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♻️ Mosquitos Spread ZIKA Virus ♻️ EverSāfe™ STOPS Mosquito Bites ♻️ All Natural Solution ♻️ Just ADD Water ♻️ SAFE & Non-Toxic ♻️

August 2, 2016

♻️ Worried about Zika Virus… You should be. What we know about Zika is Frightening. However, there is too much we don’t know about Zika, including its long-term adverse health effects. EverSāfe has the Solution that STOPS Mosquito Bites in the First Place. EverSāfe may be the best kept secret in the USA.

♻️ EverSāfe Bite Free Zone If residential Tap-Water or Bottled Water is not readily available, you may use rain-water, or Water from a fresh water Springs and Streams, or use fresh water from a Canal, Pond or Lake, while Camping, or at your Summer Home. In just 45 minutes after adding Water EverSāfe produces a “Bite-Free Zone” of about 10,000 square feet, a 100′ by 100′ area, or about a 55′ Radius around your Camp-site.

♻️ Activate EverSāfe by adding 1 cup (8oz) of room temperature Tap-Water or Bottled Water to the EverSāfe Geo Bag Do not use Salt-water or Brackish water from Canals.

♻️ Within 45 minutes Mosquitos will not bite you, and it will prevent your pets from being bitten too. The best defense against the ZIKA Virus is don’t get Mosquito Bitten in the First Place.

♻️ Are Mosquitoes Driving you Buggy?. EverSāfe™ is an all Natural Solution that STOPS Mosquito Bites. EverSāfe doesn’t chase Mosquitoes away; However, EverSāfe’s aroma STOPS Mosquito Bites.

♻️ EverSāfe is Non-Toxic – EverSāfe does not actually kill mosquitos, it simply causes the fertile-females that pass into your “bite-free-zone” to Not Bite. Most importantly, EverSāfe™ is SAFE, Non-Toxic, and its GREEN.

♻️ What’s of Concern in the Medical Community. Many Months ago we learned of the Zika Virus and its potential Epidemic spread into the USA. The CDC mentioned concern of an America’s Pandemic in early 2016. Then many Medical “Talking Heads” on Network TV shows, attempted to control panic by down-playing Zika’s spread into the USA. In retrospect, this advice was not well advised.

♻️ Fast-Forward-to-Today Miami-Dade is reporting that there are over a dozen NEW Zika Virus infected residents, that were infected by domestic Mosquito bites. Those infected by the Zika Virus, will show symptoms that resemble a minor “Cold or FLU” displaying Low Fever, Muscular aches and pains, possible Redness of the Eyes. It is not a great “leap of faith” to deduce, if there are 12 known cases, then there may likely be 3, 4, 5 or 10 times the Dozen known cases in Miami-Dade.

♻️ Media Alerts about Mosquito Movement and Zika Infections. Our research indicates that Mosquitos generally remain relatively close to where they were “hatched.” However, South Florida has many active thunder-storms generating high winds, that often times carries Mosquito swarms miles away from their birth-place. Displayed below are 7-Factoids about Mosquito Travel.

🐜 Mosquitos Fly generally only 1000′ from where hatched
🐜 Mosquitos Fly distances of from One Mile to Three Miles
🐜 Mosquitos Fly up to 40 miles from where hatched, just a few species though
🐜 Mosquitos Fly at a Top speed of 2.2 feet per second
🐜 Mosquitos Fly at a Top speed of 132 feet per minute, or 1½ MPH
🐜 Mosquitos Fly at or below an altitude of 25 feet usually
🐜 Mosquitos Fly Locally, but can be swept Miles away by Storms

♻️ Fourteen More Mosquito Factoids to clear up some mis-information about Mosquitos, how, when, where they “bite” and other unfounded conceptions:

🐜 There are about 175 mosquito species found in the United States
🐜 Two Most Common Mosquitos: Culex pipiens, and Aedes aegypti
🐜 The Anopheles quadrimaculatus is a Malaria carrying Mosquito
🐜 The Aedesand aegypti Mosquito, spreads Zika Virus & Encephalitis
🐜 Fertile Female Mosquitos Bite people, drawing Blood for her eggs
🐜 Male and Female Mosquitos feed mainly on fruit and plant nectar
🐜 Female Mosquito “bite” occurs with a long pointed mouthpart called a Proboscis
🐜 Female Mosquitos use its serrated Proboscis to pierce the skin
🐜 Proboscis draws blood from a suitable capillary through its tubes
🐜 Mosquito Eggs can hatch in as little as an inch of standing water
🐜 Female Mosquitos will lay eggs up to three times in their lifetime
🐜 Female Mosquitos have 60-Day Lifespan in ideal conditions
🐜 Male Mosquitos have 10-Day lifespan, under ideal conditions
🐜 Female Mosquitos lay Eggs every 3 Days during their lifespan

♻️ EverSāfe™ is an All-Natural Mosquito Solutions for People & Pets. With EverSāfe™ you create a “People and Pet friendly” Bite-Free ZONE of approximately 10,000 square feet in your front yard, or the back yard, or the side yard, dock side, campsite, tennis court, soccer & football fields, barns, garages, virtually any outdoor area. With EverSāfe™ you create a Bite-Free ZONE without toxic foggers, No harmful sprays or powders.

♻️ EverSāfe is packaged in a convenient GEO-Bag that has the all natural active ingredients locked inside. Simply open the Bag as you would open a bag of snack foods. Add about 8 ounces {1 Cup} of room-temperature water, gently move the bag from side to side to stir the contents. When EverSāfe is mixed with Water, it is effective after 45 minutes, and well remain effective for 7-Days. For best results gently agitate the Bag on day number 4.

♻️ Place EverSāfe about 20 feet from your Patio, Dock, Camping Tent. Best to hang the Green Bag on a twig in landscape shrubbery about 18" from the ground. Otherwise use a wire-clothes-hanger. EverSāfe is effective in locations where the winds are calm or breezy. I have spoken to folks that live on the Fort Lauderdale, Florida’s intracoastal waterway, typically very windy, and loaded with lots of mosquitoes. EverSāfe effectively maintained a People and Pet friendly Bite-Free ZONE, unaffected by the constant winds and breezes at their Water Front home.

♻️ EverSāfe does not Kill Mosquitoes. EverSāfe maintains a People and Pet friendly Bite-Free ZONE with no poisons or toxins. EverSāfe works by creating a scent that changes a fertile Female Mosquito’s feeding habits, from obtaining blood, to eating plant-nectar. Male mosquitoes do not bite; only fertile Female mosquitoes bite humans and animals, to sustain their life-cycle. Therefor, once EverSāfe has been activated with water, Mosquitoes may remain in your yard, however they will not bite. Mosquitoes may land on your arm, but they will not bite. EverSāfe creates a Bite-Free ZONE, not a killing zone.

♻️ EverSāfe Geo Bag is pre-punched for hanging. You may also hang the EverSāfe Geo Bag on a fence or tree-trunk, using a small nail. EverSāfe Geo Bag may be placed on a level surface, however, protect it from being tipped over by pets or folks walking about in your yard, patio or dock-side. When selecting a location to place EverSāfe, avoid locations that are near sprinklers, as EverSāfe is effective with 8oz {1 Cup} of room-temperature water; Do not permit the overfilling EverSāfe with irrigation {sprinkler} water. Also it is best to chose a location where Rain Water will not overfill the EverSāfe GEO-Bag.

♻️ EverSāfe is sold at Home Depot Stores in Florida, Louisiana and Texas, with more markets coming soon. EverSāfe is also available at HomeDepot on their on-line store. This is the direct Link to their On-Line Store:

♻️ EverSāfe is All Natural made entirely from plant extracts and releases a safe, natural scent that is irresistible to Female Mosquitoes and causes them Not to Bite.

♻️ Order EverSāfe Mosquito Solution on-line go to:

♻️ Everything You Wanted to know about Mosquitoes, but were afraid to Ask. Interesting Factoids about these Blood-Sucking Pests that have been with us for over 200 Million Years. Below are some informal research results that contains many interesting facts about Mosquitoes, their origins, behavior, flying speed, distances traveled, eating habits, and more. Here are 99 Interesting Factoids about these Blood-Sucking Pests that have been with us on Earth for over 200 Million Years

♻️ Everything You Wanted to know about Mosquitoes, but were afraid to Ask. Below are 100 Factoids of interest about Mosquitos that have been on Earth for over 200 Million Years:

🐜 Mosquito is a Spanish word for “little fly"
🐜 The word Mosquito reportedly originated in the early 16th century
🐜 In Africa, mosquitoes are called “Mozzies”
🐜 There are more than 3,500 species of mosquitoes globally
🐜 There are about 175 mosquito species found in the United States
🐜 Anopheles quadrimaculatus, Culex pipiens, Aedes aegypti are most common
🐜 Anopheles quadrimaculatus mosquito is a malaria carrier
🐜 Culex pipiens and Aedesand aegypti, these mosquitos spread Encephalitis
🐜 Female Mosquitoes Bite people and draw Blood to feed her eggs
🐜 Male Mosquitoes never Bite people or animals for blood
🐜 Both Male and Female mosquitoes feed mainly on fruit & plant nectar
🐜 Female mosquitos needs Human Blood when fertile for her eggs
🐜 Female mosquitos rest 3 days after blood-feeding, before laying eggs
🐜 Mosquitos don’t have any teeth that "bite"
🐜 Mosquitos "bite" is really not a bite, its a puncture
🐜 The Female’s “bite” occurs with her long pointed mouthpart proboscis
🐜 Female Mosquitos use their serrated Proboscis to pierce the skin
🐜 Proboscis draws blood from a suitable capillary by 1 of its 2 tubes
🐜 Proboscis is a very thin organic Hypodermic Needle with 2 tubes
🐜 Mosquitos "drink" up to three times its body-weight in blood
🐜 It would take a million bites to drain all the blood from your body
🐜 Female mosquitos can lay up to 300 eggs at a time
🐜 Mosquito eggs are deposited in clusters called Rafts
🐜 Rafts float on the surface of stagnant water
🐜 Mosquito eggs are laid in areas that flood regularly
🐜 Mosquito Eggs can hatch in as little as an inch of standing water
🐜 Females will lay eggs up to three times in their lifetime
🐜 Mosquitos spend their first 10 days of life in water
🐜 Water is necessary for the eggs to hatch into larvae
🐜 Mosquito egg larvae are commonly called wigglers
🐜 Wigglers feed on organic matter in stagnant water
🐜 Wigglers breathe air from the surface of stagnant water
🐜 Wigglers then develop into Pupae, partially encased in cocoons
🐜 Over several days, the Pupae change into adult mosquitoes
🐜 Mosquitos some varieties hibernate during "winter" months
🐜 Mosquitos are cold-blooded and prefer temperatures over 75°F
🐜 Weather under 50°F mosquitoes hibernate for the winter
🐜 Female mosquitos find holes waiting for warmer weather
🐜 Female mosquitos lay eggs in freezing water, then mom dies
🐜 Mosquito eggs may survive Winter until temperatures rise above 50°F
🐜 Female mosquitos have 60-Day Lifespan in good conditions
🐜 Males mosquitos have 10-Day lifespan, under ideal conditions
🐜 Female mosquitos lay Eggs every 3 Days during their lifespan
🐜 Female mosquito species that hibernate, may live six months
🐜 Mosquitos have six legs, a head, thorax, and abdomen
🐜 Mosquitos Head has two large compound eyes
🐜 Mosquitos Head has two ocelli (simple eyes)
🐜 Mosquitos Head has two antennae and a the nasty Proboscis
🐜 Mosquitos Proboscis, the body-part that penetrates human skin
🐜 Mosquito has two large, scaled wings sprout from the thorax
🐜 Midges and Crane Flies are often mistaken for large mosquitos
🐜 Biting Midges, smaller than Crane Flies, shorter wings, feed in swarms
🐜 Mosquito "traps" often times attracts and kills biting midges
🐜 Crane flies are much larger than mosquitoes, up to 1½" long
🐜 Crane flies do not bite, however, feed on Mosquitos
🐜 Male Mosquitos locate Females by the sound of their wings
🐜 Females can beat their wings up to 500 cycles per second
🐜 Males Mosquitos select higher frequency of those beats for a mate
🐜 Mosquitos do not generally fly very far nor very fast
🐜 Mosquitos can fly distances of from one to three miles
🐜 Mosquitos generally stay within 1000 feet of where hatched
🐜 Salt Marsh Mosquito species may travel up to 40 miles
🐜 Mosquitos fly at a Top speed is 2.2 feet per second
🐜 Mosquitos fly at Top speed is 132 feet per minute, or 1½ MPH
🐜 Mosquitos generally fly at or below an altitude of 25 feet
🐜 Mosquitos species are found at 8,000 feet in the Himalayas
🐜 Mosquitos can smell the human breath and the aroma of sweat
🐜 Mosquitos have antenna receptors to detect carbon dioxide
🐜 Mosquitos use CO2 to find humans that exhale and perspire
🐜 Mosquitos use CO2 as "flight-trails"to find a source of blood
🐜 Mosquitos speak Perspiration (sweat) to help choose their victims
🐜 Human skin produces more than 340 chemical odors and aromas
🐜 Human skin odors smell like "lunch and dinner" to mosquitos
🐜 Mosquitos smell octenol, a chemical released in human sweat
🐜 Mosquitos smell cholesterol, folic acid, certain bacteria
🐜 Mosquitos smell skin lotions and certain perfumes
🐜 Mosquitos smell Animal Body-Heat are markers and targets
🐜 Mosquitos use heat-sensors of its mouthparts detecting body-heat
🐜 Mosquitos use heat-sensors to detect human blood under skin
🐜 Mosquitos use heat-sensors to find plump capillaries for tapping
🐜 Mosquitos feed during the sunrise, daytime, sunset, and nighttime
🐜 Mosquitos, the Aedes variety are generally daytime “biters”
🐜 Mosquitos, the Culex variety start "biting" at dusk for hours
🐜 Mosquitos have been around the earth since the Jurassic period
🐜 Mosquitos have been on earth for 210 million years
🐜 Mosquitos have been mentioned by Aristotle around 300 BC
🐜 Mosquitos have been mentioned by Sidonius Apollinaris, 467 BC
🐜 The bumps-welts on one’s skin is result of mosquito "bites"
🐜 The bumps-welts caused by mosquito saliva injected into the bite
🐜 One tube housed within the proboscis draws blood
🐜 Second tube housed within the proboscis pumps mosquito saliva
🐜 Mosquito saliva contains a mild painkiller and an anti-coagulant
🐜 Most people after a mosquito "bite" react with an allergic reaction
🐜 Mosquitos saliva causes the bite-location to swell and itch
🐜 Mosquitos saliva injected in Humans, may carry Zika Virus
🐜 Malaria is caused by a parasite that lives in mosquitos
🐜 Malaria parasite in mosquito saliva, passed to humans when bitten
🐜 West Nile Virus + other viruses are passed when Mosquitoes "bite"
🐜 Mosquitos may also carry and pass on canine heart-worms
🐜 Scientists in 1937 identified a feverish woman in West Nile, Uganda
🐜 Large outbreaks of the Virus reported in Israel and South Africa in late ’90’s
🐜 West Nile Virus first appeared in USA in 1999 with an epidemic in NYC

♻️ Simply add water, to the Eco-Bag unit and place nearby, and enjoy an environment virtually free of mosquitoes and their troublesome bites for one week. It creates a Bite Free ZONE covering about 10,000 square feet around your Pool, Patio, Barbecue, Water front yard, Back Yard, Barn, Stable, Golf Putting Greens and Practice T’s, almost any out-door setting.

♻️ Mosquitoes: Are Mosquitoes Driving You Absolutely Buggy? Recently reported Mosquitos are Spreading Diseases. If mosquitoes bite an Animal or another Human, and then that same Mosquito then bites you… You could infected with the bacteria or viruses from the others that the mosquito recently drew blood from.

♻️ A Mosquito biting you is very similar to sharing Contaminated Hypodermic Needles. The Mosquito’s Proboscis functions as the insect’s hypodermic needle, as injects you, seeking a blood capillary under your skin. The scary part of the story: this same mosquito may have bitten a seriously diseased person 30 miles away several hours ago, then bit You. There is an All Natural Solution – EverSāfe™ ~ It simply WORKS, Just Add Water ~ Its SAFE and GREEN 🏇 ⛳️ ⚽️ ⚾️ ♻️

♻️ One EverSāfe™ Eco-Bag unit protects 1/3 of an acre, a 75 foot circle, 100 foot by 100 foot area, about the size of an average backyard. In most conditions, EverSāfe™ causes your yard full of mosquitoes to stop biting, in about two hours and lasts up to one full week. The container, either an Eco-Bag or the Green Pyramid’s tough exterior stands up to harsh environments, yet it’s small enough to blend in discreetly with your landscaping, yard, Golf Course, Barn, Athletic Fields, Theme Parks, Hotel Grounds, Putting Greens, Golf Driving Ranges.

♻️ Heavy Mosquito infestations or areas blocked by buildings, plants or trees, simply hang multiple EverSāfe™ bags around the perimeter of the area you want to protect. Position the bags 50 to 100 feet apart and 20 to 70 feet away from where people and pets are most likely to be. Keep the bag stationary and in one location, and your protection will last up to one week. EverSāfe will not work if it is in motion.

♻️ To order this amazing Mosquito Solution on-line go to:

♻️ EverSafe™ All-Natural Mosquito Control – Eco-Bag EverSāfe™ safely and effectively controls mosquitoes in virtually any outdoor environment. Simply add water, place EverSāfe™ outside and enjoy the outdoors again, Bite-Free.

♻️ Controls mosquitoes for 1 week
♻️ Protects 1/3 of an acre- the size of an average backyard, for larger yards use two or three EverSāfe™ units
♻️ Use in backyards, gardens, patios and pools, playgrounds, RV sites and campsites, driving ranges, sports fields, barns and stables, and more
♻️ Safe for the earth, people, pets and wildlife
♻️ 100% natural; made with plant and botanical ingredients
♻️ Nontoxic and DEET-free
♻️ EverSāfe™ replaces toxic foggers, messy lotions, and harmful sprays
♻️ Easy to place the Pyramid or hang the Eco-Bag in your landscape
♻️ Easy to use: just add Water
♻️ Expandable: use multiple units to protect larger areas or for heavy infestations
♻️ Small and portable, convenient of you are going Camping
♻️ No power, no candles, and no batteries needed
♻️ Recyclable Bag

♻️ EverSafe™ Two-Pack Refill. Want more mosquito-free time outdoors? Our refill packets can refresh your pyramid unit for more EverSāfe™ results! Thoroughly rinse out the unit, add 1 cup of water and one EverSafe refill, and experience another full week of bite-free protection
♻️ For use with EverSāfe All-Natural Mosquito Control units
♻️ Each refill keeps mosquitoes away for up to a week
♻️ Safe for the earth, people, pets and wildlife
♻️ 100% natural; made with plant and botanical ingredients
♻️ Nontoxic and DEET-free
♻️ Replaces toxic foggers, messy lotions, and harmful sprays
♻️ Easy to use: just add water
♻️ Refill package contains 2 one-week activating packets: 1.41 Oz (40g) for each packet

♻️ To order this amazing Mosquito Solution on-line go to:

♻️ Mosquitoes ♻️ Are Mosquitoes Driving You Buggy ♻️ Mosquitos are also Spreading Diseases ♻️ There IS an All Natural Solution ♻️ EverSāfe™ ♻️ It simply WORKS ♻️ Just Add Water ♻️ Its SAFE and its GREEN ♻️

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