smoke, or noxious gasses from evaporating Petroleum-based Paints & Solvents… For every molecule of ozone gas breaks down autonomously into and – where the free radicle Oxygen atom, is consumed by oxidizing the smoke or paint vapors, and the remainder is an Oxygen molecule – that is released into the Game Room, Bar, Garage, Basement, Trailer, or Camper…

⚡️ Commercial Grade Equipment Design: This device is a true 5,000 mg/hr Ozone output, [5.0gm/hr output] delivering a very high level of odor and germ destroying ozone.

⚡️ Natural Odor Remover: Ozone [] is nature’s secret weapon for fighting odors and purifying the atmosphere. After thunder & lightning storms, one smells the “freshness” of the naturally “cleansed” atmosphere. This effect is what Ozone accomplishes as a result of the high-voltage Lightning traveling from the clouds down to the ground
⚡️ Ozone [] deodorizes all types of noxious odors: Cigar Smoke, Cigarette Smoke, Paint fumes, Wood Floor sealants, that may have been absorbed into Carpets, Draperies, Furniture, Floors, Walls, Ceilings and Insulation materials
⚡️ Ozone [] deodorizes and destroys Mould-Mildew and Spores collecting in unsealed walls and ceilings, damp and dark places like basements and closets, where odors are absorbed into Carpets, Draperies, Blinds, Furniture, Bedding, Clothes, Floors, Walls, Ceilings and Insulation materials
⚡️ Ozone [] deodorizes all Household Animal-Pet odors trapped in Homes, Garages, Trailers, Motor Homes, Barns, Rental Properties such as Cats and Cat litter boxes, Dogs, Horses, and other exotic pets, where odors have been absorbed into Blankets, Pet Beds, Carpets, Draperies, Blinds, Furniture, Bedding, Clothes in the Closets, Floors, Walls, Ceilings, and Insulation materials
⚡️ Highly Portable Design – Ozone [] Generator is housed in a portable compact 9″x9″x7″ light weight 4.9 pound cabinet using standard 120v AC, low power 80w design
⚡️ Ozone [] Generator weighs only 4.9 pounds and may be connected to a 150w “cigarette-lighter” DC-to-AC power inverter, to deodorize your Car, Boat, Trailer, Camper, or connect to a household [3-wire Grounded] extension cord of up to 100′ in length
⚡️ Factory Warranty of 5 years for the Ozone [] Generator. This extended warranty is the factory’s standard, giving peace of mind operation
⚡️ Generator’s Hex-Plate has a useful life of 10,000 hours of operation
⚡️ Generator’s Hex-Plate may be removed and Cleaned with mild dish-soap, rinse well three or more times in clean water, air-dry thoroughly before re-installing into the O³ Generator cabinet
⚡️ Generator’s Hex-Plate is user-replaceable
⚡️ Hex-Plate Generator Unit sells for under $95 currently
⚡️ Hex-Plate Generator Unit including a spare O³ Hex-Generation-Plate sells for under $110
⚡️ Generator’s Hex-Plate, when sold separately, currently sells for $45 if replacement is required.

⚡️ How to Operate the Generator – Plug the unit in to a standard 120v AC outlet – the Generator consumes 80 Watts of power. Use the built-in timer, by Rotating the Dial Clockwise, to the desired Treatment Time, calibrated in Minutes, set table from 10 minutes to 120 minutes. For the HOLD setting – the “Always On” mode – rotate the Timer Counterclockwise to the HOLD Position. Below are several Treatment-Time recommendations:

⚡️ Cars, Vans, Limousines, set timer for 20-30 minutes
⚡️ Rooms and Offices, Medium to Large spaces, set timer for 30-50 minutes
⚡️ Basements 50-100 minutes
⚡️ Entire Large House, Condominium and Apartments – set the timer to 100-120 minutes, place the O³ Hex-Plate Generator Unit near the “Return Air Duct” of the facility’s HVAC system – this will facilitate the distribution of the Ozone into all of the Rooms of an Office or Residential dwelling
⚡️ While a room or other space is being treated, it should be unoccupied – the concentration of Ozone will make the air irritating to breath during treatment
⚡️ After the Treatment – wait 45 min for the Ozone inside the treated-area to dissipate the ozone, which assimilates to Oxygen
⚡️ The number of treatment cycles, that a room may require depends on the “strength” of the odor, the volume of the treatment-area, plus the wall and floor coverings – for example, if treating a 15’x15′ room with 10′ ceilings, this may require one or more 30-minute treatments – if the ceiling height is 12′ this room may require one or more 45-minute treatments – Also, if the room is fully Carpeted with floor-to-ceiling Draperies, the treatment time may require 60 minutes
⚡️ For heavy Cigar & Cigarette Smoke Odors – it may be more effective to run the Generator with Four separate 60 minute cycles over a two day period, rather a single 4 Hour non-stop one-day extended treatment
⚡️ Ozone Generator has a HOLD (always-on mode) feature which allows it to run for more than 2 hour extended period
⚡️ Ozone Generator when set to HOLD setting, may be paired with a wall-outlet-timer Switch, for automated Cycling in late evenings when occupants or customers are not present.

⚡️⚡️⚡️ Generator New Hex--Plate (Excited Powered Up)

⚡️⚡️⚡️ Generator Standard Flat--Plate (Excited Powered Up)

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