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😴 We have MyPillows as do 5 Million other Folks 😴 😴 We Sleep Better, its that Simple πŸ˜΄

December 2, 2016

😴 With MyPillows – We are sleeping much better from the very first night. In fact we are both sleeping so well, that I’m motivated to tell our 118,000+ readership. In our view, the MyPillow headlines work – We acted on the TV advertising about Michael Lindell’s MyPillow. For months I ignored the advertisements, and finally decided to give MyPillow a Try… and we’re glad we did!

😴 About MyPillow – MyPillow’s internal foam, has been shredded into small ragged shaped poly-foam-chunks, the largest of which is smaller than a golf ball. Some competitors are using one large “foam brick” whose density is measured, for a one-size-fits-all mentality.

😴 MyPillow “Magic” – MyPillow contains ragged-shaped polyethylene-foam pieces that tend to gently “hold onto each other” making for a soft-but-firm fluff – easily shaped to suit your contours. Fluffing MyPillow a bit, and the pillow reshapes itself and gently maintains your desired “fluff.” Most good designs are relatively “simple” as is MyPillow.

😴 MyPillow Firstly – Economical delivery is made by Compressing-and-Rolling’up each pillow, forming a tightly packed “cylinder” that resembles a single roll of paper towels. Therefore, be careful when removing the outer plastic wrapper, making sure not to cut into the pillow fabric cover. Common sense… if using a tool, only use blunt-nosed scissors. Don’t use a knife or razor blade to remove the tight plastic outer wrapper.

😴 MyPillow Secondly – place the MyPillow into your Laundry Dryer set for 15-to-30 minutes – you cannot over-cook it. This step will fluff-up the MyPillow. Recall, the pillow has been compressed for a week or two during shipment. As the Company is fabricating and shipping over 25,000 MyPillows per Day, your pillow is hand made in the USA and fresh off the production line.

😴 MyPillow Guarantee – with the company policy providing for your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, providing for a 60 day return and refund, what’s to loose – other than the $20 round-trip shipping charges. For one King Size MyPillow the charge is $99 (or $89 for the Queen size pillow) with the second MyPillow at no charge, if you order it with the TV Promotion Code – making the price for the two, just under $50/each. I also bought a pair of Egyptian cotton, 400 threads/inch, pillow cases for $30 also at 1/2 price, the total grows to about $130. That’s $65/pillow including a high quality King pillow case. My Sample Order is displayed below.

1️⃣ Don IMUS interviews MyPillow inventor Mike Lindell on March 7, 2012, there is a compelling personal story in this video-clip:

2️⃣ Don IMUS interviews MyPillow inventor Mike Lindell again 32 months later on November 25, 2014:

😴 My Pillow, Inc., is a pillow manufacturing company based in Shakopee, Minnesota founded 12 years ago. The company was founded in 2004 by Michael J. Lindell, who invented and patented MyPillow, an open-cell, poly-foam pillow design. My Pillow was founded by a Minnesota native Michael J. Lindell. For several years Lindell researched pillows and sleep disorders and experimented with a variety of fillers and fabrics, before settling on his MyPillow design, then patented MyPillow’s design: (an open-cell, shredded polyethylene-foam).

😴 MyPillow Beginnings – In order to help fund the initial development of MyPillow, Lindell sold his four local Tavern-Bars that he owned in Carver County, Minnesota and also mortgaged his personal residence to raise the necessary funds. As Lindell began his new “Pillow business” he hand-sewed the pillows and handled all the sales and distribution activities with help from his family.

😴 MyPillow Today – there are presently over 10 Million MyPillows in circulation, and growing by 25,000 Pillows per DAY, with a Factory of over 600 employees. It is not easy to start a company from scratch, but it’s exciting when we can report this success. Today, in the company’s 70,000 square foot manufacturing plant in Shakopee, MN, Lindell’s factory produces approximately 25,000 pillows per day, with all the fabrication done in Northern Minnesota, USA – and as I stated at the beginning of the article – these Pillows are truly amazing.

1️⃣ Don IMUS interviews MyPillow inventor Mike Lindell on March 7, 2012:

2️⃣ Don IMUS interviews MyPillow inventor Mike Lindell again 30 months later on November 24, 2014:

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