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★ Florida ★ Mid-Atlantic ★ Gulf States ★

August 28, 2016

⛈⚡️⛈ National Hurricane Center is giving this Tropical Depression a 100% chance of development over the next 48 Hours. South Florida may see serious impacts from the Tropical Wave known as 99-L on the Radar Screen, as they move through the Florida Straits.

⛈⚡️⛈ For Labor Day travelers in South Carolina and the Outer Banks may want to be Careful of a newly-formed tropical depression, which was just alerted by the National Hurricane Center. This a LINK to NOAA’s 99L Satellite Floater watching these Tropical Depressions:

⛈⚡️⛈ A special August, 28th outlook, forecasters said advisories on tropical depression 8 will begin at 11 a.m. Satellite images are showing a closed circulation, and the National Hurricane Center is giving this Tropical Depression a 100% chance of development over the next 48 Hours.

⛈⚡️⛈ Rain chances have been reduced to near normal amounts through Wednesday for South Florida, but lifeguards will be on alert for rip currents as increasing east winds whip up the waves rolling onto Palm Beach County’s coastline. The National Weather Service in Miami has issued a high risk of rip currents through Monday.

⛈⚡️⛈ Despite Invest 99-L’s glancing blow to South Florida, the National Hurricane Center has increased the chances of it forming into a tropical cyclone to 60% over the next 5 Days as it enters the Gulf of Mexico. It’s been a real roller-coaster ride for the clutch of thunderstorms and showers, which at one point had some forecasters thinking it would spin into a hurricane hitting South Florida.

⛈⚡️⛈ The National Hurricane Center is now tracking three systems in the Atlantic basin with medium chances to become tropical cyclones, and Hurricane Gaston, which is no threat to land at this point.

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