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🌐 Have you Had Your Shake Today 🌐 No More Excuses 🌐 It’s Now time to Take Care of YOU with Isagenix πŸŒ

February 22, 2017

🌐 Have You had Your Isagenix Shake Today? Its well after New Year’s, no more excuses – Lets get back to the business of taking Care of YOU, Today.

🌐 Natural Vanilla IsaLean Pro Shake is better than ever. Chocolate formulation is my personal favorite. Marilyn loves Strawberry. All packaged in a Box of 14 convenient single-serving packets, our favorite packaging, no scoops, no measuring, no mess, simply open the pre-measured packet, pour into your blender. Nowhere can you get a fully-balanced, fast meal for under $4

🌐 You can Enjoy a 36gm dose of the highest quality all-natural Protein, unDenatured whey protein in Natural Chocolate, Strawberry, French Vanilla, and Natural Vanilla – plus three Dairy-Free shake formulas, Vanilla, Chocolate and Natural Berry Harvest.

🌐 The 7-Steps to Make a Great Shake – IsaLean Shakes are Quick & Easy to Make, plus are Very Healthy – Its a Fully Balanced Meal
(1) Add Cold Purified Water measuring up to 8oz-Line on Blender
(2) Add a Hand-Full of ICE Cubes into Blender
(3) Add some Fruit – For a Healthy “Change-up” – Choose from these: add 10 Grapes or Strawberries, add a 4″ piece of Banana, add a table-spoon of Peanut Butter, a hand-full of BlueBerries, a 3″ Watermelon Cube – Its OK to be Creative
(4) Pre-Blend the Water, Ice, and Fruit for 10 seconds
(5) Tear open the IsaLean Pro Shake-Pack, add to the Blender
(6) BLEND for 20-to-30 Seconds
(7) Pour into a 16oz Glass or To-Go Cup and Enjoy, no messes, rinse blender for your Next shake

(β˜…) Desire Coffee flavored Shakes – that’s Easy – brew 12oz of your favorite Coffee the night before, and place the hot brewed Coffee in your Refrigerator. Next Morning, use 4oz of the Cold Coffee and 4oz of Cold purified water, add a few ice cubes; Blend with the Shake as usual. Add more-or-less Coffee to suit your taste
(β˜…) No Problem adding a few calories of Fruit, to mix things up a bit, as taking your “Morning Shake” should be an Every Day all-Year affair
(β˜…) IsaLean Shakes are not “diet foods.” They are Healthy Foods – a fully balanced meal-replacement – Shakes may be used in a Diet Regimen and for an Every Day regimen – the best way to start your day either way
(β˜…) As a Diet comes into Play – substitute the 2nd Meal of your Day with another IsaLean Pro Shake, for Lunch or Dinner, make your third meal of the day a 650 calorie, healthy “anything-you-desire” meal
(β˜…) Want to add lots of Lean Muscle, have a 3rd Shake of the Day – giving you 108 grams the very best all natural protein

🌐 A bit of Biochemistry – The Meaning of Denatured vs. unDenatured. When ingredients are all Natural, unDenatured, that’s the best, that’s the Isagenix way. Denatured, means the ingredients are no longer Natural, processing has altered the ingredients, means lower quality.

🌐 UnDenatured (a double-negative) means the ingredients are All Natural, ISAGENIX’s Way. unDenatured = Natural, in the case of IsaLean Shakes the 36gm of Protein have not been altered by “cooking” the protein. Denatured is “Code-Word” for the Protein has been altered, by cooking it. Cooked Protein will not be fully absorbed by the Body.

🌐 What’s the difference between Natural Vanilla and French Vanilla: Only the flavor. Enjoy the cinnamon-tinged flavor of French Vanilla or savor the sweetness of Natural Vanilla; either way, you’re enjoying the best, power-packed shake on the planet.

🌐 Isagenix has pioneered the safest, most effective all-Natural products on the marketβ€”and we have the results to prove it. Our whole-body approach to health and wellness is revolutionizing the industry and Isagenix is a 14 year old multi-National, multi-$Billion Company.

🌐 If you’d like, Go to our Isagenix site… learn more about Isagenix products, order products directly from this site. Make Isagenix a source for your health. Better yet Join our Isagenix Team and receive Wholesale pricing, the same prices we pay… Here’s the Link:

🌐 Isagenix Spring, 2016 U.S. Product Catalog is available for your review and download by clicking onto the Link below. This full-color 94 page catalog describes each of the products, their Ingredients, the Science, followed by the current prices for each product, displaying Associate pricing and Retail pricing for non-Members:

🌐 Creating exceptional nutritional products that make a positive difference in millions of people’s lives is a very complex process. Master Formulator John W. Anderson and our Research and Development Team actively nurture collaborative relationships with experts from diverse disciplines to stay abreast of ever-evolving nutritional science. They are constantly consulting academic experts and medical professionals to create no-compromise products with the utmost of efficacy.

🌐 Each Pack of Isagenix IsaLean Pro shake, which gives you a delicious high-protein Meal. A complete Ultra-High protein Meal, perfectly balanced formula, containing
βœ”οΈ 36 grams of unDenatured Protein
βœ”οΈ 6 grams of Dietary Fiber
βœ”οΈ 23 Vitamins and Minerals to assure maximum absorption
βœ”οΈ 21gm Carbohydrates and
βœ”οΈ 6gm total Fats
βœ”οΈ 460mg Potassium
βœ”οΈ Active enzymes to aid digestion
βœ”οΈ Gluten Free
βœ”οΈ Soy Free
βœ”οΈ Low Glycemic formulation.

🌐 Isagenix IsaLean Pro Shakes are Magical for Weight-Loss. Simply take two IsaLean Pro Shakes, replacing two of your three meals each day. Drink lots of water, at least eight 8oz glasses of water each day. Have the pleasure and freedom of eating and enjoying One normally balanced 640 Calorie meal of your choice, at Home, Office, or at your favorite Restaurant… Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner, you decide. Each IsaLean Pro shake has only 280 Calories. Recall that Isa Lean Shakes are fully balanced meals with a scientifically-balanced blend of Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats, Minerals & Vitamins to assure the best bodily absorption. Therefore for your three-meals per day regimen, is fortified with just two IsaLean shakes per Day
> Calorie Count for 3-meals
> 280+280+640=1200 Calories/Day

🌐 Isagenix IsaLean Pro Shakes are Magical for Lean Muscle Weight-Gain. Simply take two, three or more, IsaLean Pro Shakes, in addition your regular meals each day. Drink lots of water, at least eight 8oz glasses of water every day. Since each IsaLean Pro Shake contain 36gm of pure natural protein, your exercise program will benefit greatly with this healthy high-protein supplement. The more you work-out, the more your body will crave protein. These Shakes are a very efficient method to nutritionally-balance your exercise program.

🌐 Your BMI will be optimized too as “fatty tissues” are simultaneously replaced by lean muscle. You will see wonderful results, as do many Body Builders, as well as Track & Field, and other Professional Athletes are experiencing. Each IsaLean Pro Shake has only 280 Calories. Recall that Isa Lean Shakes are fully balanced meals with a scientifically-balanced blend of Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats, Minerals & Vitamins to assure the best bodily absorption.

🌐 Quinoa Salad with Veggies as pictured is one of our favorites, which contains 230 Calories per 1 Cup serving. I ordered Quinoa for lunch today at my favorite CafΓ©, Saquella. Later in the Day I will have my 2nd IsaLean shake, leaving 310 Calories for a Glass of Prosecco Sparkling Wine (100 Calories) and a light Snack, for example, a yummy Isagenix’s Fiber Bar, 150 Calories.

🌐 Remember to DRINK Lots of Water and Exercise. Recommended Water Daily should be Eight 8oz Servings of Water Daily, More if you Exercise Vigorously and perspire. Many folks do not have time to join a Gym, but walking is a great exercise to maintain one’s Metabolism. There is a terrific App called MOVES, which counts your Steps while walking during the day, and has the ability to suspend counting when riding in a Car, Bus or Train. Pressing the Green Circle translates the Your steps to Calories burned, Miles walked, and Hours walked. Maintains Weekly and Monthly totals to keep you motivated to WALK…

🌐 If you’d like, Go to our Isagenix site… learn more about Isagenix products, order products directly from this site. Be free to make Isagenix a source for your health needs. Better yet Join our Isagenix Team and receive Wholesale pricing, the same prices we pay, and become an independent business for you if you’d like… Here’s the Link:

🌐 Interested in the world famous Isagenix Shakes, but need a Dairy-Free formula, Isagenix has it, with their Natural Berry Harvest Shake. If you have religious food requirements there is a KOSHER formulation also.

🌐 Where can you possibly buy a Completely Balanced High Protein Meal for only $3.57/Meal. For example, compare IsaLean Pro Shake protein
(>) 36 grams, natural protein in each IsaLean Pro shake: $3.57 per shake
(A) 36 grams of protein in 8.0 Scrambled Eggs: Restaurant Cooked: $16
(B) 36 grams of protein in 5oz Sirloin Steak: Restaurant Cooked: $17
(C) 36 grams of protein in 6oz Shrimp: Restaurant Cooked: $18
(>) Each Isagenix IsaLean Pro shake gives you the Protein equivalent of 8 Raw Eggs ($16), an 5oz Raw Steak ($17), or 6oz Raw Shrimp ($18)
(>) Grams of Protein compared to: Raw eggs, Raw meat, and Raw shrimp. Cooked-protein becomes denatured; a significant portion of cooked protein (33%) is not absorbable by your body.
(>) Cooked Eggs, Meat, or Shrimp, then increase the Portion Sizes and Prices by 33% to achieve 36 grams of absorbable Protein.

🌐 As to cost IsaLean Pro is $49.95 for a 14-meal Box for Associate-Members. It’s inexpensive to join (under $30). Order the shakes twice, and your membership is covered with the discount you’d receive. It makes no sense not to join. If you prefer not to be on the team at this time, no worries; the retail price for the shakes is $65.95 for the-14 packet Box.

🌐 Notice the graphic above which shows the various current products and their 2016 pricing. If you’d like to view or download the informative 2016 Isagenix Product brochure, go here:

🌐 Jim Wilson is an Independent North American Associate with Isagenix International. The enterprise sustained its multi-year growth surge in 2015, as annual sales climbed 20% to a record $892 million. At the end of February the maker of health and wellness products said cumulative sales had topped $4 billion in its 14 years of business. Rapid growth prompted Isagenix to build a new 150,000-square-foot world headquarters in Gilbert, Arizona, where it relocated in March. Though the company has established a brick-and-mortar presence in 14 markets worldwide, its booming North America.

As a "Health Nut" for Health & Wellness; Active Isagenix North American Independent Distributor.

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